Frankie Stubbs


The biography from Frank is not a big secret. He is the leader from Leatherface. One of this bands what changed my life. He is one of the reason, why I have a label. The acoustic songs are special for Sounds of Subterrania, but Leatherface is the main task. Leatherface formed August 1988.

Frankie Stubbs

With a penchant for bad horror films, the odd mask made of leather and a novel called 'leatherface' about a highway robber with romantic inclinations the band was born. - are a rare treasure in contemporary music - a good old-fashioned punk rock band who are neither near-sighted nor necrophiles. But, boy, do they take some getting used to. Frankie Norman Warsaw Stubbs's voice -- well, untutored would be kind. Yet once you've got used to it, it's as affecting as, say, Bob Mould's or Jake Burns Stiff Little Fingers.Over All this years recorded Frankie with Leatherface 8 regulary longplayers and very many and more 7", split releases and compilationtracks.
When you have luck, can you listen the acoustic songs after a show. However, caution! Frankie is not a campfire hippie.

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