• 01. I.L.W.T.W.
    02. Rainbow
    03. Holy Hope
    04. V
    05. De La Frontera
    06. Brother Was A Bullrider
    07. Ajo Sunshine
    08. Lowrider
    09. Bopp
    10. Olga
    11. Brown Boy
    12. Love Is A Drum


    Ajo Sunshine

    [engl] Ajo Sunshine (say it with me folks, “Ahh-Ho”) is heralded by an alarming horn ensemble, stabbing with the dramatic urgency of a killer’s theme in a midnight movie. It’s a jarring but appropriate entry point for this brilliantly blasted listen, an array of exquisitely sharp edges punctuated by kaleidoscopic respites of throbbing warmth and surprising tenderness. J.R.C.G. (Justin R. Cruz Gallego)’s previous work with Seattle’s excellent Dreamdecay may foreground the broad strokes here, but he’s pushed things way outward in terms of his sonic palette. Abutting field recordings captured from rodeos off Ajo Way, a stretch of highway that leads you westward out of Tucson Arizona directly into the sun, both acoustic instruments and gleaming walls of synthetic noise are framed in dour and dissonant chord shapes, crackling with overdriven drum mics and seasick waves of distortion. It’s homage that plays out like a collage, a dream switching from station to station, a series of dedications broadcast on late night radio. All pin-hole size images from scenes never seen whole, strung together in but one version of complete.
    EAN 733102721312
  • 1. Insignificant
    2. Tension
    3. Eamon Dunphy (Is Always Grand)
    4. Lactose
    5. Depression Breakfast


    Depression Breakfast

    [engl] The debut EP from Limerick's alt rock noise duo Japanese Jesus. 12" black vinyl EP with printed inner sleeve. Limited Edition of 150 copies.
  • 01. Intro
    02. The Spent Sadist
    03. Chit Chat
    04. Scavenger
    05. Red Clay Wall
    06. Dungeon Crawler
    07. Bug City
    08. The Scythe is Remorseless
    09. Bricked Rune
    10. Scatter
    11. The Hostile Womb
    12. More will be Revealed


    Posh Swat

    [engl] Trap kit, hand percussion, homemade percussion instruments and electronic percussion overflow with extra weirdness. Sick pop rhythms grinding through the wasteland. Sand in your hair and bugs in your teeth. Hand on your knife, knife in your sheath Grimy bass burps through a fried stack And the crack of the snare is a mighty pink smack Bells, whistles, conga, and vibes This is a drug record One thousand times
    LP green
    EAN 795154136414
  • 01. Gong Splat
    02. Cultivated Graves
    03. Toagut
    04. Anther Dust
    05. Yuggoth Travel Agency
    06. Hypogeum
    07. Oneironaut
    07. Minor Protocides
    08. Giedi Prime


    Gong Splat

    [engl] Announcing Gong Splat What’s this? Today’s holiday gift? One final transmission from the core of the planet! Cresting slabs of concrete and powdered bone rich soil Improvisation freak flag flitters atop a gutted highrise Ryan Sawyer on drums Greg Coates on upright bass Wilder Zoby on synth and mellotron Andres Renteria on conga, bongos & hand percussion and John Dwyer on guitar, synths, pan flute, cuica, hand percussion, space drum and effects. This one is spitting fat and neon night light city drives White in the corner of the pilot’s mouth Furry, fuzzy and frenetic Motorik and full of blood-rich ticks Maggots unite! There’s a show tonight! Welcome back humans. Fantastic collage art by Dan Lean Recorded at Stu-Stu-Studio by John Dwyer in the peak of dope smoke lock down
    EAN 733102721312
  • 01. Vertical Infinity
    02. No Flutter
    03. Goose
    04. Four
    05. Lucky You
    06. Pro-Death
    07. A Grotesque Display
    08. No Goodbyes


    Endless Garbage

    [engl] "Walk the dog. Exercise. Make art. 'The mind is happy when the body is' Things I can potentially fill my days with if I am stuck at home for months on end… Then, one day, I hear a frenetic, free drummer playing in his garage a few blocks from me. And I think “interesting”. I stand outside his garage staring at the wall, like a fool, for a minute, then decide to leave a note on the car parked there. This is how I ended up meeting and working with Ted Byrnes. He wasn’t creeped out, and he ended up sending me a pile of truly spontaneous drums recordings from the carport to work with. I decided to have every musician come in one at at time and just take a wild pass at their track over the drums. None of these people had ever met or played together. I was the connecting thread. I scratched the surface initially with electric bass, saxophone, guitars, cuica, synthesizers, flute and effects, but soon realized I would need heavy hitters to make this place habitable. Greg Coates, upright bass expressionist extraordinaire, hacked through the dense weeds, vines and frayed cabling. He lays the map out and makes breathing room. Space to swing a cat. Tom Dolas (keys), my often foil, came in and began tip-toeing through the rubble and refuse. Dotting the layout with flecks of light, flights of fancy and potential tangential trajectories. Then the finisher, Brad Caulkins on horns. As always, Brad came in like grace itself, scanned the floor for food, and huffed and puffed and blew the house down. He takes a bruiser situation and lends it some warmth and hospitality, old school. After I spent a bit of time mixing and editing this down to a palatable offering I couldn’t help but think about human consumption. Our limitless need for material possession, for emotional acknowledgment, for as much information to be thrown in our faces in our very short time here on this mortal coil. We are buried in information. We are constantly hungry and perhaps too smart for our own good. We leave behind us a wake of destruction. Of course, there are moments of great beauty, ingenuity and compassion along the way. You just have to know where to look. Thus, “Endless Garbage” seemed a fitting title. A cacophonous and glorious sketch of ourselves. For fans of Albert Ayler, ECM records, Gong, improvisation, sustainability and consumption” John Dwyer
  • 01. Ballerina's Toes
    02. Bride in a Torn Up Wedding Dress
    03. Night Shift Monomania
    04. Failing as an Adult
    05. Feral Fun
    06. Son of a Grinder
    07. The Wailer
    08. Flirting with Nihilism
    09. Quench
    10. Oozing Optimism



    [engl] Kevlar Bikini strikes back with their fourth album meaningfully named "OPT-OUTism". This Zagreb-based hardcore punk trio delivers another comprehensive collection of immensely powerful tunes, which have been saturated with gracious servings of magnificent elements of metal and noise rock. The band sounds vital, relevant, highly energetic throughout the entire album without any intention to decrease the intensity and slow down. We are talking about the band who did this whole social distancing and self-isolation thing long before it was cool. As a result, they have a new album "OPT-OUTism", which provides sheer sonic aggression separated in ten high-octane compositions, loaded with threatening vocals, massive riffs, catchy basslines and a badass drumming performance that will certainly shake your entire body.
  • 01. Pre-Doomsday Orgy
    02. Clerofashionistas
    03. Rabies Road
    04. Nailbiter Blues
    05. Desk Flip Time
    06. Not Your Night
    07. Squeezing Diamonds out of Slime
    08. One of Those Bands with More Haters Than Friends
    09. Meatbomb
    10. Homo Rattus


    Rants, Riffage and Rousing Rhythms

    [engl] Each and every one of these tracks is a cluster bomb of barbed and melodic shredding and it’s impossible not to be swept along by the vigour of it all. - Pete Woods, Ave Noctum
    EAN 705604992316
    EAN 705604992323
  • 01. Eulen Und Meerkatzen
    02. Mainfloor
    03. Mit Andy Borg Der Sonne Entgegen
    04. Wasser Im Zahn
    05. Bäume Und Grün
    06. Roter Regen
    07. Unverstand
    08. Er Erkennt Dich Nicht
    09. Menschenfabel
    10. Die Vollbeschäftigung
    11. Du Seligster Mensch Auf Dem Erdenrund
    12. Kellergeister
    13. Goldkröte
    14. Trinken Wir Noch, Bis Der Morgen Kommt?


    Eulen und Meerkatzen

    Ihr ganz eigenes Ding zieht die 1999 gegründete Düsseldorfer Band hier wieder durch und wirkt dabei leichtfüssig, sind stilistisch schwer zu fassen mit ihren musikalischen Multi-Looks. Die Klammer ist sicher die Liebe zur Sprache, eine dichterische Offenheit ohne erhobenen Zeigefinger. Zwischenmenschliches, tierfabelhaftes und philosophisches wird mit einem Arsenal angenehm unverbrauchter Phrasen und Sätzen verarbeitet. Hoch der musikalische Abwechslungsgrad als Resultat der Dichotomie der beiden Bandköpfe Van der Wingen und Stamm, die miteinander um die Bandausrichtung ringen. Oftmals dient ein elektronischer Baukasten als Grundlage, mit einem Range an Beats zwischen Disco, Electro und Dub und allerlei Sample- und Scratch-Effekthaschereien im wechselvollen Old skool-Modus, aber auch manchmal überraschend futuristisch-modernistischem Look, es kommen auch vor: nonchalante Jazz- und Kaffeehaus-Moods mit der immer wieder auftauchenden Querflöte im Herr Rossi-Stil, auch Streicher, Piano und Bläser, auch härtere Songs wie das NDW-punkige "Vollbeschäftigung" oder "Kellergeister" mit hart tackernden EBM-Industrial Beats. Grandios v.a. auch die im Goldenen Zitronen-Talkstyle gehaltene Rotweinbesäufniselectromonolognummer "Mit Andy Borg der Sonne entgegen".
  • 01. IRLIR
    02. Social Maverick
    03. Overpunk
    04. Groinaroma
    05. Glaswegian Kissing Contest Semifinals
    06. W.Drawall$
    07. RMMR
    08. Blue Plague



    [engl] La Glissierre is Chris Breit (White Drugs, Banos y Banos, Hoaries) and a group of choice collaborators. But the heavy lifting, both creatively and as a recording engineer, is all Breit. The band mutates from punk camouflaged as Pere-Ubu pop on wax; to manic emotionally-charged Blacktop-esque garage rock on stage. It is a band to see and hear in all forms. Autobaños, to me, is about songwriting and impulse; it’s both scenic and introspective; both noisy and riddled with catchy hooks. Bands like Red Mass, Lamps, and Tyvek all come to mind. And there’s some of the gloss of The Fresh & Onlys, Creative Adult and Purling Hiss invading tracks like Overpunk and Bluebonnet Plague. But none of these bands have the surl and humor that Chris’s vocals grind into each track. Nor do they contain his experimental approach to guitar. Think Ben Walkers (Country Teasers) in his most punk rock, yet socially acceptable, form. This album is a dark beast looming in the corner wearing sparkly shirts and riffing major highbrow dad jokes. Full disclosure, Chris is a dear friend of mine. And, when your friends present this kind of gift to the world, you kinda wish they weren’t your friends, so that your praise and admiration of their art can’t be confused with nicety. It’s a tremendous work of songwriting and my admiration of his abilities borders on jealousy. - Jeff Helland (White Drugs, Hoaries)
  • 01 The Metal East
    02. Over The River And Through The Woods
    03. Horsepower
    04. King Of My World
    05. Mythmaster
    06. Runaway Train
    07. Leave The Lantern Lit
    08. Dream Genie
    09. Snow White (& The 7 Dwarves Fans)


    Fantasy Empire

    [engl] Over the course of its two-decade existence, Lightning Bolt has revolutionized underground rock in immeasurable ways. The duo broke the barrier between stage and audience by setting themselves up on the floor in the midst of the crowd. Their momentous live performances and the mania they inspired paved the way for similar tactics used by Dan Deacon and literally hundreds of others. Similarly, the band’s recordings have always been chaotic, roaring, blown out documents that sound like they could destroy even the toughest set of speakers. Fantasy Empire, Lightning Bolt’s sixth album and first in five years, is a fresh take from a band intent on pushing themselves musically and sonically while maintaining the aesthetic that has defined not only them, but an entire generation of noisemakers. It marks many firsts, most notably their first recordings made using hi-fi recording equipment at the famed Machines With Magnets, and their first album for Thrill Jockey. More than any previous album, Fantasy Empire sounds like drummer Brian Chippendale and bassist Brian Gibson are playing just a few feet away, using the clarity afforded by the studio to amplify the intensity they project. Every frantic drum hit, every fuzzed-out riff, sounds more present and tangible than ever before. Fantasy Empire is ferocious, consuming, and is a more accurate translation of their live experience. It also shows Lightning Bolt embracing new ways to make their music even stranger. More than any previous record, Chippendale and Gibson make use of live loops and complete separation of the instruments during recording to maximize the sonic pandemonium and power. Gibson worked with Machines very carefully to get a clear yet still distorted and intense bass sound, allowing listeners to truly absorb the detail and dynamic range he displays, from the heaviest thud to the subtle melodic embellishments. Some of these songs have been in the band’s live repertoire since as early as 2010, and have been refined in front of audiences for maximum impact. This is heavy, turbulent music, but it is executed with the precision of musicians that have spent years learning how to create impactful noise through the use of dynamics, melody, and rhythm. Fantasy Empire has been in gestation for four years, with some songs having been recorded on lo-fi equipment before ultimately being scrapped. Since Earthly Delights was released, the band has collaborated with The Flaming Lips multiple times, and continued to tour relentlessly. 2013 saw the release of All My Relations by Black Pus, Chippendale’s solo outlet, which was followed by a split LP with Oozing Wound. Chippendale, an accomplished comic artist and illustrator, created the Fantasy Empire’s subtly ominous album art, and will release an upcoming book of his comics through respected imprint Drawn and Quarterly.

  • 01. 2 Morro Morro Land
    02. Captain Caveman
    03. Birdy
    04. Riff Wraiths
    05. Mega Ghost
    06. Magic Mountain
    07. Dead Cowboy
    08. Bizarro Zarro Land
    09. Mohawk Windmill
    10. Bizarro Bike
    11. Infinity Farm
    12. No Rest For The Obsessed


    Hypermagic Mountain

    [engl] Hypermagic Mountain, Lightning Bolt’s 4th album has been unavailable for nearly a decade since it’s 2005 release. Back as a double LP including a full drawing by Brian Chippendale as the D side Etching! The package includes a large scale 4-page book (previous pressings included a cd size book). Recorded at Machines with Magnets and Lightning Bolt’s home by Dave Auchenbach. Lightning Bolt play with abandon that is unmatched and remarkably undiluted and this album is just one more example of that raw power and sound. They are often called one of the loudest rock outfits in existence, both on record and on (or famously, off) the stage. Brian Gibson creates sounds that are unexpected and remarkably varied with his virtuosic bass playing and his inventive approach to the instrument, centered around melody rather than rhythm. The dizzying fury of Brian Chippendale’s drums twist from primal patterns into disorienting break beats as his distorted, and echoing vocals weave more melody into the mayhem.
  • 01. Forcefield
    02. St. Jacques
    03. Monsters
    04. Ride The Sky
    05. The Faire Folk
    06. Into The Mist
    07.Wee Ones Parade
    08. Rotator


    Ride the Skies

    [engl] Ride the Skies is the 2nd album by Lightning Bolt, and this rerelease makes it available to fans for the first time since it's original release. Compared to their first album it's cleaner, tighter, recorded in studio rather than live. Which is not to say this is boring or sanitized in any way, Lightning Bolt never fail to make magic, filling a space with loud, raw sound. Sounds of synth or guitar turn out to be bass, and riffs become patterns, become a beat in the background, become a wall of noise, become a clear sound above it all. Lightning Bolt are known for the sound that truly comes into it's own in this album. Outside of their 7 acclaimed albums, they're known for frequent & exhilirating live shows, and this reputation has created a market for their older titles. Ride the Skies is rereleased with deluxe packaging featuring jacket art that was designed by Brian Chippendale for the original release but has never been realized until now. Recent Thrill Jockey Lightning Bolt re-releases seem to move as quickly as the Brians playing live, as old and new fans jump at the rare opportunity to finally get an old favorite in a shiny new jacket."
    EAN 790377499117
  • 01. Blow To The Head
    02. USA Is A Psycho
    03. Air Conditioning
    04. Hüsker Dön't
    05. Big Banger
    06. Halloween 3
    07. Don Henley In The Park
    08. Tom Thump
    09. Bouncy House
    10. All Insane
    11. Van Halen 2049


    Sonic Citadel

    [engl] Lightning Bolt play with abandon that is unmatched and remarkably undiluted since the duo’s formation 25 years ago. They are often called one of the loudest rock outfits in existence, both on record and on (or famously, off) the stage. Brian Gibson creates sounds that are unexpected and remarkably varied with his virtuosic bass playing and his inventive approach to the instrument, centered around melody rather than rhythm. The dizzying fury of Brian Chippendale’s drums twist from primal patterns into disorienting break beats as his distorted, looped, and echoing vocals weave more melody into the mayhem. Amidst the fray there has always been shreds of a pop songs discernible in the eye of every Lightning Bolt song. For their seventh full length, Sonic Citadel, Gibson and Chippendale have done the daring, stripping away some of the distortion mask to reveal the naked pop forms as never before. Their relentless energy, inventiveness and, unrestrained joy still drive their songs, pulling you in and compelling you to bounce and yes, even sing along. Over their career Lightning Bolt’s incomparable sound has been built on the ebb and flow between the power of raw, unbridled simplicity and a boundless, childlike sense of wonder. Sonic Citadel marks the duo’s most varied and diverse work since their seminal album Wonderful Rainbow, exploring a large breadth of emotions between and within each song. Gibson and Chippendale again recorded with the esteemed Machines With Magnets to capture the abandon of their music with clarity and Gibson’s incredible dynamic range clearly to make the record as visceral an experience as their live performances. The pummeling “Blow To The Head” and swirling “Van Halen 2049” bookend the album with two of the most ferocious songs in the band’s catalogue, with the former built as a Black Pus (Brian Chippendale’s solo outlet) track on steroids. In stark contrast, songs like “Don Henley In The Park,” and “All Insane” take on almost conventional pop shapes despite being entirely spontaneous pieces crafted in the studio. “Hüsker Dön’t” too defies expectations as one of the poppiest songs in their discography with a chugging but clear chord progression and some of Chippendale’s least distorted vocals. These wildly varying approaches are a testament to the duo’s immeasurable capacity to explore new sonic territory organically, and largely through improvisation. For the bulk of Lightning Bolt’s work together, they have slowly molded improvised jams which sometimes take years to develop on the road. The song “Halloween 3” may sound familiar to fans who have seen the band live in the last 15 years, and is named after a popular video of the duo performing an early version of the song. Sonic Citadel, however, also prominently features songs which began as solo recordings, be it a Black Pus 4-track recording or a series of looped bass figures from Gibson. In the four years between album releases, each member’s increasingly prolific creative endeavors limited their time to create together. Brian Gibson was the sole artist, musician and co-designer of the acclaimed video game Thumper, which has since proliferated across a multitude of platforms, and won countless awards including the 2019 Apple Design Award. Brian Chippendale, who has always created the band’s visual art, released the graphic novel Puke Force, was included in Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Drummers of All Time,” and recently collaborated with fashion designers Eckhaus Latta. Coupled with their consistent touring, as well as Chippendale recently becoming a father, the duo took the challenge of their time constraints head on as a compositional tool. By keeping some songs more direct and focusing on their central ideas, the duo managed to increase the overall intensity of their music while leaving space to for the songs to breath and stretch out live. The impact that Lightning Bolt has had on underground music since its inception is immense, and remains pervasive beyond any genre tag that has been attached to them. Sonic Citadel is the work of band unafraid to challenge themselves, unbound by expectations, joyfully defiant, and possessed of the same inventive curiosity which set them apart on day one and is unmatched still 25 years later.
  • 01. Hello Morning
    02. Assassins
    03. Dracula Mountain
    04. 2 Towers
    05. On Fire
    06. Crown Of Storms
    07. Longstockings
    08. Wonderful Rainbow
    09. 30,000 Monkies
    10. Duel In The Deep


    Wonderful rainbow

  • 01. Bad Times
    02. Spoil The Atmosphere
    03. Nerve Quake
    04. Stroke
    05. Frotting With Ennio
    06. Snap Out Of It
    07. You Remain Anonymous
    08. Jason The Unpopular
    09. Cannibals' Lament
    10. Play Dead
    11. You're Fading Out


    The Great Old Ones

    [engl] Since its depraved and characteristically ugly Australian birthing in 1986, Stu Spasm's Lubricated Goat has remained a cock in the ass of decency. Stu has worn the devil's red cloak proudly, through a revolving door of musical confederates, trans-Pacific moves, bizarre and unrepentant television nudity, a celebrated underground rock marriage and divorce, six albums, countless tours, even a stabbing. His vision remains unchanged. Reptilian Records proudly serves up The Great Old Ones as a lustful orgy of aural hedonism. It's a celebration of the first ten years of mayhem cut to tape. This long-awaited disc collects newly recorded stabs at songs from previous Lubricated Goat albums (all painfully out of print), some singles, and a track from Stu's band Crunt (feat. Members of Babes in Toyland and Jon Spencer Blues Explosion). Insanity, free will, intellectual hedonism, the devil's hand in fine dining. Tracked at Studio G in Brooklyn, NY in May of 2003, this set is blazingly fresh, and sonically superior to the originals. Stu has assembled a distinctive and essential line-up featuring Natz from Cop Shoot Cop, and Ant from New York scum-rockers the Spitters. The quartet is as limber as they are tight, and boast superior musicianship to all those that have preceded them. The old songs swing and rock with unparalleled confidence. Stu's vocals perfectly distill Bon Scott's bawdiness while holding Captain Beefheart in a full-frontal checkmate. While early material reeked of the abrasive noise-skronk of the Birthday Party, and synthed-out art-damage of Pere Ubu and Suicide, time wore on and Stu added greater dynamic flourishes, fleshing out his earthy scatology with the black magic of well-defined songcraft. Truly, the bastard can play the guitar. The Great Old Ones considerably ups all the antes, the band playing with the deft confidence and sure-handedness of a well-oiled touring rock machine. It's not even funny how much better these versions are over their predecessors. Good, confident rock always trumps even the best and worst intentions of art.
    EAN 832915007115
  • 01. Get In The Van
    02. Shift
    03. I Don't Mind
    04. Last Call
    05. 24/7 Overkill
    06. I'm So Bored
    07. Question Ideas
    08. Scumbot



    Melkus ist ein sich verselbständigtes Bandprojekt, das die Grenzen des Punks neu definiert. Synth-Oberflächen, kreischende Gitarren, ein fetter Bass und der verwörtlichte Schmerz der Unterschicht. Eine energiegeladene 20-minütige Zugfahrt durch die Ziellosigkeit einer Generation.
    EAN 4064832402872
  • cover


    Quick quick slow death

    Das gab es vorher noch nicht und lässt jedes Sammlerherz höher schlagen. Eine Platte mit fantastische Lentigular-Artwork (diese Wackelbildchen was man sonst von DisneyComickarten kennt) . Musikalisch gibt´s das erwartet geniale Gipfeltreffen mit dem fiesen Keyboard-Punkrock-Noise-Bastard der Bremer Chung (Ex-Party Diktator) und den chaotischen Hysterie-Anfall-Noisespazzsound der kleinen Japanerinnen, letztere mit 3 Songs, Chung mit 4en, exklusiv versteht sich
  • A1 Dreamer
    A2 Crime
    A3 Ridin' On
    A4 Lion's Den
    A5 Patterns
    B1 Violate
    B2 Hit The Ground
    B3 Devil Music
    B4 Gun
    B5 Fire

    MEN, THE

    Devil Music

    "Devil Music", veröffentlicht auf dem eigenen Label der Band, We Are The Men Records, ist eine einmalige Pressung von 2000 Exemplaren. THE MEN sind Rich Samis, Kevin Faulkner, Nick Chiericozzi und Mark Perro. ,Wir schufen ,Devil Music über ein Wochenende im Januar in unserem Proberaum. Wir wollten uns mit diesem Album selbst etwas Schönes zu hören geben. Etwas, das unsere Person in sich trägt, nicht nur ein weiteres Album, das besprochen wird, um auf Festivals, ins Fernsehen und in die Mitte dieses endlosen, sinnlosen Spiels zu gelangen. Es ist keine Kampagne. Jordan Lovelace (von PAMPERS) nahm ,Devil Music" auf. Jonathan Schenke (von EATERS und Tontechniker unzähliger Aufnahmen) masterte die Session auf einer Neve-Konsole in New York. Diese herausragenden Herrschaften wussten, dass wir einen rauen 4-Spur-Sound wollten. Sie machten unsere Sounds auf den Tapes zu dem was wir wollten. Jedes Album klingt ein wenig anders, als man es zunächst erwartet. Einige Neuheiten kommen hinzu, wie Kassetten-Zusammenschnitte, beschädigte Stimmbänder nach Jahren des Schreiens, ein Saxophon und natürlich zehn neue Songs. Einige alte Ideen sind noch immer im Mix: die Tracks wurden alle live aufgenommen, inklusive der Vocals, das Artwork wurde von uns designt und produziert.
    EAN 0616892413745
  • If You Leave...
    Shittin' With The Shah
    Night Landing

    MEN, THE

    Leave Home

    [engl] Sacred Bones Records 10th Anniversary! special limited colored reissue!
    EAN 0616892475842
  • 01. Turn It Around
    02. Animal
    03. Country Song
    04. Oscillation
    05. Please Don't Go Away
    06. Open Your Heart
    07. Candy
    08. Cube
    09. Presence
    10. Ex-Dreams

    MEN, THE

    Open Your Heart

    LP im Siebdruck Cover mit Downloadcode. Was das New Yorker Timeout Magazine ironisch als "THURSTON MOORE&THE E STREET BAND" bezeichnete, sind THE MEN, die schon immer dagegen waren, sich nach den Regeln der Punk Subgenres zu richten. Stattdessen hat sich die Band in den letzten drei Jahren über alles von Hardcore Punk über Psych und Shoegaze bis Black Metal hergemacht und das nicht nur mühelos, sondern auch makellos. Komplett unabhängig von der ADS-youtube-Hype-Generation von Musikern unter 21 stechen THE MEN als Eminenzen der Szene und tatsächliche Plattensammler aus dem Pöbel hervor. Was sie so besonders macht, ist ihre einzigartige Begabung dafür, ihre Einflüsse weiterzuentwickeln statt sie nur abzubilden. Auf ,Open Your Heart", dem dritten Album der Band, erforscht das Quintett aus New York Country, Gitarrensoli, Surf Riffs, Psych und alles, was sich dazwischen quetschen lässt. Statt ironisch zu werden, nimmt die Band ihre Songtitel wörtlich (,Oscillation", ,Country Song", ,Ex-Dreams") und feiert damit ganz offensichtlich ihr DIY Gebahren mit dem Untertitel: ,beinhaltet genau das, was auf dem Etikett steht". Die bisherigen Singles, die auch auf diesem Album auftauchen, zeigen ein neues Bewusstsein für den Pop, das auf dem letzten Album nur sporadisch durchschien: "Open Your Heart," "Please Don't Go Away" und "Candy". Außerdem sorgen vier Songwriter in einer Band für eine überraschenden und aufregenden Live Erfahrung. Mit ,Open Your Heart" folgen THE MEN endlich ihrer Berufung und werden zu der vielseitigen Punkband, die die Fans schon lange in ihnen sehen. Für Fans von Hüsker DÜ, THE REPLACEMENTS, LOOP, GRAM PARSONS, SILVER APPLES.
    EAN 0616892475743
  • cover



    Metz, das von aller Welt geliebte und herrlich laute Punk-Trio aus Toronto, Kanada, veröffentlichte 2012 sein selbstbetiteltes Sub Pop-Debüt und hat seitdem kontinuierlich seinen Ruf als einer der aufregendsten Live-Acts gefestigt. Mit "Automat" wird eine chronologische Reise durch das weniger bekannte Material von Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies und Chris Slorach veröffentlicht. "Automat" ist eine Sammlung von Metz Non-Album-Singles, B-Seiten und Raritäten, die nun erstmals als LP erhältlich sind. Die Konsumenten des Vinylformats von "Automat" werden mit einer Bonus-Single belohnt, die drei weitere Tracks enthält: "Pig", ein Cover von Sparklehorse aus einer sehr limitierten Split-Single des Record Store Day 2012; "I'm A Bug", ein Cover von Art-Punk-Klassiker von The Urinals, der 2014 ursprünglich auf YouTube (kein echtes Plattenlabel) veröffentlicht wurde; und die bisher unveröffentlichte Version von Gary Numans "M.E.". Alle Tracks auf "Automat" wurden von Matthew Barnhart vom Chicago Mastering Service liebevoll remastered.
    LP + 7''
    EAN 0098787129014
  • Headache
    Get Off
    Sad Pricks
    Knife In The Water
    Wet Blanket
    The Mule
    Negative Space
    Dirty Shirt
    Leave Me Out



    METZ aus Kanada sind die willkommene und längst überfällige Rückkehr zu allem, was an lauter, ekstatischer Livemusik gut ist: ein heißblütiges Tribut an NATION OF ULYSSES, SHELLAC, THE PIXIES, THE JESUS LIZARD und PUBLIC IMAGE LTD. In ihrer bösartigsten Inkarnation, während gleichzeitig eine neue Nische aus dem Fels gezimmert wird. METZ gibt es seit über drei Jahren, in denen die Band Bühnen mit MISSION OF BURMA, MUDHONEY, ONEIDA und NOMEANSNO geteilt hat. Das selbstbetitelte Debüt wurde von Graham Walsh (HOLY FUCK) und Alexandre Bonenfant produziert.
    EAN 0098787101515
  • A1 Mess Of Wires
    A2 Drained Lake
    A3 Cellophane
    A4 Caterpillar
    A5 Lost In The Blank City
    B1 Mr. Plague
    B2 Sink
    B3 Common Trash
    B4 Escalator Teeth
    B5 Dig A Hole
    B6 Raw Materials


    Strange Peace

    Die Songs auf ,Strange Peace" handeln von Unsicherheit", erklärt Alex Edkins, Gitarrist und Sänger von METZ. ,Es geht darum, dass wir endlich erkennen müssen, dass wir eben nicht immer Herr der Lage sind und dass wir anfangen müssen, uns Fehler einzugestehen und Ängste zu akzeptieren. Wir müssen einen Weg finden, der uns einen Anschein von Frieden inmitten all des hereingebrochenen Chaos bewahrt." ,Strange Peace" ist nicht mehr als ein emphatischer aber kunstvoller Hammerschlag zum Status Quo. Es ist ein einziges Dampf ablassen, ein brutal-schonungsloser Kommentar zur sozialen Lage, der ebenso knüppelt und provoziert, wie er gleichzeitig anregt und aufrüttelt. Das Trio bestehend aus Alex Edkins, Hayden Menzies (Schlagzeug) und Chris Slorach (Bass) hat ,Strange Peace" in Chicago bei Electrical Audio aufgenommen, dort wurde es mit der Unterstützung von Steve Albini live und direkt auf Tape eingespielt. Den letzten Feinschliff haben sie in ihrer Heimatstadt Toronto zusammen mit ihrem langjährigen Weggefährten Engineer und Mixer Graham Walsh getätigt. Das Resultat ist nicht nur der Beweis einer deutlichen Reifung ihrer künstlerischen Fähigkeiten sondern auch der Beleg für kritisches Urteilsvermögen und differenzierter Wahrnehmung ihres direkten, scheinbar verrückt gewordenen, Umfelds. ,Their whiplash of distortion is made with precision, a contained chaos. But you would never talk about them like that. Because METZ are not something you study or analyze. They are something you feel: a transfer of energy, pure and simple.
    EAN 0098787119916
  • 01. The Good Thief
    02. Ecstatic Fields of Love and Grace
    03. Egg
    04. I Am Violence
    05. The Bad Thief
    06. Instant Drugs
    07. This Is Brit Pop
    08. Wet Ground Brings Rain
    09. The Fireworks and the Stars
    10. Kenny
    11. How Many More Will Die
    12. Exodus (A Continuous Mutation)
    13. My Battery Is Low and It's Getting Dark
    14. Christ B.C.
    15. The Hill


    How I Became The Devil

    [engl] Harsh, grimy tones. Sweet, steamrolling riffs. Vocals exuding pure pain. Over the course of 17 tracks, Mirakler spits out a sound that lands in a dark crack between Unsane, Today Is The Day, and Nirvana. The exuberance of Mirakler's twisted, metallic noise rock is intensified by the volatility of frontman Daniel Gene's voice as it ricochets between wounded pleas and full-bore screams, calling to mind the emotional storms of the great Steve Austin. New Noise Magazine reports: "With a touch of grunge, metal, and sludge, this group’s approach to noise manages to maintain a sense of melody." How I Became the Devil was recorded and mixed by Scot Moriarty at Backroom Studios, and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. The band hits the road for a Northeast tour in July, including dates with Cherubs, and will play the venerable No Coast Fest in Texas in October. From Ryan Canavan of HEX Records/Hanging Like A Hex Zine -- "Mirakler take the combined experience of past bands, endless miles in subjectively reliable vehicles to play countless filthy basements and fly-by-night venues and spit it all out in a 45-minute tirade called “How I Became the Devil”. They go for the gusto and ensure every listener gets maximum bang for their buck with 17 tracks of noisey rock/punk abandon in about 45 minutes. Some may say that’s a bold move for a relatively new band. However, Mirakler have a lot to offer. Interspersed between the lumbering grungy noise rock squall are uncomfortable and weird interludes, melancholy melodies, occasional toe-dipping into sassy chaos, and even a bit of experimentation with electronics and post-rock instrumentation. It’s kind of a roller coaster of an album that has an air of mystery around it with it’s thumb print/eye blots on the cover, alluding to some alien in a ski mask coming to thieve your jewels. It’s unsettling and dangerous, and that’s kind of what you get from this Pittsburgh trio with their debut LP."
    EAN 832915016315