Hier findet ihr die Künstler/Bands.


  • 01. Black Ice
    02. Noonday
    03. The Night Is Burning
    04. Make Me Believe
    05. You Changed My World
    06. Hellriser
    07. Run Like The Wind
    08. Radar Love
    09. We’ll Fight Back
    10. Love Set Me Up
    11. Midnight Hour
    12. Rest In Peace
    13. Moving
    14. Tickets On The Wall


    Night Is Burning

    [engl] There are few bands who can claim to have built their reputation on one single, but such is the situation for Aragorn, formed in Chesire in 1978. They were one of the first acts to sign to Neat Records as the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal erupted, but fate conspired to ensure that they only ever released one single, the killer ’Black Ice’ / ’Noonday’, which has definitely become something of a cult 45 among aficionados of the genre. Here it is along with 12 tracks taken from their not released at the time album from 1982/3. A must for anyone into obscure, 70s styled hard–rock and early metal.