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    Exclusive vinyl version of the Flying Bomb cd release. MHz is a powertrio from Michigan including Andy Claydon (Flying Bomb co-label boss & ex-Monarchs) & Don Blum (Von Bondies) mixing up the best parts of the Ripoff sound with the Amrep sound,inserting healthy doses of garage & even including a couple of choice instro's.Imagine a mix of the Chinese Millionaires & Tar or a noise/punk version of Man or Astroman?.''Wow! Have you ever heard a punk song with a Led Zepplin ''whole lotta love'' style extendo noise part? Mhz has accomplished that in a three minute tune! But don't think that pigeon holes their sound. They take on all sorts of styles,giving each song it's own identity.They tend to deliver punchy, rhythmic riffs with a Nomeansno styled funky bass.Yeah,that Nomeansno influence comes through,as does that of the Minds and the Minutemen.This excellent disc features all their recordings from 2000 and 2001.Get it!'' (HM) Maximumrocknroll