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  • 01. The Peacock
    02. Torture
    03. Lamento
    04. Wild Havana
    05. Sky–Scraper
    06. Nasty Stuff
    07. Jumping
    08. Phased


    Wild Havana

    [engl] Obscure Dutch private pressing from 1977. Laid–back instrumental psychedelic / progressive sounds with jazz–funk–groove and abstract / experimental / Latin–indigenous touches. Stoned homemade atmosphere with treated / distorted electric & acoustic guitars, flute, electric piano, primitive drum machines / homemade electronics...Much in the vein of the experimental–underground scene of France & Germany during the early 70s but actually recorded and released in Holland. Wild Havana was the project of guitar player Johan Smith, helped by his brother Cor on flute. Influenced by artists like Zappa and Herbie Hancock, Johan recorded the "Wild Havana" album at his home studio on a 4–track, using effect devices developed by himself, like a modified proto–drum machine taken from a Hammond organ. He also used effects like phase shifter, chorus, etc and experimented with putting wool on the guitar strings and electric effects on the mandolin. The result sounded like nothing else at the time. Buried for many years, we’re excited to bring to life this unique album. RIYL: HERBIE HANCOCK, RICHARD PINHAS, CHRISTIAN BOULE, OREXIS... *Insert with liner notes by band member Johan Smit.