• 01. Grown in USA?: Circles In The North
    02. Taking Me Home
    03. Dawson Creek
    04. Survivor
    05. In The Beginning
    06. Loves Coming
    07. Four Days And Nights (Without You)
    08. Cyrano in the Park
    09. Lonely Woman
    10. The 45s plus Studio Demos?: I Never Cared For You
    11. Dandelion Wine
    12. Texas Lights
    13. On The Wall
    14. Sunrise.
    15. Lonely Woman
    16. Survivor
    17. Loves Coming
    18. Circles In The North
    19. Send An Omen


    Grown in U.S.A Plus Bonus

    [engl] With their roots traced in two legendary 60s garage bands, The Outcasts and The Stoics, Homer were without doubt one the best psychedelic / hard- rock outfits coming out from Texas. ?Grown in U.S.A? was their only album, released as a private pressing in 1970. Rural psychedelic rock with early prog hints fuelled by stunning lead / dual guitar, melodic vocals and occasional mellotron. We present this collectable album in a 2LP expanded edition including their early singles - which are prime examples of 60s Texan garage- psych - plus previously unreleased studio demo tracks, recorded at the same time as the album. Newly remastered sound especially for this vinyl release, gatefold sleeve with detailed liner notes and rare pictures. 180gr vinyl.
    Sixties / Psychedelic
    29,90 EUR

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