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    Cremation Day In The Court Of Miracles

    [engl] Put it this way, Dimi Dero Inc are the greatest Australian band since The Drones – except for the fact they’re French. Gareth Liddiard’s “favourite European band since Einsturzende Neubauten”, the Paris four-piece draw from a sound cultivated in our part of the southern hemisphere for three decades. They’ve got plenty of cred, too: all of the band members have previously collaborated with former and current Nick Cave sidekicks like Mick Harvey, Hugo Race and Warren Ellis, and their Parisian residence includes the famed “Kanga-room” where many Europe-visiting Australian acts have stayed at different times. Already cheekily labelled “the best Australian rock record of recent years”, the cheerfully-titled Cremation Day... certainly sounds pretty damn Aussie for a bunch of Frogs. Leader Dimi Dero sneers, leers and swears like Chris Bailey crossed with Gaz, while the band’s dual guitar attack has Beasts Of Bourbon/Drones/classic-period Scientists written all over it. Even cooler, the first two songs – Unfair Enough and Bored – respectively tip the beret to Morrissey’s You’re Going To Need Someone On Your Side and Bauhaus’ In The Flat Field and as soon as the piercing fuzz and scuzz of Recipe For Happiness and Little Big Baby hits the speakers, you can practically smell stale beer and ciggies. To sum it all up – full marks for nailing that coveted Antipodean swamp-rock sound. As the French would say, “plus d’Australien que les tongs de Paul Hogan” (more Australian than Paul Hogan’s thongs)."