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    In Six Moves

    [engl] From the headquarters of Clifford Records we are proud to bring you the first official collection of songs by Moon Unit, a group based in Almería, Spain. With true British savoir faire ‘In Six Moves’ (Clifford0002LP) is a rock-tastic album in a luxurious 10 inches of vinyl that has you hooked from the moment the needle of your stereophonic equipment hits the groove, and you begin the feel its prickly-crunchy sound. A rising from the heart of the best of British pub-rock picking up an influence from the mod revival of the ‘70s along the way with elegant songs which transport us to a way of feeling music and life itself as a vehicle of inseparable expression; or as they themselves like to put it: ‘retro-futurism with a contemporary touch’. And nothing more. But from Clifford Records we know that it’s true and that ‘In Six Moves’ is the first chapter of an exciting trip that takes them back to a particular moment in their lives – that which finds David Bailey walking the streets of Woking looking for records by The Jam and The Only Ones – and which will fire us towards a future as full of hope and as radiant as ‘Shine’, the first cut on ‘In Six Moves’.