• 01. Hou
    02. Ten
    03. Mi
    04. Sou
    05. Ryu No Nukegara


    Ryu no Nukegara

    [engl] 7FO: pronounced “nana f o” in English, “nana” being seven. Ryu no Nukegara: “dragon’ s husk” . These are the only difficulties you’ ll encounter here. This is warm, friendly, very relaxed music, very “understandable” and yet intriguing, sure to appeal to fans of electronic ambient, dub and chill-out music, as well as artists like Haruomi Hosono, Captain Ganja, La Monte Young, Equiknoxx and Tapes. The Osaka-based 7FO combines groovily sparse electronic percussion with similarly sparse dub-feel synth bass, as well as pentatonic synth and steel pan melodies, the latter with an intriguing Okinawa/Sunda/Malay feel. Sparkling dub-influenced processing and thoughtful mixing gives us a music which is trans-oceanic, warm, and enveloping. Following releases on RVNG, Bokeh Versions and Metron, Ryu no Nukegara is available on digital, CD and 12” LP, featuring a suite of four tracks and the 20-minute title track, whose titular dragon is Asian: a potent symbol of water, strength and good luck.
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    Musique De France

    Mit ihrer berauschenden Mischung aus westlicher Elektronik und östlichen Klängen und Gesang hat das französische Kollektiv Acid Arab in den vergangenen Jahren die Clubs dieser Welt erobert. Gegründet im Jahr 2012 von den DJs Guido Minisky und Hervé Carvalho, hat Acid Arab geduldig seinen ganz eigenen Style herausgearbeitet, immer beeinflusst von zahlreichen Kollegen aus ganz Nordafrika und dem Nahen Osten. Hinein geboren in den Melting Pot Paris ist ihr Konzept, einen Raum für die arabische Kultur in der Welt der zeitgenössischen elektronischen Musik zu schaffen, naheliegend. Aus dem DJ-Duo ist eine vollständige Band geworden, als Pierrot Casanova, Nicolas Borne und der sensationelle algerische Keyboarder Kenzi Bourras dazustießen. Ihr erstes Album definiert ihre Vorstellung von interkulturellem Austausch, fernab von allen Klischees. Es ist keine Collage, nicht einmal eine Fusion. Es stammt aus Begegnungen auf Augenhöhe zwischen verschiedenen Welten, zwischen Instrumenten, Rhythmen, melodischen Stillungen, musikalischen Technologien und vor allem: zwischen Menschen.
  • 01. SOS Generique
    02. SOS Tempo
    03. Save Our Souls
    04. Free Souls
    05. Dark Souls
    06. SOS Lament
    07. Shaam
    08. The Sweet Decay
    09. Pressure Drop
    10. Tigris
    11. Seetara
    12. Forest Song


    SOS / The Sweet Decay

    [engl] In true Disposable Music style we conclude our successful second series by combining two very different global music projects from totally different eras and cultural climates. Andrzej Korzynski’s French funk inspired lost 1974 soundtrack to a Polish crime film directed by a Russian filmmaker shares vinyl sides with a compendium of modern field recording from Thailand and Pakistan assembled by UK born producer and Sound Of Wonder/Paradise Bangkok compiler Chris Menist. Sharing evident stylistic trademarks with other classic 70s crime/thriller soundtracks such as Gainsbourg/Vannier’s Cannabis, Don Ellis’ The French Connection, Alan Tew’s The Hanged Man and Morricone’s Le Serpent, Andrzej Korzynski’s score for this obscure Polish only weekly crime series SOS (directed by Janusz Morgenstern) might well have disappeared into the annals of lost communist pop culture if it wasn’t for Finders Keepers privileged plunders in to the vaults of this very important and previously under exposed soundtrack genius. Drawing further stylistic similarities with Alain Goraguer’s oft-cited La Planete Sauvage soundtrack, the fact that Korzynski had previously worked in the same studios as Ennio Morricone and Jean-Claude Vannier in the late 1960s (before being forbidden to travel under the Soviet regime) becomes evident on these golden era 1974 recordings providing another indispensable inclusion to European soundtrack collectors and fans of the genre in a well ploughed field. The Awkward Corners project was recorded at different locations in Asia, in domestic environments in Islamabad and the Bangkok apartment of producer and regular Finders Keepers co-compiler Chris Menist. These tracks were put together over a three year period and involved different musicians who Chris met in both Pakistan (like the great vocalist Arieb Azhar) and Thailand (jazz legend Ralph Thomas lives permanently in Chiang Mai in the north). Under the name Awkward Corners Menist created textures from recordings wandering round the streets, or he would put together a groove primarily using either drums, percussion or a Dr. Rhythm drum machine, and the musicians would react in an improvisational sense, such as Moez Akbar who plays the Iranian seetara on the albums title track. Most tracks were done in one or two takes and mixed later in Nottingham where Paul Isherwood also added some crucial touches on bass. The Sweet Decay is an audio sketchbook of five years living and working in South Asia, and a nod of thanks to some of the great people Chris was lucky enough to meet whilst living there.
    EAN 5060099505003
  • 01. Caravana
    02. Apuna
    03. Venado tuerto
    04. Encuentro cercano
    05. El domo
    06. Gamelan No.2
    07. Gamelan No.3
    08. Gala


    Clan Caiman

    [engl] The music of Clan Caimán is primitive and hypnotic. It is located in the pre-rock era and from there, it proposes a different evolution path for music from the 1950s to present day. Like a different musical development in a parallel timeline. Gamelan, Hawaiian music, surf, exotica, rainforest or aquatic; these elements make up the palette which constructs a mystic and profound music that seeks ancestral connection. Formed in 2016 by musician, composer and producer Emilio Haro looking to create music generated by group dynamics, Clan Caimán differs from his past two solo albums (“Panorámico” in 2007 and “Estrambótico” in 2012, both on Radiaciones Armónicas) in that these were studio work and not meant to be played live. The quintet's enigmatic sound is built upon the kalimbafón, an instrument created by Haro using several kalimbas, Diego Voloschin's wild and hypnotic percussion (no cymbals, no snare), Gonzalo Cordoba's lap steel and baritone guitar, Facundo Gomez's psychedelic guitar tones and Claudio Iuliano's dry and percussive bass sound. This debut album contains eight anachronistic and oddly familiar compositions that range from introspection to trance, tracing their own sonic landscape.
  • 01. Adrenalin Lässt Das Blut Kochen
    02. Geri Regi
    03. Persisches Cowboy-Golf
    04. Gefährliche Clowns
    05. Kleine Grabesstille
    06. Der Weltaufstandsplan
    07. Hans Und Gabi
    08. Commerce Extérieur Mondial Sentimentale
    09. Was Ich Von Mir Denke
    10. San José Car Muzak
    11. Erste Begegnung Mit Dem Tod
    12. Ich Bin Schizophren
    13. Nessie
    14. Gefährliche Clowns (Manisch-idiotisch)
    15. Die Welt Ist Schlecht
    16. Es Piept
    17. Fürstenwall
    18. Intermezzo
    19. Dark Porn
    20. Heinz, Komm Zum Feuer
    21. Money Honey


    Geri Reig

    EAN 4047179633314
  • 01. Ballgeflüster
    02. Leierkasten
    03. Für Dich
    04. E-605
    05. Alleewalzer
    06. Für Euch


    Für Mich

    EAN 4047179766319
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  • 01. You Never Told Me Parts 1 & 2 (Live at Galerija Cvajner, Pula)
    02. Florette feat. Luka Veselinovi?
    03. Gs Cycle Encore Cut 01
    04. How Quentin Lost His Jazz
    05. Blue Funk (For Kerri)
    06. How Quentin Got His Jazz Back feat. Luka Veslinovi? & Mirsad Dalipi


    In Plain Sight

    EAN 3858890352412
  • 01. Contemporary Vibes
    02. Grooveyard
    03. Passion for the Highway
    04. Schatten
    05. Tinted Lashes
    06. Blindflug
    07. Wounded Times
    08. Le Club
    09. Ohne Fesseln am Bein
    10. Oriental Blue
    11. In and Out
    12. Geteert und gefedert
    13. Heartbeat
    14. Lass mich nicht im Stich
    15. Resilience
    16. Wenn der Wind weht
    17. Recordemos


    Move On Move On

    Das Projekt „Move On Move On“ ist die Metapher des sich Voranbewegens, Vorwärtsstrebens, der Entwicklung, des sich Herantasten ebenso, wie den Rausch der Geschwindigkeit betreffend! „Move On Move On“ ist Aufforderungscharakter und Feststellung zugleich. Das Unterwegssein und die Zielsetzung des Sich-Fortbewegens verschmelzen zu einer Charakteristik des Nicht-Stehenbleibens. Die Aufmerksamkeit auf die Veränderung ist das große Rahmenthema dieses Projekts sowie ein Charakteristikum der Arbeiten von Johannes Dees überhaupt. Anlass zur Reflexion ist sowohl der Drive als auch das Innehalten. Zustande kam das Projekt „Move On Move On“ durch Freundschaften:
    EAN 0798190171432
  • 01. Navigator Through Nowhere
    02. Helen is a Hologram
    03. The Vigilante Rules
    04. Nightmare Trip
    05. Sex Kills
    06. B.E.M.'s (Bug-Eyed Monsters)
    07. Absolute Zero
    08. Serene Machines
    09. Dragons Attack
    10. Born in a UFO


    Music for Alien Ears

    [engl] Martoc, aka Martin O'Cuthbert, has been making alien and alienated synth-pop in the UK since the post-punk period. This compilation gathers six songs released on seven-inch EPs during the years 1978-80, plus four songs released during the first decade of this century. The tracks show a distinctive stylistic unity, inspired by fellow spirits like Fad Gadget, The Normal, John Foxx and Kraftwerk; across the decades Martoc has maintained both his close relationship with his synthesizers and an arms-length relationship with society, resulting in an appealingly quirky and individualistic iciness, informed also by his love of science fiction writers such as J. G. Ballard and Iain Banks. One of the songs included here, "B.E.M.S.", was chosen as Record Of The Year by John Lydon in New Musical Express in 1978; John Peel was also a supporter. Despite these and other accolades, Martoc and his simultaneously catchy yet disturbing music has hovered resolutely under the radar, an alien craft avoiding detection by an unaware and perhaps unprepared world. Gathered together here, this collection of tracks offers an excellent opportunity investigate an alien explorer, on CD or vinyl.
  • 01. Neonpunk
    02. Mazis mi se
    03. Postkonzumerizam
    04. Ne dam vjetru da te dira
    05. Kinki
    06. Magla
    07. Samuraj
    08. Supernova
    09. Stari se
    10. Hrdava vremena
    11. Nocna Aleja Bologne
    12. Ostani doma
    13. Distopija
    14. Dim
    15. Horizont
    16. A poslije...


    Mazis mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly

    [engl] Deluxe double vinyl edition of Maziš mi se / Cuddly, Cuddly includes Plazmatick's previous album Hr?ava vremena / Rusty Times.
    EAN 3858890354904
  • 01. Am Ufer
    02. Hamtramck
    03. Myrtle & Knickerbocker
    04. Another Drippy Day
    05. Merapi
    06. Char
    07. Vostok
    08. Minato Mirai
    09. Riding The L-Train
    10. Irresponsible Happy



    EAN 4047179576819
  • 01. Space Bass Blues
    02. Star Flight
    03. Walking in Space
    04. Space Shuttle
    05. Journey Into the Unknown
    06. I've Got My Helmet On [Bonus]
    07. Terrestrial Beings
    08. Docking in Space
    09. Creations Beginning
    10. Dance of the Droids
    11. Deltoids in Space
    12. Bottomless Pit of Space
    13. Living in This Station


    Rocket Robert

    [engl] Those who've dirtied their fingers searching high and low for analog synth nuggets can rejoice at the arrival of under- the- radar synthesizer maverick ''Rocket'' Robert Moore. Less a reissue than an exhumation- what with a scant, hand- screened 142 copies produced in 1982 that circulated little outside the confines of Oregon state- Rocket Robert drifts in the backward- looking sounds of early synth innovators, while equally mining the kraut- tinged moments of punk- era instro synth explorers and the first breaths of synth- pop, rather than carrying similarities to the ''New Wave'' that was then talking hold of the masses. Issued by Moore's own Salem, Oregon- based Future Records in 1982, his eponymous debut is simultaneously light- hearted and shot- though with ominous oscillations and offers up a darkly- throbbing, other- worldly vibe that is sure to ensnare synth- heads, beat- diggers and those searching the margins of the private- press alike.
    EAN 4040824085537
    EAN 4040824085544
  • 01. Camino Real
    02. $hevol
    03. $$ PTBRK (aka Gringolicker)
    04. Whaxaxaxki
    05. Off The Wall
    06. Sccenic Farm
    07. EE
    08. Yates And Madison
    09. Slicer 7
    10. Shit Fuck Mountain
    11. Hundrd N Nine Teeth
    12. Have You Been Drinking 2EM
    13. Slubb
    14. Illegal Redneck Flashlight
    15. Lowside

    Shit And Shine

    Scenic Farm

    colored vinyl / gatefold cover
    EAN 5060446124215
  • 01. AT&T Logo
    02. Slo-Mow
    03. Hot Streak
    04. Mercury
    05. ABC Logo
    06. Pouring
    07. Red HoT
    08. Clean Room
    09. B&D Logo
    10. The Vanishing Bottle
    11. Atari Summer*
    12. Time
    13. Discover
    14. Prince Tennis
    15. Eclipse
    16. Becomes A Loner
    17. Octabred
    18. Instrumental
    19. Harpbirds
    20. Becomes A Friend
    21. Tape 38
    22. Clone Meets Octabred
    23. Harpbirds 2
    24. Octabred At The End


    Logo Presentation Reel 1985 / Octabred

    [engl] A very special Disposable Music edition comprising two programmes of lost early 80s North American synthesiser music from American/Italian Buchla pioneer Suzanne Ciani and Alaska’s only dedicated electronic collective Clone. Comprising of instrumental versions of Ciani’s much coveted cassette-only electronic advertising portfolio (featuring Atari music and power tool jingles) alongside a Clone archive of exclusive Anchorage one-off radio synth sessions and theme tunes, this release represents another Disposable Music milestone bringing lost embryonic electro and proto-synth pop from a place beyond the outskirts of the oblivious record industry. Quite possibly one of our most requested releases on any format and one of Finders Keepers proudest vault digging moments to date, the limited release repackaging of Suzanne Ciani’s original cassette portfolio of electronic advertisement music harboured some of her most radical and uninhibited experiments - unconsciously redefining synth pop and electro from behind American TV screens whilst totally evading the radar of the record industry. These commissions originally made for companies such as Atari, a major power tool firm, soft drinks companies and printed publications, provided a new canvas and challenging directive for Suzanne who would deploy her maverick expertise with some of the most experimental electronic instruments and forward thinking visual/sound artists. As one of the only female composers in the global advertising industry Ciani’s results represented a small sound revolution in the world of production music forging deep nostalgic memories of the would-be electronic-music generation in its wide-eyed infancy. Finally for their precious Disposable Music series, Finders Keepers are now able to present these originally truncated TV and radio recordings in their full-length forms mastered from original tapes including much coveted instrumental versions. Including 15 tracks in total these original recordings are presented here in a new wider musical context as pieces of early synth based pop music, designed specifically for widespread commercial consumption whilst retaining veritable maverick integrity an attribute that quickly diminished at the hand of less adventurous, less sensitive and more complacent production music composers. Finding a perfect bedfellow on this early synthesiser based Disposable Music edition and adding weight to one of our most exciting musical partnerships of recent years these newly excavated early 1980s recordings from the Alaska based Clone synthesiser collective (see Harmonitalk CACHE04) are the results of the group’s wide library of weekly synth jam sessions primarily recorded for band leader (and electronic harmonica soloist) Gary Sloan’s weekly radio show The Import Hour, which specialised in playing the earliest slim pickings of global new wave and electronic music to the station’s Anchorage fan base. Relying on the very records and tapes that actually made it over to Alaska in 1980, Gary and Clone would compose and create their own music to fill the gaps providing us with a long archival shelf of C60 and C90 masters to cement their legacy of perhaps the only dedicated synthesiser initiative to exist in this extreme North American state.
    EAN 5060099504983
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    Deutsche Elektronische Musik. Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1971-1981 Vol. 3

    Diese aktuelle Ausgabe der erfolgreichen Reihe "Deutsche Elektronische Musik" von Soul Jazz führt erneut in die faszinierende Welt der Krautrock-Ära mit Kultbands wie Neu!, Cluster, Popol Vuh, La Düsseldorf oder Agitation Free, berücksichtigt aber auch weniger bekannte Künstler wie Michael Bundt, Bröselmaschine, Dronsz, Klaus Weiss und andere. Die Musik reicht von den introvertierten Klanglandschaften von Hans Joachim Roedelius über die eckigen und futuristischen elektronischen Experimente von Pyrolator oder Achim Reichel bis hin zum Proto-Punk von La Düsseldorf und dem schweren, progressiven und kosmischen Rock von Missus Beastly, Niagara oder Dyzan. Die Aufnahmen aus den 70er- und frühen 80er-Jahren waren ohne Frage zukunftsweisend. Deutsche Elektronik- und Rockgruppen schufen auf der Suche nach einer neuen musikalischen Identität, die nicht auf angloamerikanische Traditionen aufbaute, eigenwillige und fortschrittliche Werke. "Deutsche Elektronische Musik 3" erscheint auf extra schwerem Dreifach-Vinyl.
    EAN 5026328004020
  • cover


    Deutsche Elektronische Musik. Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83 Vol. 2

    Die "Wiederentdeckung" von Krautrock dauert mittlerweile länger als dessen Produktionszeit. Seit Julian Copes literarischem Reiseführer über die "Great Kosmische Music" (1995) erleben die experimentellen, in den späten Sechzigern und Siebzigern in der alternativen Musikszene fabrizierten Sounds zwischen Electro, Prog Rock und Ambient einerseits und Gegenkultur und Drogenexperiment andererseits Revival um Revival. In der Vielzahl der oft nur nach oberflächlichen Kriterien zusammengestellten Kompilationen ragen die kenntnisreich und liebevoll editierten Sampler von Soul Jazz weit heraus. Daher ist es sehr zu begrüßen, dass "Deutsche Elektronische Musik. Experimental German Rock And Electronic Musik 1972-83" nach 2010 eine Neuauflage erfährt. Über die Edition schrieb der "Guardian" bei deren Ersterscheinen: "Der definitive Leitfaden der außergewöhnlichsten Musik der Welt." Die gefragte, aber längst vergriffene Veröffentlichung mit Stücken von Cluster, Can, Faust, Popol Vuh, Neu!, Amon Düül, Harmonia, La Düsseldorf, Tangerine Dream, Kollectiv oder Ibliss bildete seinerzeit den Auftakt zu einer mittlerweile auf drei Sets angewachsenen Miniserie. Während die remasterte Nachpressung in digitaler Form als Doppel-CD mit großem, 36-seitigem Booklet erscheint, kommt die schwergewichtige Vinylausgabe verteilt auf zwei Doppel-LPs im Klappcover auf den Markt.
    EAN 0730003320408
    EAN 5026328004099
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    Electri-City 2