• 01. Hava
    02. Schace
    03. Impro–Vision
    04. My Ape & My Monkey
    05. Ron Do
    06. Baz


    Ak Musick

    [engl] "AK Musick" was originally released in 1972 as a private edition of 150 copies on Hans Kumpf’s legendary AKM Records label. Radical, freaked–out sound with hints of free–jazz, improv and avant–garde. File next to Anima, Annexus Quam, Albrecht D, Gulda, Nihilist Spasm Band, Nurse With Wound... AK Musick was an improv collective assembled by Hans Kumpf to "make music in a very democratic way". The five players had a classical education but they were also influenced by avant–garde composers like Helmut Lachenmann and Johannes Fritsch. Their only album, "AK Musick", was recorded in 1972 at the famous Bauer Studios in just three hours and engineered by Martin Wieland, who had previously worked with Keith Jarrett for the ECM label. Some of the instruments used were: clarinet, cello, oboe, organ, piano, darbuka, tam–tam, ektare, flute, zither...Includes the amazing "Impro–vision" which sounds like electronic music but using only natural instruments. "AK Musick" was originally released as a private homemade edition of 150 copies with spray printed covers. During the 70s, AKM Records was also home to other free–jazz rarities like "Free Blacks" by Perry Robinson / Hans Kumpf (where Hans also collaborated with his friend Wolfgang Dauner) and "In Time" by Theo Jörgensmann. Very hard to find now, we present the first ever LP/CD reissue of this rare Kraut artifact done under license from Hans Kumpf.
  • 01. 1
    02. 2
    03. 3
    04. 4
    05. 5
    06. 6
    07. 7



    [engl] The debut album of experimental duo Deep Thoukus. A mellow expression with clear connections to the renowned improv jazz scene in Norway, but also with one foot in the alternative rock world, as Meyer Grønvold's electric guitar embraces the organic touch Laastad has on his drum kit. A playful and totally stripped down soundscape where rythm and melody is fully integrated between the two instruments. While Meyer Grønvold is mostly known for his appearances in alternative rock bands such as Moon Relay and S.L.Y.C., he has also been a solid part of the improv scene for ages. Joined by Laastad, known for his productions on both these genres, and also for his brilliant percussion and drumming in a variety of settings (Hilary Woods, Finity, Jenny Hval, Trondheim Jazzorkester etc.) and highly respected experimental jazz constellations, they create an impressively open and organic expression. A rough record, due to its 100 % transparent details which only enhances the meditative and inviting nature of the seven tracks composed with a unique calmness.
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    EAN 7041889508709
  • 01. Love-In (December)
    02. Freaky (January)
    03. Flashes (February)
    04. Kaleidoscope (March)
    05. Hallucinations (April)
    06. Flower Society (May)
    07. Trippin' Out (June)
    08. Tune In-Turn On (July)
    09. Vibrations (August)
    10. Soulful (September)
    11. Inner-Space (October)
    12. Wiggy (November)


    Psychedelic Percussion

    [engl] Psychedelic Percussion definitely sticks to his title. With the help from Paul Beaver of Beaver & Krause (famous keyboard wizard and sound engineer for the likes of Stevie Wonder), vibe master Emil Richards (check is two fantastic album on Impulse! with The Microtonal Blues Band featuring Joe Porcaro, father of the famed Toto brothers) and Gary Coleman (percussionist in the famous Wrecking Crew), Blaine goes wild in the studio with drums, gong, xylophone, organ, bongos, congas and timpani. Unusual textures and tones lead the way to 12 instrumental exotic numbers similar in a way to Raymond Scott most visionary experiments. This is pure madness, a record full of breaks and still unsurpassed in many ways. Blaine was an American drummer and session musician, estimated to be among the most recorded studio drummers in the history of the music industry, claiming over 35.000 sessions and 6.000 singles. His drumming is featured on 150 US top 10 hits, 40 of which went to number one, as well as many film and television soundtracks. He became one of the regular players in Phil Spector’s de facto house band, which Blaine nicknamed "the Wrecking Crew". Some of the records Blaine played on include the Ronettes’ single "Be My Baby" (1963), which contained a drum beat that became widely imitated, as well as works by popular artists such as Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, the Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, the Carpenters, Neil Diamond and the Byrds.
  • 01. Infekt - Intro
    02. Gebt Mir Schnaps
    03. Astrale Reflexe
    04. Scheiß Dich Nicht An Man
    05. Slow Virus
    06. Kindersuchdienst I
    07. Die Macht Überkommt mich
    08. Uns Ist Der Sieg
    09. Halt Mich Fest
    10. Ich Bin Deine Große Schwester
    11. Kindersuchdienst II
    12. Das Schicksal Der Lymphozyten
    13. Einzelkämpfer
    14. Keine Rettung
    15. Kindersuchdienst III
    16. Der Vergnügungsdampfer Sinkt
    17. Systeme Rasten Ein
    18. Spermium Letalis
    19. Lechzverkehr Der Die Sperrzone
    20. Kindersuchdienst IV


    Tapetopia 003: GDR Underground Tapes (1984 - 1989)

    In ihrem kurzen, aber heftigen Leben spielte die Ostberliner Impro-Punkband Klick & Aus ein Amalgam aus Proto- und Postpunk, sie machte sich ost-westliche Einflüsse wie die Rasenden Leichenbeschauer, Captain Beefheart und Cabaret Voltaire zu eigen. Der Klick & Aus-Sound atmete Unrast und Zickigkeit, er hatte etwas von einer permanent brodelnden Kompanie, die kämpfen wollte, sich aber dem Gleichschritt verweigerte. In den Weihnachtstagen des Orwell-Jahres 1984 entstand das Kassettenalbum „AIDS delikat“, sein Titel verschränkte den Seuchencharakter einer im Westen aufgetauchten Krankheit mit einer Besonderheit des DDR-Konsumismus. „AIDS delikat“ wurde in einer Auflage von 100 Exemplaren von der Band finanziert.
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  • 01. Some Day Silly Twenty Three
    02. Reflections
    03. Am I
    04. Everythingsnothing
    05. Tunion
    06. The Tourist
    07. Bars
    08. The Letter
    09. Mangel-Wurzel
    10. To Whom It May Concern
    11. Optimism
    12. Touch-Downer


    Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy

    [engl] From 1974, the legendary debut album by Canterbury Scene pivotal figure, performance poet, painter and experimental musician June Campbell Cramer, better known as LADY JUNE. Produced by KEVIN AYERS, who also plays on the album along with BRIAN ENO, PIP PYLE (Gong, Hatfield and the North) and DAVID VORHAUS (White Noise). Originally released by Virgin’s budget imprint Caroline (home also of artist like Faust & Tony Conrad, Gong, Lol Coxhill, etc),“Lady June’s Linguistic Leprosy” is a surreal, eccentric, psychedelic oddity of interest to fans of the Soft Machine-Gong-Canterbury family as well to experimental / sound poetry / art-rock explorers.
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  • 01. Largo Pour Piano Et Océan
    02. Goutte De Sang En Feu
    03. Hard–Rock Ouverture
    04. Ailleurs
    05. 7 Contre 4
    06. Le Voyage Sperper
    07. Nebel/Leben
    08. Mémoire Pulvérisée
    09. The Playwrite’s Drift (bonus track)
    10. Roots Eater Take 1 (bonus track)
    11. My Guitar Is Driving Me Mad Take 2 (bonus track)
    12. I Love You, Sugar Beef Take 1 (bonus track)
    13. Hard–Rock Ouverture Take 1 (bonus track)



    [engl] First ever reissue of this impossible to find artefact from the Swiss underground avant–garde scene of Geneva, originally released as a private boxset limited to 150 copies in 1973, only sold at art galleries. A unique, instrumental mix of free–jazz, classical, psych–rock, folk, improv, kraut, funk and musique concrete with tape effects... In the late 60s, musician / guitar player Christian Oestreicher, "a savage in the era of twist and free jazz", met artist and painter Richard Reimann – famous for his optical art –, at the Aurora art gallery in Geneva. Fuelled by the artistic creativity from this underground scene, where jazz and rock musicians rubbed shoulders with artists, poets and painters, Christian ideated the Mouvements project, enrolling his friend Richard to create the artwork. Christian was a trained guitar player with diverse influences: Ornette Coleman, Chuck Berry, Zappa, Soft Machine...He envisioned Mouvements as a concept album and he asked some of his musician friends from the jazz / rock scene to join in for the recordings: among them, Jean–François Boillat (of Boillat–Thérace), Blaise Català, Jerry Chardonnens... The album sessions took place at an occupied mansion during 1972, using three Revox machines. The musicians played standing in a circle and there was lot of room for improvisation. Tape effects and a small portable synth were also used. The result was released in 1973 as a hand–numbered, deluxe boxset limited to 150 copies, including a series of Richard Reimann’s lithographies and inserts. For this, the first ever reissue, we’ve created a new, more affordable edition with new artwork, including an insert with liner notes and previously unreleased photos. LP edition comes housed in a silver–mirrored sleeve. CD comes in standard jewelcase. The CD version includes five previously unreleased bonus tracks taken from the album sessions, including the 17 minute long improv monster "My Guitar Is Driving Me Mad". Both CD and LP versions come with a digital download coupon including all the tracks from the LP/CD plus another four bonus tracks taken from the album sessions. Highly recommended if you’re into avant–garde psychedelia, free–jazz, free–rock, psych–funk, kraut... Think Staff Carpenborg, Zappa, Soft Machine, Bo Hansson, The Feed–Back, Mahogany Brain, Semool, Pierre Schaeffer, the BYG and Futura labels...
  • 01. The Tower of Barad–Dûr
    02. Shelob’s Lair
    03. The Dead Marshes
    04. Mount Doom


    The Nazgul

    [engl] Shrouded in mystery Kosmische / Kraut / Avant–Garde artefact, produced by Toby Robinson aka The Mad Twiddler circa 1975 for his private Pyramid label. Tolkien inspired dark ambient soundscapes with spooky / ritualistic atmosphere, treated percussions, gongs & guitars, trippy Hammond & Mini–Moog, tape loops, weird noises, drones...File under dark ambient, proto–industrial, kraut, experimental...