• 01. Thinking Things Over
    02. Black Bottom Soul
    03. Love’s A Strange Game
    04. Banned In Boston
    05. Eliminate Hate
    06. Old Habits
    07. Left Coast
    08. Saturday Night Sinner


    Eliminate Hate

    After more than 30 years hidden in a dusty storage unit, we present the previously unreleased album from one of the most enigmatic bands from the Texas psychedelic scene. An unusual blend of 60s garage-punk, Texas psychedelia (think 13th Floor Elevators or Golden Dawn), The Seeds, The Misunderstood, late era Velvet Underground, ‘70s era Stones and ‘70s pre-punk swagger. Awesome distorted steel guitar, super snotty vocals and the killer “Wolf” Mike Long (Stone Axe, Josefus) on electric guitar. Wolfgang were a young band from Pasadena, Texas, discovered by legendary Texas mogul C.L. Millburn (Sea Ell Records, The Coachmen, Knights Bridge, etc). Little is known about the band and what exactly happened to them after recording this album. But we do know that they were leaded by the great “Wolf” Mike Long (guitar player who was also part of Stone Axe and a temporary member of Josefus) and they also featured an unusual steel guitar player whose electrified sound recalls Glenn Campbell (The Misunderstood, Juicy Lucy) at his best. In 1970, Wolfgang recorded a set of songs written by Milburn, originally intended as demos to secure a deal with a bigger company. Eight songs were taped using Milburn’s trusty Sony two-track reel-to-reel, the same one he used to record childhood friend Townes Van Zandt in late ’66-’67.
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