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  • 01. Luna Di Sangue (The Blood Moon)
    02. Oltre Ogni Ragionevole Dubbio (Reasonable Doubt)
    03. Sogno A Occhi Aperti (The Dying Dream)
    04. Domani Lo Sempre Sa (Certainties)
    05. Il Cacciatore Di Androidi (The Android)
    06. Destino Ineluttabile A Cui Non Si Puo Sfuggire (The Great Escape)
    07. Il Giro Del Dottore (You Guys Have Fun)
    08. Capire Il Mistero (A Mystery Doesn't Need To Be Understood)
    09. La Furia Nel Sangue (Guts)
    10. Paura Nei Tropici (Sunlight Murders)
    11. Vista Panoramica Della Citta Eterna (The Eternal City)
    12. La Ragazza In Nero (The Lady In Black)
    13. Attraverso Lo Specchio (Through The Mirror)
    14. Bhopal
    15. Come L'Aria Che Respiriamo (You're The Air I Love To Breathe)
    16. Alla Fina Non Ha Fine (The End Has No End)
    17. Preludio Di Una Tragedia (Tragedy)
    18. La Quiete Prima Della Tempesta (Calm Before The Storm)
    19. Staring At The Sea
    20. Alba Tragica (Aube Tragique)

    G. LOLLI

    Capire Il Mistero

    [engl] If you are into Italian Library music and soundtrack and especially fan of Morriconne, Bruno Nicolai, Sven Libaek, Keith Mansfied or Alain Goraguer then this record is for you.From funky psych jazz to more cinematic electronic this Lp is built like a Library record and so well produced. Cleary you can't date if it has been produced in the 70s or today ! As the tile say A mistery doesn't need to be understood. No need big talk check the long audio.