• 01. Yvon Gerault – Blind Songbird
    02. Acanthus – Le Frisson Des Vampires
    03. Pierre Raph – Gilda & Gunshots
    04. Pierre Raph – Crotch Batterie
    05. François Tusques – Golden Panther
    06. Acanthus – La Château
    07. Yvon Gerault – Fallen Dancer
    08. Pierre Raph – Batterie Fields
    09. Acanthus – Wedding Party
    10. Pierre Raph – Jewel Thieves
    11. Pierre Raph – Jade Lake
    12. François Tusques – Abstract Procession
    13. Acanthus – Flightless Bird
    14. Yvon Gerault – Blue Doll Baroque
    15. Pierre Raph – Jeunes Filles Impudiques
    16. Acanthus – Doux-Reveil
    17. Yvon Gerault – Skittles
    18. François Tusques – Croque Weasel
    19. Acanthus – La Cite Rouge



    [engl] Rising out of the smokey Parisian Mai 68 shrapnel and claiming his stake as the first French vampire movie director, the inimitable father of European Horrortica, Jean Rollin (1938-2010) has smudged the painted face of surrealist cinema for over five decades. Dragging his roots from beneath the Letterist/Situationist movements, avant-garde theatre and Belgian fine art groups and entwining them around the minds of sexual revolutionaries, the European comic book cognoscenti and the Parisian free jazz and rock scenes, Rollin stopped at nothing to bring his macabre phantasies of zygotic vampyrism and backwoods blood cults to Gallic cinematheques and beyond. Celebrating the immortal legacy of the late director Finders Keepers Records compile a detailed and comprehensive music cabinet of some of the finest musical moments from his initial directorial decade between 1968-1979, which provided a m much needed platform for the freak rock and free jazz that mirrored the distorted erotic visions in his own mind’s eye. Imagine Gong-gone-wrong meeting the Art Ensembles Of Châteauroux… Fantasy pop groups mutate and thrive within…
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  • 01. Ikarie XB-1
    02. Surveillance On Standby / Alpha Centauri
    03. A Small Stone in Space
    04. Sunflower For A New Star
    05. The Backwoods Of The Universe
    06. Silver Ball (V?ra In Cameo)
    07. E.V.A. Will Teach You
    08. The Tigers Breath
    09. The Dark Star
    10. Do Not Eat The Fruit
    11. The Awakening
    12. Voyage To The End (Of The Universe)
    13. The White Planet


    Ikari XB-1

    [engl] Liška, the Czechoslovakian word for fox. Beguiling in its beauty, cunning in it’s charm. Said to be one of the most intelligent animals on the planet its global family consists of thirty-seven varieties; all of them recognised, respected and feared for their persuasive, creative, resourceful and elusive nature. The Liška we will talk about today is no exception to these hereditary rules and within the grooves of this record Finders Keepers present an “elusive” musical artefact that best exemplifies every facet of this composer’s animal namesake. Had he not been born in the small Bohemian town of Sme?no in the early 1920s the story of The Fantastic Mr. Liška might have well taken a different course. Alternatively, fettered by the hampers of communism, this lifelong resident of Czechoslovakia would never quite find his seat at the same table as the likes of John Barry, Ennio Morricone, Michael Nyman and Stanley Myers, nor drop enough phonographic breadcrumbs to track his legacy. But having waited patiently behind the borders of the wider landscapes of international cinema, Liška’s musical brood, spanning multiple stylistic decades and generations, has now started to walk proudly amongst his would-be, latter-day compeers. In an era where music lovers have almost become immune to adjectives like “lost”, “rare” and “unreleased” in a climate where previously lesser-known off-kilter master composers such as Vannier, Kirchin and Axelrod have become widely revered, it is perhaps the perfect time for discerning listeners to advance above the feeding trough and seek out this truly pioneering and revolutionary Eastern European composer. Rivalled only by the likes of Krzysztof Komeda and Andrzej Korzynski in Poland, alongside Alexandr Gradsky in Russia, and often splitting workloads with fellow Czech composers like Luboš Fišer, Zdenek Liška’s filmography of over almost 300 fully formed movie scores virtually eclipses the achievements of these socialist era luminaries. Respected unanimously in both Czech and Slovakian by studio bosses, producers, directors and actors alike Liška is widely known for his ability to take the existing energy in a reel of film and literally change the polarity to suit his own interpretation while maintaining the full support from his “client” who would in-turn end up working under this composer’s creative direction. Not only was Liška a genius of emotive orchestral and coral composition, his grasp on small group arrangements and intimate, minimal scores set him above the competition. By utilising primitive sample techniques by “looping” a films existing ambient noise, or rearranging found sounds and dialog into subtle melodic arrangements, Liška would independently develop his own techniques which had simultaneously become known in Paris as musique concrète. It is a direct extension of these experiments that saw Liška also draw parallels with Walter Branchi (Ennio Morricone’s main electronic sidekick) in Italy as well as Daphne Oram in the UK, making Liška a relatively untravelled pioneer of early electronic composition and sound design due to his unlikely global environment. Imprisoned, preserved or reserved; time has been kind to Liška’s music.
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  • 01. Merciful Nature
    02. Spalovac? mrtvol
    03. Potala Tibet
    04. Gifted Zina
    05. Holy Pictures
    06. This Charming Lady
    07. Mr. Strauss Crosses The Road
    08. Mr. Dvora?k And The Timetable Of Death
    09. Mili's Carousel (Lovely Acrobatics)
    10. Waxworks/The Baths Of Franzensbad
    11. Drosophila Funebris
    12. How Unfortunate Are Those Who Die Unaware Of The Beauty Of Music/Lakme?'s Preparation
    13. Louis Marin
    14. Miss Dagmar's Room
    15. Poor Miss Carska
    16. Mournful Cantor (Jewish Prayer)
    17. Kopfrkingl Salutes Death
    18. Casino On Rose Street
    19. Vison Of The Temple
    20. Lakme?'s Cremation
    21. The Throne In Lhasa Awaits
    22. H. Bosch
    23. Running Zina/The Stars Are Above Us
    24. I Shall Sit On The Throne


    The Cremator

    [engl] Galvanising our ongoing commitment to the lost music of the Czech New Wave cinema movement from the late 1960s and 1970s, Finders Keepers Records follow up our series of previously unreleased music to Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders, Daisies, Saxana and The Little Mermaid with a short series of soundtracks for films by the country’s master of the macabre and the nation’s first point of call for freakish fairytales and hallucinogenic horror, Mr. Juraj Herz. As another late entry to the unparalleled creative cinematic unison known in Europe as “the Czech film miracle”, Juraj Herz's 1969 feature film The Cremator was one of a clutch of certified cinematic literary adaptations that used the apolitical subjects of fantasy and surrealist horror to evade the com- munist censors’ abortive measures; dodging the overzealous cutting and burning process which poetically echoed the films own macabre and fantas- tical screenplay. Unifying a cast and crew of some of the Czech New Wave's leading lights, Herz’s macabre depiction of Ladislav Fuks' fictional account of a local crematorium boss whose hallucinogenic burning obsession with the afterlife is ignited by the Tibetan Book Of The Dead and intensifying manipu- lative Nazi propaganda is undeniably one of the greatest underexposed European horror films of all time. Drawing similarities with other stark monochrome thrillers such as Roman Polanski's Repulsion, Herz’s comparatively untravelled classic also boasts a beguiling score and theme tune that remains one of the most memorable and spine-chilling melodic soundtracks by the country’s finest experimental soundtrack composer Zdene?k Lis?ka (Mala? Mor?ska? Vi?la) providing the move- ment with one of its best loved signature scores. Featuring an ongoing part- nership with studio conductor Frantis?ek Belfi?n (Daisies) and soprano singer Vlasta Soumarova? Mlejnkova? (Marketa Lazarova?), Lis?ka puts his radical con- cre?te and resampling techniques (see Ikarie XB1) to one side in favour of celestial choral and orchestral arrangements; menacing giallo-esque tension and recurring rhythmical motifs of Eastern bells and chimes illustrating Rudolf Hrus?i?nsky?'s Kopfrkingl character’s demise into murderous infatuation and the momentary cameo shots of the hallucinogenic death figure played by Helena Any?zova? (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders/Daisies). From a country and era when isolated soundtrack music remained commer- cially unreleased Finders Keepers Records are proud to rescue, remaster and reincarnate this intense and timeless score by one of Europe's finest composers taking a rare excursion into horror territory as part of a filmogra- phy of more than 200 formerly unpressed film scores.
    EAN 5060099504518
  • 01. Malá Morská Víla
    02. Witches Firewall
    03. Pearls From The Deep
    04. King Of The Ocean
    05. The Pendant/The Little Mermaid (Theme)
    06. The Song Of The Siren (Theme)
    07. The Sixth Sister
    08. Statue Of Salt 1
    09. Aquatic Babicka (Theme)
    10. In Safe Hands
    11. Aquatic Babicka (Song)
    12. The Black Sea. mp3
    13. Statue Of Salt 2
    14. Carodejnice’s Castle
    15. The Song Of The Siren (Song)
    16. Prince of The Southern Empire
    17. Games/Echoes
    18. The Kiss
    19. Ascension To Fireworks
    20. Bird In A Cage
    21. The Voice
    22. Behind The Rock
    23. Sunken Dagger/The Little Mermaid. (Song)
    24. The Pendant


    The Little Mermaid

    [engl] The original orchestral/electronic score from Karel Kachyna’s 1976 Czech film adaptation of Hans C. Anderson’s ‘The Little Mermaid’, composed by Zdenek Liska (The Cremator / Fruits of Paradise) featuring Lenka Korinkova. Liska’s legacy in the history of European cinema is huge in volume but relatively modest in it’s celebrity. Having already composed nine scores for Kachyna’s films to add to his 1976 filmography of 150 completed soundtracks. Mala Morska Vila is one of the most idiosyncratic and haunting undiscovered scores in the annals of European cinematic history. Much like the previous Finders Keepers firsts (Valerie And Her Week Of Wonders and Daisies) this soundtrack is available for the first time ever. Beautifully remastered from the original mastertapes with the full cooperation of the seminal Barrandov studios in Prague.
    EAN 5060099502798