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    Good morning world

    [engl] Alan Munson, the songwriter of Cooley- Munson duo, continued the folk- rock way. It took him some time, but in 1975 he was ready for what is (for him, and for me too), his best 70s work. We at Guerssen believe this is a killer album!!! Incredibly, ?Good morning world? was only released in cassette, and in a limited run?.so I bet no one of you has this yet! Under these circumstances, I?m so glad to put this out at last the way it should be (and also on CD, fine), and I?m sure you our beloved customers will appreciate this too!!! Good morning world? includes nine original, acoustic based songs with a mellow psych and folk rock sound across this album. Meaningful and understandable lyrics, delivered by ?close- up? lead vocals, and background harmony vocals. Instruments played on the album include 6 string acoustic guitar, 12 string acoustic guitar, electric bass and percussion. Song arrangements include multiple guitar harmony lead solos and fills. Limited 500 copies vinyl pressing comes with an insert with linernotes and unseen photos.
    Sixties / Psychedelic
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