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  • 01. Nothing Is Happening
    02. Tourist Destination
    03. Misfit Right In
    04. Bridgeport Lathe
    05. Black Hole
    06. Eight Jobs
    07. &&&
    08. I'm A Man
    09. Grandma Petticoat
    10. Nervous Child
    11. I'm A Brick
    12. Dollar Store Holiday
    13. People Falling Over
    14. Short Attention
    15. New Potatoes
    16. Discontinuous Introduction
    17. Jazz C***
    18. Left Leg
    19. The Trooper
    20. Outtake
    21. (Do The) Stimulate
    22. Hit By A Truck
    23. Children Stabbing Things
    24. Ice Cream


    Assorted Anxieties

    [engl] Excited to bring you the debut Erik Nervous LP, 'Assorted Anxieties, that comprises the Shipshewana Swimming (Demo) (including an outtake that wasn't on the 7 version), the winter cassingle, the Teen Distortion Junk Music EP, Ice Cream7", the Discontinuous Innovation tape, and the track off the Killed By Meth 2 comp. 'Funny word, ‘dumb’. And especially so when it comes to punk - kinda suggests the artist doesn’t know what they’re doing, or if they do, they’re too stupid to know any better. These are not charges you would wish to level at Erik Nervous, who knows exactly what he’s doing and is way too smart to play it any other way. And yet! And yet! The 24 songs collected on Assorted Anxieties are gleefully, wonderfully, brilliantly, heroically dumb. Three-chord odes on boredom, shitty jobs (and too many of ‘em at that), having no money and whatever else occurs to him at any one time, these songs are the perfect antidote (or maybe soundtrack to, or maybe riposte to) the relentless grind of the day-to-day, played with a frantic energy that recalls Wire circa Pink Flag, The Fall circa Grotesque (After The Gramme) and the rawest, simplest rock’n’roll you’ve ever heard in your life. Listen to the lyrics if you wanna engage your brain, bop along to the frantic garage-punk mania if you can’t be bothered with all that ‘thinking’ stuff. Either way, revel in a record that’s too clever to take itself seriously and too perfect to give a fuck. If this is what it means to be dumb, let’s all drop out of school right now.' Will Fitzpatrick.
  • 01. Bugs
    02. Our Hungry Fruit
    03. Over There
    04. Living In The Woods
    05. Robot Robot
    06. Instant This Instant That
    07. Futurekick Again
    08. Wrong Weird
    09. Piss Eyed Sleazoid
    10. Hey Baby
    11. Motivation
    12. Geiger Counter
    13. Bugs!!



    [engl] 6 tracks of Vancouver, BC hardcore. Chain Whip formed in 2018 with the sole intention of playing their favorite blend of hardcore punk. Part KBD, part California beach, part grimy Vancouver. This 12" E.P. finds the band in a faster, more furious mode with five original tracks written and recorded in the height of the 2020 Pandemic. 3 tracks are re-recorded and polished versions from their 2020 Demo (being pressed on LP RIGHT NOW by No Spirit in Germany) while the others are brand new Chain Whip recordings. The final track, Death Was Too Kind was written by Brian Goble and recorded by the Subhumans.