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  • 01. Soft talk
    02. Hands Return
    03. Propulsion
    04. Black Sprays
    05. Transient Life
    06. Assemblege
    07. Thoughts Return
    08. Possesion
    09. Alert


    Hands Return To Shake

    [engl] Circuit Breaker are a band split in half. On the one hand you have the jagged guitar and maudlin vocals of Peter Simpson, slotting into the lineage of expansive and gothic punk a la Killing Joke, Bauhaus, Wire, etc. On the other you have the contrastive production approach of his brother Edward, whose washes of glassy FM Synth melodies are counterbalanced with bursts of electronic harshness recalling artists such as Autechre & Pan Sonic. ‘Hands Return To Shake’ is the second full length from the London based group. It is also the second release from them for longstanding avant-punk label Harbinger Sound. Moving on from the previous record, ‘My Descent Into Capital’, ‘Hands Return…’ is a much more personal and emotive work. The orthodoxies of minimal synth and post punk are stretched and squeezed to breaking point in both a reaffirmation and a deconstruction of the duo’s many influences. Embodying a fluid eclecticism that ties together industrial, minimal synth, post-punk, abstract electronic music and everything in between, ‘Hands Return To Shake’ is their finest work yet, a record marked by inspiration and their own increasingly elusive and individual direction.
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  • 01. A Justice
    02. Sand and Cement
    03. SE1
    04. Commercial
    05. Fault
    06. Throw Down
    07. Abettor
    08. Muted Consistencies
    09. Tower
    10. Evolve
    11. The Labour Market
    12. Metamorphosis
    13. Repulsion


    My Descent Into Capital

    [engl] My Descent into Capital represents the most ambitious recording to date from London-based duo Circuit Breaker. Even if they're taking influence from minimal synth, post-punk, or early industrial sides, Circuit Breaker are unmistakably contemporary with their delivery, forging together metallic drum machines, propulsive synth lines, and stark guitar-degradation into bold, simple, and effective songs about downtrodden themes of isolation, discontentment, and the true horror of work. This album transgresses any simple nostalgia for its musical forefathers and showcases a band with their eyes fixed firmly on the future. Any obvious reference points are contorted and stretched to the point where they are transformed into something new. After two well-received releases on Tombed Visions, this is their first full-length album, and their first release on abstract-punk imprint Harbinger Sound.
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