• 01. Naive
    02. Come Back
    03. It's Too Late
    04. Dis moi oui ou non
    05. Hey!
    06. Tu m'ennuies
    07. Stay feat. Charlène
    08. Let Us Live
    09. Seule
    10. There's A Kind Of Hush
    11. Nothing Without You



    [engl] THE ADELIANS is part of the Q-Sounds Recordings nebula, a bunch of skilled musicians playing under various names (RADEK AZUL BAND, 5 JACKALS, LES CHACALS) and backing some of the most talented young female soul singers in France. Forget about your nu-soul « band of the day » sensation for THE ADELIANS are here to stay. On their first album for Specific Recordings, they display a brand of soul that is hot, sexy, fuzzy and catchy as hell, mixing raw soul with a definite 60's and 70's flavour.
  • 01. Remains
    02. Claudette
    03. And When You Fall
    04. Blood
    05. Old Girl
    06. Irony. Utility. Pretext.
    07. But She Was Not Flying
    08. Black Eunuch
    09. Games
    10. In Parallax



    Atemlos - so kann man wohl Algiers tiefschwarzen Gospel nennen. Er erinnert mit seiner durchdringenden und fauchenden Wucht an den Prostest-Soul der 60er-Jahre, der damals zum Symbol unterdrückter Minderheiten wurde. Algiers vermischen den urgewaltigen Sound mit Post-Punk-, Industrial- und No-Wave-Einflüssen und verleihen ihm so eine neue Dringlichkeit. Die Musik der ursprünglich aus Atlanta stammenden Band erinnert dabei an The Birthday Party und The Gun Club und unterwirft sich keinem aktuellen Zeitgeist - das macht Algiers gerade im Hier und Jetzt so besonders. Algiers zelebrieren den traditionellen Sound des US-amerikanischen Südens mit modernen Mitteln und verleihen ihm so die Eintrittskarte in eine große Zukunft. Sänger Franklin James Fischer klingt dabei wie eine Reinkarnation von Screamin’ Jay Hawkins. Beschwörend und rastlos wird er zum versöhnlich grollenden Seelenbrecher. Aufgenommen wurde das selbst betitelte und von Tom Morris produzierte Debütalbum in den 4AD- und Gunfactory-Studios in London.
    EAN 744861106715
  • 01. There Is No Year
    02. Dispossession
    03. Hour Of The Furnaces
    04. Losing Is Yours
    05. Unoccupied
    06. Chaka
    07. Wait For The Sound
    08. Repeating Night
    09. We Can't Be Found
    10. Nothing Bloomed


    There Is No Year

    Punk meets Soul: Algiers übertreffen sich auf dem 3. Album selbst. Die aus Atlanta stammende Industrial-Soul-Urgewalt Algiers veröffentlicht am 17.01.20 ihr drittes Album "There Is No Year". Die Band, die mittlerweile nicht nur gesangstechnisch zu einer starken Stimme geworden ist, hatte bereits im September mit dem Non-Album-Track "Can The Sub Bass Speak?" ein viel diskutiertes und meinungsstarkes Slam-Poetry Stück aufhören lassen , dem nun ein nicht minder pointierter Nachfolger folgt.àDas zweite Album "The Underside Of Power" von 2017 hatte der Band bei Publikum wie Kritikern zum endgültigen Durchbruch verholfen. Fast zwei Jahre tourten Franklin James Fisher, Lee Tesche, Ryan Mahan und Matt Tong (Ex-Bloc Party) um den kompletten Erdball und spielten u.a. als Support von Depeche Mode in ausverkauften Stadien. Der dringliche Sound von Algiers klingt auf dem neuen Album noch etwas fiebriger als auf den Vorgängern. Während Sänger und Multiinstrumentalist Franklin James Fisher seine geschliffenen Lyrics von der Kanzel herab predigt, ist der wummernde Synthesizer der nervöse Puls, um den herum der unverwechselbare Klang der Band kreist - angetrieben von der Rhythmussektion um Matt Tong und Ryan Mahan.àZiel war es mit dem dritten Album ein neues Level zu erreichen. Dafür holte man sich die Produzenten Randall Dunn (Sunn O))) und Ben Greenberg ins Studio, um dem futuristischen Post-Punk-R&B eine neue Textur verpassen. Industrial-Sound geladene Klangwelten, die an Scott Walker in seiner 4AD-Ära oder Iggy Pops und Bowies Berlin Phase erinnern, treffen auf eine Synthese aus Marvin Gaye und Fever Ray.
    EAN 744861143901
  • 01. Blue Motel
    02. Halloween By The Sea
    03. What's Your Secet (Cleo)
    04. Life Under Water
    05. The Amateurs
    06. Your Sorrow
    07. The House That Built Itself
    08. Time Machine For Two
    09. Single Life
    10. Grownups
    11. Vampire


    Blue Motel

    [engl] Do you like Love songs? After spending a lifetime spent avoiding this subject in song, Joel Sarakula finally admits that he does. On his new album „Love Club“ Sarakula relives the golden age of Soulful and Romantic Pop music and connects it with a modern aesthetic. While a deeper message of love and peace flows through the record, Joel Sarakula is no old fashioned hippie: “‚Love Club’ is about connecting to reality and re-framing the idea of romantic love and loss in the present, loveless age ”. Featuring eleven songs touching all genres from disco to blues, from soul to soft-rock, Joel Sarakula’s “Love Club” is a profound pop statement. Joel Sarakula has travelled the world in search of his muse, experiencing everything from being a victim of Caribbean carjackings to performing in the remote fishing villages of Norway, via the dive bars of Europe and the US. It was the hodge-podge musical tapestry of England’s capital that finally drew him to a settling point, in the wake of seemingly never ending run of shows. With personal tastes that span from the more avant-garde to soul and pop greats like Sly Stone, Todd Rundgren and Hall & Oates, there are clear nods to contemporaries like Unkown Mortal Orchestra, Erlend Oye and Toro Y Moi in terms of ambition and style. With his last two albums “The Golden Age” and “The Imposter” collecting strong radio plays at BBC Radio 2, BBC 6, BBC London, XFM Joel Sarakula has been play-listed nationally in Europe including Flux FM, WDR 5, Radioeins, Bayern 2, Deutschlandfunk and Deutschland Kultur Radio in Germany as well as in Benelux and Italy and Spain. He is a regular fixture on the live festival and club circuit in the UK, Europe and internationally including appearances at SXSW, Primavera Sound, Glastonbury, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Scala London, Tallinn Music Week, V-ROX (Vladivostok) and Reeperbahnfestival Hamburg. “Love Club” is Sarakula's bold and unashamedly emotional next step. In essence the album is a homage to the soulful singer & songwriter artistry of the Seventies filtered through a darker contemporary lens - fitting for these uncertain times. “I always shied away from generic love songs,” the Sydney, Australia born songwriter admits, “but on this record I embraced the subject wholeheartedly... and intellectually, looking at themes of love, lust, loneliness and everything in-between.” Take the first single “In Trouble”, co-written with Michele Stodart of The Magic Numbers, as the best example for Joel Sarakula’s unique, and honest approach to making music. „We Used To Connect” questions the changing nature of relationships in our social-media addicted world: ‘We used to connect in the real world too, now the touch of your hand is a digital cue'. “Coldharbour Man”, on the other hand, examines the identity of the song's narrator and the artist vs. fan dynamic all wrapped up in a disco love song: “There's a lot going on in this particular track. I feel my writing has grown emotionally...”, explains Joel Sarakula. “Just best to listen yourself and make up your own interpretation!: 'We met in a song come to life like some fantasy cliché, though I'm known for my moves in the dark you flooded sunshine on my day'. Then there’s “Baltic Jam”, capturing romantic love and loss in authentic 70s confessional singer & songwriter style and of course “Dead Heat”, a song about how there is struggle in the most perfect relationship pairings as the match is so even: “I recall an ex-girlfriend of mine... when we first met, we thought we hated each other but we eventually flipped that emotion and realised we had a deep passion and love for each other, there just was a lot of underlying sexual tension!” : 'It's a battle we could only win, if we lose. We'd be stronger if these lonely ones became two'. More than a year in the making, Joel Sarakula recorded „Love Club“ in various studios around London and Berlin capturing soulful performances from his many musical comrades on vintage analogue equipment. “This record has truly been a labour of love. Recording and privately sharing these performances amongst my collaborators started to feel like a bit like a club – I guess that lead to the album title! I was surprised how much I actually enjoyed the ‘love-making process’ and I look so much forward to playing these new songs on stage with my band.” We can’t wait, Joel Sarakula.
    EAN 8437015436753

  • 01. Love In Hong Kong
    02. King Ding Love
    03. Purple River
    04. Bossa Rossa
    05. Water Lotus
    06. Year Of The Funky
    07. Black Nylon
    08. Danxia Disco
    09. Soft Dream
    10. Attenzione
    11. See You Again
    12. For Your Smile


    Year Of The Funky

    [engl] „Year Of The Funky“ is the second album from Bei Bei & Shawn Lee. After their debut collaborative album "Into The Wind" (Ubiquity Records, 2010), the Chinese guzheng virtuoso / composer and the prolific multi-instrumentalist / producer join forces again on 12 new tracks. „Year Of The Funky” marries a unique blend of ancient tradition with studio trickery. Eschewing all notions of superficial "Asian/Fusion", this uplifting, genre-bending, and sophisticated sound brings together both East & West with musical aplomb. The new album continues as a logical progression from "Into The Wind". It ventures into both new tempos & moods while deftly connecting the past, the future and what lies beyond.
    LP purple
  • A1 Triumph Of The Olympian
    A2 Beat Breakfast
    A3 Black Eye (I Believed In Love)
    A4 Full Brazilian
    A5 C'est Moi
    A6 Clown Face
    A7 Vip 233
    B1 Hairy Mary
    B2 Pies & Pastiche
    B3 Vampyros Twist
    B4 Trilby Of Fun
    B5 Slap Head's Demise
    B6 The Bloater
    B7 Luna 2


    Full English Beat Breakfast

    [engl] Reissue on white vinyl limited To 500 Copies Only (includes DL Code). RIYL : The Bongolian, Soul, Funk, Latin Soul, Boogaloo, pop Hammond Grooves. As part of Blow Up 25 anniversary celebrations Blow Up Records are re-releasing various key titles from our catalogue. Originally released in 2009 we present a brand new cut and a limited 180g white vinyl pressing of the classic third Big Boss Man album 'Full English Beat Breakfast'.The original vinyl pressing has long been sold out so expect strong interest for this new pressing as it is finally available on vinyl again.
    EAN 5030408055062
  • 01. Dark Matters
    02. Humble Pie
    03. Spirits Of The Land
    04. Good Evening Black Buddha
    05. E105
    06. Shirabey
    07. Tears Of The Ancestors
    08. Oromo
    09. Ironbark
    10. On The Couch
    11. Road To Now
    12. Arborea
    13. Extinction


    Good Evening Black Buddha

    [engl] “Good Evening Black Buddha” is Black Jesus eXperience’s seventh studio album. Inspired by the land we live on and the connection to all that have gone before and will follow, inspired by the multicultural power of our community, inspired by the paradox of the story of the Black Buddha. From the perversity of the pandemic and its imposition of separation comes “Good Evening Black Buddha”, celebrating togetherness. Darkness is light. At the heart of Black Jesus eXperience’s inspiration is Ethiopian/Australian singer Enushu Taye. Enushu’s openness and poetic insight, delivered with unique beauty in her own Amharic tongue, lie at the core of “Good Evening Black Buddha” and all that Black Jesus eXperience (BJX) do. MC Mista Monk (Liam Monkhouse) compliments and contrasts with rhymes and flow born of Africa and outback Australia. BJX are joined by their great friends powerhouse singer Vida-Sunshyne, and crystalline new voice Gracie Sinclair. The songs on “Good Evening Black Buddha” rove from the lightness of touch of a trio to BJX’s full fourteen piece polyrhythmic, polymetric, polytonal Ethiofunk juggernaut with six-piece horn arrangements. Soloists include living national treasure Bob Sedergreen on keyboards, Peter Harper on saxophone, Ian Dixon on trumpet, Zac Lister guitar, Larry Crestani guitar and his own invention ‘kraartar’, over the deep grooves of Richard Rose bass, James Davies kit, and Kahan Harper percussion. Black Jesus eXperience is also proud to be joined by our friends conga player Louis Poblete, kraar and masinko virtuoso Endalkachew Yenehun, proud Kuku Nyunkal man and master yiki yiki (dijeridu) player Sean Ryan.
  • 01. Sankumagye-Love life
    02. Yekor ye a yeaba
    03. Enyidado
    04. Love Supreme
    05. Footprints
    06. Round Midnite
    07. Asamansudo Groove
    08. All Blues


    Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Hi-Life Jazz

    [engl] Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Hi-Life Jazz is the new album from revered Ghanaian highlife and Simigwa Do exponent Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, known for his deep, soulful, and funky highlife sound and sometimes referred to as the “James Brown of Ghana.” A 360-degree musical tour de force as evidenced by his impressive and eclectic back catalogue, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Hi-Life Jazz makes his 35th album release to date. His third release on the German Agogo label, the release sees him breathing new life into some jazz classics, revisiting works by John Coltrane (Love Supreme), Thelonius Monk (Round Midnite), Wayne Shorter (Footprints) and Miles Davis (All Blues) alongside some brand new compositions, powered by polyrhythms and his signature highlife style. The record coincides with multiple live dates through October visiting Paris, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Copenhagen, Brussels, Gothenburg, Malmo, Saubriges & Mugron. Since his breakthrough in the early 1970s with his own Simigwa style he has shared stages and studios with some of Ghana's greats like Ebo Taylor and Sammy Larteh with whom he played In the Uhuru Dance Band. Together they founded the Apagya Show Band in 1974. He has since continued to push back boundaries, embrace, explore, create and cultivate an impressive catalogue of work. In recent times, he has become a go-to example of Ghana's rich traditional music form, so much so that he has performed tirelessly through Europe and US and most notably at Utrecht's Le Guess Who Festival and the Montreux Jazz Festival. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Hi-Life Jazz jumps right out of the blocks with 3 straight-up, groove-laden highlife numbers in Sankumagye, Yekor Ye A Yea and Enyidado, a spontaneous mix of Afro-soul and groove with Ambolley's deep tonal and vocal interventions giving a sense that the influence of Afro-American soul music is never far away. Things continue to heat up as the maestro and bandleader approaches various songs from the songbook of classic modern jazz. The rhythmic pulse within each standard is pushed and pulled, ensuring the original is recognisable yet rooted in Ambolley's ancestral home. In John Coltrane’s Love Supreme he proclaims “John Coltrane said love is supreme & we heard him in Africa very loud and clear.” Taking a very different but direct approach filled with Ghanaian swing Ambolley matches the colours and energy with a rhythmic dexterity and an African spiritual sensitivity that immediately draws you in, allowing a space for the spiritual to rise. The Wayne Shorter classic Footprints receives a similar treatment - it's a toe-tapping workout that leaves you wanting more. Round Midnite, a Thelonious Monk staple, has been covered so many times as a ballad yet here Ambolley gives things an uptempo re-work, a wholly unique inception that makes total sense when you hear it. All Blues by Miles Davis is a well-loved staple of jazz players the world over and is known as a vehicle for endless improvisations and here, in the hands of this master craftsman, is a mesmerising and unapologetic dance floor journey. Polish, panache, melodic and harmonic invention run riot throughout Gyedu-Blay Ambolley and Hi-Life Jazz. It's so much more than an experiment in bringing a Ghanaian pen to jazz standards rather a wonderful collision of Ghanaian roots, highlife and Ambolley's Simigwa stylings with Afro-American jazz, soul and funk.
  • 01. Afrika Yie
    02. Ma Play
    03. Simigwa-Do
    04. Ketan
    05. Walk 4 Ground
    06. Teacher
    07. It's Alright
    08. I Don't Know Why
    09. I Get Myself To Blame



    [engl] The Legendary Gyedu Blay Ambolley from Ghana, West Africa and his Sekondi Band has 29 music albums to his credit. “Ketan” is his number 30. Ambolley was born in the city of Sekondi-Takoradi (an area called Ketan), in the Western Region of Ghana, in West Africa. The multi-talented, International, Ghanaian Musician celebrated his “Silver Jubilee” in music in 1998. Ambolley taught himself to play the flute as a first instrument in his early years of musical interest dating back to the age of eight, when he began playing with his father’s flute. The young music enthusiast continued to learn the rudiments of music from the late’ Sammy Lartey and Ebo Taylor. During the sixties, the young aspiring musician was impressed with the music he heard on the popular radio show, “Voice of America Jazz Hour.” That sixties show featured such jazz giants as Jimmy Smith, Max Roach, Wes Montgomery, Charlie Parker, Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Eckstie… all of whom became part of Ambolley’s early musical experience. This versatile, irrepressible singer, songwriter, producer and “musical- life-force” exploded on the music scene in 1973 with a jazzy highlife sound called ‘SIMIGWA-DO’. He has toured throughout West Africa, Europe, Canada, and the United States and has performed on the same stage with some of the world’s most celebrated artistes such as; Miriam Makeba of South Afrika, the late Fela Anikulapo-Kuti of Nigeria, the late George Howard, Angela Bofill, Norman Connors, Manu Dibango, Lakeside, Chikuzan Takahashi of Japan, Ricardo Estrada of Cuba, Mayuto Correa of Brazil and toured Ghana with Oscar Brashear and Michael Session. The celebrated musician has received numerous prestigious awards, for example a lifetime achievement award and Inducted into the music hall of fame by Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science in California and an award from the Board of Supervisors and the City Council of the State of California for bridging the gap between Africa and African American music. He also received a lifetime achievement award at the Ghana Music Awards in 2013. Gyedu-Blay Ambolley has crafted the ability to combine a unique sound and melody with funny lyrics and dancing to his music as is well documented that “the genre of his music is entertainingly elevating and spiritually inescapable”, such that its uniqueness transcends all musical categories.
  • 01. Soultempo
    02. L'Etrange
    03. Toujours Lui
    04. Laisse Tomber
    05. Je Reste
    06. Road Stop
    07. En Route Madame
    08. Harley Davidson
    09. Ici
    10. Minutes D'Insouciance
    11. Où Tu M'Emmènes
    12. Voyage Theme - Instrumental


    En Route

    [engl] ‘En Route’ is the stunning debut album of young soulful French chanteuse Caroline Lacaze! The mixture on “En Route” is eclectic: nonchalant 60s beat, mysterious psych-pop, raucous funk and longing French chanson, all combined and held together with the energetic raw soul sound and the skillful ‘mise-en-scene’ by the Mocambo Electric Sound Orchestra. Whether the mood is uplifting (“En Route Madame”), mysteriously sexy (“Minutes D'Insousciance”), melancholic (“Ici”), joyful (“Laisse Tomber”), sombre (“Je Reste”) or a shift up a gear from mere retro with a hot-rodded take on the Serge-Gainsbourg-penned Brigitte-Bardot-classic “Harley Davidson” from the swinging 60s, Caroline sings it with passion, energy and sincerity that is rarely heard of today. Caroline Lacaze’s songs capture all the facets of an exciting voyage, the joy and pain of being away from home, leaping straight forward - with an occasional look in the rear-view mirror.
  • 01. La Dôtu Lado
    02. A Luz De Yayá
    03. Primer Letra
    04. Mandinga
    05. Mantafro
    06. Algum Lugar En Nós
    07. Funaná Do Moreré
    08. Céu Azulino
    09. D'Orixá
    10. Deserto Do Sal
    11. Gira


    La Dotu Lado

    [engl] La Dôtu Lado swings as much as it seduces. It maps new musical routes linking the Cape Verdean island sounds of batuque and funaná, with deep candomblé inspired rhythms and the heart tugging sway of fado. And in doing so, it has opened up a fascinating narrative on the slave trade, spirituality and love. Coladera are two musicians from Brazil & Portugal, who have invited various musicians from other Portuguese-speaking countries like Cape Verde and Angola to participate on this album. Their first official international release have crafted an exquisite and exploratory sound, adding new layers upon their individual and rich traditions. Singer-guitarist Vitor Santana from Belo Horizonte, Portuguese singer-guitarist Joao Pires are named after one of Cape Verde’s musical traditions, Coladeira – a form that borrows melodies from fado and rhythms from Brazil and Angola. Sung mainly in the Portuguese language but with a couple of songs in Cape Verdean creole, La Dôtu Lado features guest percussionist Marcos Suzano, a Brazilian pandeiro master, and seamlessly pulses between the traditions of each country and also percusssionist Miroca Paris, who has been playing for many years for the Queen of Morna, Cesária Évora, with poignant lyrics about the spirits of the Orishas, deities worshipped by slaves who were shipped across the Atlantic to Brazil from West Africa often via Cape Verde. Indeed, Cape Verde was an empty island until the Portuguese empire found it in 1456 and it wasn’t long after when Cape Verde was central to the Portuguese’s triangular trade system strategy. Coladera have released a previous long player back in 2013 but with little fanfare. Despite the modest release, they played at New York’s Summerfest and Joe’s Pub amongst other festival dates around Europe. Whilst both albums have flirted with Cuban rumba with striking Andalusian guitar flourishes, the project has always been Lusophone and inspired by close friendships and travel. For Vitor, a guitarist with grounding in classic bossa nova, the music of Coladera at times felt like a nostalgic trip exploring the dulcet and minimal groove of the guitar and voice. All musicians have, at different points, lived or been at the coalface of their respective musical cultures within the Lusophone Atlantic triangle. Joao grew up listening to and learning fado, studied flamenco in Andalusia and has lived in Cape Verde, and Vitor lived with Joao for two years in Brazil and has lived and performed throughout Europe. As Vitor explains, “In Brazil there is a lot of DNA from Cape Verde and West-Africa. You can find this DNA in many rhythms. One of them is coladeira. It’s a little bit samba, a little bit Bahia. Cape Verde is in the middle”. Vitor is particularly vital to the positive vibe that pervades the record. He practises the Afro Brazilian tradition and meditation of candomblé, originally brought over to Brazil by slaves from West Africa. The track ‘Luz de Yayá’ perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the Coladera collaboration, named after the candomblé god of the sea, Iemanjá.
  • cover


    Between Two Shores

  • 01. Wednesday Morning Atonement
    02. Face Your Fear
    03. On And On
    04. Go As You Are
    05. Till The End
    06. Need Your Love
    07. Dream Girl
    08. Welcome To My World
    09. Ghost Of You
    10. Need My Baby
    11. As I Am


    Face Your Fear

    Curtis Harding aus Atlanta spielte in verschiedenen Bands, war mit Schwester und Mutter im Gospelchor und nahm eher so nebenher sein Solodebüt "Soul Power" auf. Das begeisterte 2014 mit einer Mischung aus Soul, Blues, Garage, Gospel, Disco und Funk nicht nur das Publikum und die Kritik ("the artist you need to know"), sondern fand in Iggy Pop und Jack White auch prominente Fans. Der "Rolling Stone" prophezeite eine große Zukunft - und mit seinem zweiten Album kann Harding diese Vorschusslorbeeren bestätigen. Auf "Face Your Fear" taucht Harding tief in die Sixties ein und beschwört die Geister von Otis Redding, Curtis Mayfield, Sam Cooke, Bo Diddley und B. B. King. Wie den großen Motown-Stars der Sechziger gelingt es ihm, gelebten Schmerz und wahrhaftige Freude in einen Sound zu transformieren, der das Herz eines jeden Zuhörers öffnet. Erfreulicherweise schafft er das auf ganz eigenständige Weise: den Soul-Spirit im Hier und Jetzt mit neuer Energie zu versorgen, ohne dabei in künstlerisch ausgetretene Fußstapfen zu treten. Der "NME" fand dafür die Umschreibung "soul meets garage pop perfection". "Face Your Fear" wurde von Harding mit Unterstützung seiner beiden Freunde Sam Cohen und Danger Mouse in New York produziert.
  • 01. Next Time
    02. Castaway
    03. Keep On Shining
    04. Freedom
    05. Surf
    06. I Don't Wanna Go Home
    07. Beautiful People
    08. The Drive
    09. Heaven's On The Other Side
    10. Drive My Car
    11. I Need A Friend
    12. Cruel World


    Soul Power

    [engl] Simply calling Curtis Harding a “soul man” feels reductive. Yes, his music is undoubtedly soulful and his songwriting is both evocative and provocative, but there’s more to his music than the stock imagery the label conjures. Harding’s voice conveys pain, pleasure, longing, tenderness, sadness and strength—a full gamut of emotions. Yet still, “soul man” seems too simple a description for musician like Harding, a man who has lived multiple lives as a musician, participated in different scenes, and brought all those varied sounds and experiences together to carve out his own unique niche.
  • 01. Boat Mama
    02. Outer Banks
    03. Dirt Track
    04. Come
    05. Come Along Bintang Bolong
    06. MS Utopia
    07. Open Up!
    08. A Route Obscure
    09. Wait For Me
    10. The Routine
    11. Ghost Of Your Love
    12. Bosso Fataka
    13. Passport Check



    [engl] In 2016 the world seems to be more connected in communication, yet more segregated in culture than ever. It is a time for fresh ideas about re-connecting things. David Nesselhauf, producer, composer and multi instrumentalist from Hamburg/Germany gives it a try. His new album re-visits a time in the Seventies, when innovative bands like Can were working on a rhythmic and experimental fusion of African music and German rock, which was labelled “Afrokraut”. Nesselhauf’s modern take on “Afrokraut” goes beyond the standards of contemporary electronic, jazz, pop or club music. As much as the thirteen tracks on the album nod towards the dance floor as their common factor, they also address topics as migration and exclusion and take a strong stand for global togetherness. Just listen to the opening tracks “Boat Mama” and “Outer Banks” and you see what Nesselhauf is on about. Recorded and mixed on vintage equipment at Dennis Rux’s ultra-cool Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg, “Afrokraut” sounds deep, authentic and visionary at the same time. Renowned Dutch artist Chantal Rens delivered a strong statement for the cover artwork: “I am especially excited about Chantal’s work for my album”, says David Nesselhauf. With a diverse catalogue of albums ranging from electro to doom to look back on, his works with funk celebrities Diazpora as their bass player and collaborations or production with Pee Wee Ellis, Lew Soloff (Blood, Sweat & Tears), Flo Mega or Faust, running his own little record label as well as his education at the Drummer’s Collective in NYC David Nesselhauf is a well established player in the German independent music scene. “Afrokraut” features a range of musical guests. Amadou Bah is the vocalist on the first single “Come Along Bintang Bolong”, an irresistible Afrobeat burner, Diazpora drummer Lucas Kochbeck is an integral part on various album highlights, most notably the mysterious “A Route Obscure” and the intense “Dirt Track”. Then, of course, we have the sweet and groovy vocals of Kinga Lizz and Nabil Atassi on the funky “Open Up!”. “This album is something I wanted to release for a long time”, explains David Nesselhauf. “I was always fascinated by this little forgotten era in the history of German popular music that was labelled ‘Afrokraut’. It was full of unique vibes, never fully explored and suddenly it was gone. And to be honest, the message carried through this music is more valid than it ever was.”
    EAN 4026424009289
  • 01. Intrologue
    02. Never Take It feat. Soulamadou
    03. Space Station
    04. Solaris
    05. Meteorites
    06. Everlost
    07. Believe It feat. Axel Feige
    08. Transneptunians (I)
    09. Transneptunians (II) feat. Soulamadou
    10. Orion Safari
    11. The Void
    12. Celeste
    13. I Wanna Go Back feat. Axel Feige
    14. Repitaph


    Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto

    [engl] “Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto” returns to the place where David Nesselhauf imagined a world of peace, unity and impossible dreams with the release of “Afrokraut” in 2016. Now, with “Afrokraut II” David Nesselhauf expands into space. David Nesselhauf is unlike any other musician, producer and arranger you know. Through the tiny window of his laboratory he observes the stars. Using self-made antennas and ancient tape machines, he records electromagnetic waves sent from outer space. Played in reverse at triple speed he manages to decode the information herein without much use of psychoactive substances. On “The Lowbrow Manifesto” Nesselhauf collects these fragments and tells stories from a future mankind which seems to live scattered across the universe. They communicate their secret thoughts and wishes through music, painting a picture about what is to come for us all. Using a colourful palette of sounds, selected stories got further enhanced by David Nesselhauf to a digestible, funky and contagious new album. „Afrokraut II: The Lowbrow Manifesto“ documents Nesselhauf’s journey backwards through future, dedicating his work to the heritage of “Afrokraut” history, a brief episode when Krautrock got funky (and David Nesselhauf wasn‘t even born at that time). As with the first episode of “Afrokraut”, good friends appear as guest musicians: Lucas Kochbeck and Axel Feige (both, like Nesselhauf himself, members of Diazpora) and Soulamadou, patron of Nesselhauf‘s favourite club, the Souledge in Hamburg/Germany.
    EAN 4026424010025
  • 01. Play The Ball
    02. Olympians
    03. Ready To Go
    04. Ping Pong Powerplay
    05. You Shot Me Down
    06. Royals
    07. Bone (The Broke Marauder)
    08. Hit Me
    9. Hangin' On
    10. The Bachelor


    Ping Pong Powerplay

    [engl] Stop everything you're about to do and take a hit of Diazpora‘s new Album „Ping Pong Powerplay“ now. Vast amounts of dopamine will be released as the needle hits the groove. Problems will disappear, heartache will crumble and legs going to move. With its ten modern songs built upon solid funk tradition, this album helps you get on the good foot! All songs were recorded in Diazpora‘s „Monopalast“ rehearsal studio in Hamburg, straight after the writing process, keeping it fresh, edgy and simple. The songs range from dancefloor tracks Diazpora is so known for, to heartfelt ballads, using Ping Pong as an olympic metaphor for life. Still in the game after countless years, Diazpora once more show nothing but love to their audience and THE FUNK with this latest release. Ping Pong Powerplay!
  • 01. Fire On Les Champs Elysées
    02. Child Of The Gauls
    03. Paper Chains
    04. Nature Flavored World
    05. Tutti Frutti City Girls
    06. Sailboats On The Pond
    07. Sophisticated Indigenous People
    08. My Island Home
    09. Lighter
    10. Old Mirror



  • 01. Gutterball
    02. Lonely For You Baby
    03. Workout
    04. Eazy Rider
    05. The Skunk
    06. Lope Song
    07. Booga Lou
    08. Cigar Eddie
    09. I Believe In Miracles



    [engl] Eddie Roberts started his music career in 1989 aged 18, having left his Welsh homeland to study Jazz at Leeds College of Music. More interested in live performing and getting his own thing going than in college work, he quickly rooted out the best players in town and set up his first band, The Jazz Mailmen, dedicated to playing the golden era of Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers. After transcribing all the parts and enforcing a dress code of Bop suits, he set about taking the UK Jazz Dance scene by storm. During this time British Hard Bop legend Tommy Chase asked him to relocate and join his band, but Eddie had other ideas. Following his early bands The Eddie Roberts Organisation and The Three Deuces Eddie's focus shifted towards Deep Funk, the New Mastersounds were born and released their first album on Keb Darge’s Deep Funk Records. The rest is history, with six full albums recorded and an impressive history of live shows around the world. Eddie's love for 60s Blue Note & Hard Bop didn't waver despite the media hype of the Deep Funk scene. Soon Eddie was commissioned to produce a Hard Bop track for the Jazz dancers to go on Adrian Gibson’s renowned 'Messin Around' compilation. This project turned into the „Roughneck“ album, released summer 2004 on the NMS’ One Note Records label. "Trenta", released early 2007 on Salvo’s Records, features instrumental arrangements of traditional Neopolitan songs. Eddie stayed busy that year playing with Papa Mali, Johnny Vidocavitch, Idris Muhammed and The Greyboy Allstars. „Is that all?“ Eddie Roberts asked in 2009 and the answer was simple: No! Légère Recordings had a good look on Eddie’s extensive back catalogue and released „An Introduction To Eddie Roberts“, showcasing his work from the early days up to the present. Following the releasse The New Mastersounds played their first German shows since many years. When in Spain during the same year Eddie joined forces with The Sweet Vandals’ rhythm section, adding Chip Wickham’s (Nightmares On Wax, Rae & Christian, The Pharcyde) world-class flute and Taz Modi’s funktastic organ from Leeds/UK, and he sensed that this could be the beginning of something special. „Burn!“ is the proof that his feelings were true. The Fire Eaters, as the combo was now called, recorded the album produced by Eddie Roberts himself in 2010, completed 12 tracks including a good number of Eddie Roberts originals as well as their versions of classic acid jazz & soul tunes like „I Believe In Miracles“, the „Lope Song“
    EAN 4026424002716
  • 01. Closer To The Spirit
    02. Bad Luck
    03. Is It Love
    04. I Wanna Ride
    05. Don't Give Your Heart Away
    06. Spiders
    07. Your Life Is Up To You
    08. Get Next To You
    09. Forward
    10. Merry Jane


    A Modern Love

    [engl] DJ, producer, singer-songwriter, one-half of world-touring soul duo Myron & E (Stones Throw), founder of boogie outfit The Pendletons (Bastard Jazz), part of electro-funk duo Lucid Paradise, and an endless string of collabos. Over 2 decades in the game means multi-faceted artist Eric Boss knows his way around music. Having been there, done that, gotten the t-shirt and watched the fat lady sing, it's finally time for E to take center stage and deliver his finest effort yet with solo record "A Modern Love", an effervescent collection of raw funk, sweet soul, west coast vibes and classic hip hop, produced by Björn Wagner and Steffen Wagner (The Mighty Mocambos / Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band). "A Modern Love" has all the ingredients of a future classic. High-profile guests? Check: with Gift Of Gab (Blackalicious) rapping on "I Wanna Ride", a track with more bounce than a lowrider chevy on Santa Monica boulevard, and soul siren Gizelle Smith featuring on "Spiders", a spooky number that will get you jumping out of your seat like you've been attacked by giant 8-legged arachnids. Need some dancefloor action? "Get Next To You" gets down to serious bizniz with crisp drums and a catchy hook guaranteed to get the party started. Something for lovers? We've got it covered with "Is It Love", where Eric waxes lyrical about his sweetheart over a honey-drenched soul beat. From reggae-flavored vibes being served in inspirational number "Your Life Is Up to You" to the slow-burning grooves of "Merry Jane" which features singer Ishtar, the 10 tunes on "A Modern Love" all attest to Eric Boss' talent and versatility. Judging by how quickly the limited edition 45 of album opener "Closer To The Spirit" sold out when it was released, it seems safe to say Eric Boss is a king Midas with the golden touch when it comes to providing fresh grooves for contemporary ears, and "A Modern Love" is set to prove so once again.
    EAN 5050580711785
  • 01. The Mojo Train
    02. Fire
    03. Wild Dog
    04. Take It Back
    05. Breaking The Rule
    06. Everything Is Better Since You're Gone
    07. Chicken Pickin'
    08. Four Loves
    09. Hold On Together
    10. Did I Let You Down
    11. Back To Memphis
    12. I Want More


    Breaking The Rule

    [engl] Do not complain. The legion of Excitements fans DOES exist in places near and far in this world-gone-insane so if you are ready to be recruited you're in luck. Miraculously, these workaholics of rhythm, who conquered and claimed more than fifteen countries just for the sheer thrill of it during their last tour, found a break and the action of their troubled agenda.It seemed only logical to throw their road sharpened revue into the studio to commit to wax their finest album to date entitled "Breaking The Rule". After more than two years on the road and 200 sweat soaked performances since the release of their second LP "Sometimes Too Much Is Not Enough", this third LP certifies that the big combo from Barcelona can do whatever they please: either caress you or kick you in the stomach-or both. The steamroller rhythm section is one powerful structure pounding under searing guitars, roaring horns and all reigned over by the voice of Koko that claws at their hypnotic gyrations with wild abandon. This new Excitements bag, as expected, is THE satisfier with high voltage rhythm and soul floorshakers and lease breakers-"Everything is Better Since You're Gone","Fire", "Hold On Together"-ripping spear-hurling R & B - "Chicken Picking" "I'd Rather Feel The Pain", "Did I Let You Down", heartbreaking ballads and mid-tempos - "Breaking The Rule", and "Take It Back" and and a pair of rhythmical postcards- a tribute to what once were the noisy streets of New Orleans ("Mojo Train") and restless nights in a Havana boarding house ("Four Loves"). And do not, do not fear, inside this explosive cocktail of sonic chaos, a strange sweet harmony prevails through all and each of the grooves of the record. And as always, all wrapped up, signed, sealed and delivered with the elegantly filthy production of Mike Mariconda.
    EAN 8436006676284
  • 01. Take The Bitter With The Sweet
    02. I Don't Love You No More
    03. I Do The Jerk
    04. Never Gonna Let You Go
    05. Wait A Minute
    06. Let's Kiss And Make Up
    07. Fat Back
    08. Won't You Let Me Know
    09. From Now On
    10. I Want To Be Loved
    11. If It Wasn't For Pride
    12. Love Is Here To Stay



    [engl] We understand that you love elegant, sophisticated music with a feeling, as much as raw, gutsy, hard-hitting music. And Penniman Records takes great pride in introducing you to The Excitements, because their music fits into both categories, and for plenty other reasons as well: because they are an ALL NATURAL free-of-additives-and-preservatives R&B / Soul band. A band with both feet solidly planted on Memphis and Detroit, and with a heartbeat which is pure Chicago. To put it simply, The Excitements are what the doctor ordered: six dynamite musicians intent on bringing out the very best from Koko Jean Davis’ extraordinary voice, a voice which will either break your heart or astonish your ears, whatever Koko fancies the most. The Excitements’ career is truly awesome. Their first gig took place in July 2010, and a month after that the band embarked on the first of their three recording sessions, their first Spanish tour and a series of concerts all across Europe. Very few groups can boast of enjoying such a critical success, selling so many 45s and capturing such a loyal following in so short a time. Their splendid first album, “The Excitements” –available on vinyl and CD—has been produced by the great Mike Mariconda –the only living man with a direct connection between his ears and his crotch. Hearing is believing, and Koko and her partners are bound to mesmerize with numbers such as Nathaniel Mayer’s “From Now On”, Barbara Stephens’s “Wait a Minute” and Little Richard’s “Never Let You Go”, a track which will go straight to your heart. You may call them old-fashioned. A classic sound, if you wish. One thing is clear: the good stuff is here to stay. Stop reading, listen to The Excitements and hear for yourself.
  • 01. Keep it to Yourself
    02. Ha, Ha, Ha
    03. That's What You Got
    04. Keep Your Hands Off
    05. I've Bet and I've Lost Again
    06. Don't You Dare Tell Her
    07. The Hammer
    08. Fishing Pole
    09. Tell Me Where I Stand
    10. I Believe You
    11. I Found Myself A Man
    12. Sometimes Too Much AIn't Enough


    Sometimes Too Much Ain't Enough

    [engl] The Excitements are a hardworking band, almost hyperactive, so when you are in a state of perpetual motion, things happen fast and time flies. Within six months of their first show in March 2010, the group was touring all over Europe, and recorded their first long play. The album was a totally unexpected success which led the band across the continent for a year and a half. It’s sad to say, but "Sometimes Too Much Ain’t Enough", the second LP, surpasses its predecessor in all respects, and gives the impression that until now the band was just...warming up. The essence of their sound has not changed substantially over the debut: early Soul, R & B, and a hint of 50's gospel, but now fully developed, sharpened and fine tuned, thanks to two years of intense rehearsing and countless shows. It would be difficult to pick out a standout song from this album, because it contains twelve potential singles, so we won't. Just listen to it, and see that everything is here- great originals and covers arranged and performed with a nod to all that you love, and a repertoire that offers everything from sophisticated R & B, soul, gospel and latin, to Stax-style instrumentals and tear jerking, hypnotic ballads. Masterfully produced by Mike Mariconda, the band moves freely from a small combo to an orchestra with a sense of dynamics that few bands have today. The explosive voice of Koko Jean Davis demands that you jump, dance, and weep all at the same time, confirming that, indeed, there are times when too much simply ain't enough.
    EAN 8436006676161
  • 01. I Keep On Thinking
    02. Too Many Rules & Games
    03. I've Got No Feelin'
    04. I Can Fly
    05. Where I Lived Before
    06. Please Don't Forget My Name
    07. I Believe In You
    08. Take My Heart & Breathe
    09. Save Me
    10. I Miss You Babe


    Too Many Rules & Games

    [engl] Gemma & the Travellers give a nod to the early deep Soul, R&B, Northern Soul and Funk of the Sixties but add a refreshing twist with their unique songwriting. With her powerful and distinctive voice, Gemma M. is a true Soul woman who left the south of Italy as a teenager with a small bag in her hand and a bit of cash in her back pocket. Travelling through Europe, she met Robert P., an Anglo-Swedish guitarist living in Germany at the time and formed a travelling duo, which ended up returning to Robert’s hometown London. After many years getting sick and tired of the city’s distractions, they looked for a more creative environment beside the sea and fell in love with Northern Brittany, where they formed the band Gemma & the Travellers with friends and musicians from down the road. Contrary to the “Motown” or “manufactured” model where the singer is rarely the songwriter, Gemma M. writes all of her songs with the help of Robert P. on the guitar. Her influences are Aretha Franklin and Julie Driscoll - genuine vibrations where life is your own creation! Recorded live at Lemoncake Studios in northern Brittany, producer Robert P. strived for an authentic and original Soul sound with a certain crunchiness and analogue distortion, like that of an old vinyl from the Sixties without falling under the overused retro banner. The title track of Gemma & The Travellers’ debut album “Too Many Rules & Games” is a song about a woman who has had enough of a world run by the men looking only for their own personal glory and fame. Love is the answer to the problems of this world! “Where I lived before” is another highlight: “I am looking back at the years of my upbringing living in the south of Italy, a juxtapose of poverty, injustice and hardship with all the beauty of the land and warmth of the people; it was hard to be a teenager there as my mum would not let me go out, which amplified the rebel in me,” Gemma explains. In 2015, the band played their live debut at London Jazz Café, opening for the Craig Charles’ “Funk & Soul Show”, who then described the band’s sound as a “tasty little nugget of Soul”.
    EAN 4026424009494