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    Irish Coffee

    [engl] 01. Here's the first ever authorized vinyl reissue of this classic. Excellent vintage hard 02. rock made in Belgium in 1971 and originally released in the Triangle label. Their sound was clearly influenced by Deep Purple or even Uriah Heep, with killer guitar all over and good use of organ. This has been considered as a key album in the hard 03. rock field since the early days of collecting, with originals fetching really some money! High 04. quality reissue in 180g vinyl, nice carton with real original artwork (unlike Akarma boot which was poorly designed), insert with liners and photos.

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    [engl] This is nothing less than an essential album to anyone with a minimum interest for psychedelic music. You know the lot, very rare UK 1968 album originally on the Major Minor label featuring psych clas
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    [engl] After cutting his teeth in several rock and folk bands since the late Sixties (Hush, Tail Toddle), Dutch singer / songwriter Jan Duindam released his first solo album in 1978 for the tiny Munich label
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    Livin' free

    [engl] In 1967, a bunch of US and Argentinean kids recorded a magical album which has remained unknown for many years due to its extreme rarity, with less than a handful known copies to exist. Released in 19
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    17 diamond studded cadillacs

    [engl] Complete recordings (1969- 1974) of legendary US Acid- Punk band, famous for appearing on the seminal psych compilation ''Endless Journey'' back in the 80s. But Unsettled Society were
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    [engl] Coming from the same Minneapolis 60s scene which spawned bands like The Litter, Thundertree evolved from garage band The Good Idea. In 1970 they released their sole album for the Roulette label: a per
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    Paloma mensajera

    [engl] Originally released as a demo pressing in 1973, ''Paloma Mensajera'' by Peruvian band Grupo Amigos is without doubt one of the rarest albums from the South American psych scene. Only a
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