Hier findet ihr die Künstler/Bands.


  • 01. Do You Know Who I Am?
    02. Used Condos
    03. Rote Atlas
    04. Soft Pipes
    05. The Weather
    06. The Leather
    07. Fatigued
    08. M.I.A. (Intelligence)
    09. Cube In Hand
    10. Rake
    11. A Knock On The Roof / A Reply

    JOINT D#

    ... / Intelligence

    [engl] A highly significant leaked dossier of ripping hardcore, ‘Intelligence’ is dripping with arch rage and lateral hatred. This unrelenting dispatch from camp ? sees their quick fire bile launcher trained expertly on insidious fascisms old and new, looking both inwards to their home state of North Carolina and outwards to the murderous effects of American foreign policy, facing down this complex cluster fuck without flinching, reduction or cliché, instead deploying all the class, riffs and wordplay you’ve come expect from these quarters. Fusing the wild-ass pace Japanese hardcore mania with riffs recalling Poison Idea at their moist concentrated dose, Intelligence is both a sonic ultimatum and a helpful compass. Mandatory listening for both those who are just waking up to the nightmare, and those, like Joint D?, who’ve had eyes on their drones in the sky for quite some time
    LP lim
  • 01. Pollutant
    02. Harm in My Head
    03. Snakeskin
    04. E.R.V.
    05. Never Elaborate
    06. Heavy Water
    07. Accelerant
    08. False Flag
    09. Satan Is Real Again, Again

    JOINT D#

    Satan Is Real Again, Again, or: Feeling Good About Feeling Good About Bad Thoughts

    LP lim