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    Time Will Come

    Starting out life as Peter and the Silhouttes, these happening cats kicked off their career in 1965 and a year later they unveiled a single called ''Claudette Jones,'' which can be heard on ''Tol-Puddle Martyrs.'' An aggressive rocker sporting a deadly vocal and a hook to slit your wrists for, ''Claudette Jones'' reminds me of a prime Pretty Things pounder, due to its insistently driving beat and hard-edged bluesy approach. When Peter and the Silhouttes changed their name to Tol-Puddle Martyrs, they also altered their style a bit, spicing their material with a groovy paisley fragrance. Released in 1967, ''Time Will Come'' features a round of cynical lyrics addressing the turbulent mood of the day and carries a rather haunting pitch that slashes right through your psyche. The vocal delivery on the tune is strong and convincing, while the taut instrumentation really locks it all together. The flip side of ''Time Will Come'' is just as effective. ''Social Cell'' boasts a catchy melody similar to Johnny Rivers' ''Secret Agent Man,'' and like ''Time Will Come,'' the tune is charted of thoughtful verse that finely captures band leader Peter Rechert's flair for writing top-flight observations. It should also be noted that Tol-Puddle Martyrs were a fantastic pop band. Their music does indeed flash plenty of commercial appeal, making the tracks on this record the kind of stuff you won't soon forget. Forever lodged in your brain these songs will be! The band's pop influence is especially evident on a single they issued in 1968, as the whimsical ''Love Your Life'' flickers with dapper Kinks aspirations. Smart arrangements and a sincere passion for the music, they performed are additional assets to be found in the recordings of Tol-Puddle Martyrs. Totally excellent tunes from yet another totally excellent sixties band from Australia!