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  • 01. Brotherhood
    02. Unspoken
    03. You must have been crying again
    04. Make a wish
    05. Deep diver
    06. It was a very good year
    07. Names to towns
    08. The rush and the wave
    09. Drop me a line
    10. Copper & gold


    Copper & gold

    [engl] A piano, a guitar, a voice. Nothing else. Evoking the minimalism of Steve Reich and the nightly darkness of Tom Waits, Bernat Sánchez (piano) practically turns into the main character of this recording. After a full campaign of concerts as Eric Fuentes & El Mal Menor, the pair formed by Bernat and Eric have covered the country from top to bottom performing songs from Eric’s last 3 albums (“Descarrilant”(1997), “Bahía Paraíso” (2008) and “Eric Fuentes & El Mal” (2011), and from he’s earlier 5 albums as The Unfinished Sympathy. The revision of theses songs bought them to the creation of new ones, and this is how Eric and Bernat came to closing themselves in the recording studio to record 10 new songs with a clear vocation, to limit themselves instrument wise: to make an album without percussion, restricted, from the melodic and harmonic possibilities, to the rhythmic possibilities of the piano, guitar and vocals, of this duet, that has so nicely formed between these two musical adventurers. This new collection of songs (including a cover version of “It was a good year” made popular by Frank Sinatra), surprises not only for its austere performance, but for it’s shuddering intensity, that different from so many other minimally orchestrated albums, this album provokes. The key? To use the left hand of the piano to create the rhythmic base, interacting with the harmonic right hand and the rhythmic of the electric guitar. This, together with their sinuous vocal melodies, creates a groovy, atmospheric and emotional ensemble, that drinks from the likes of John Cage, Prefab Sprout or Robert Wyatt. So, after the well accepted “Eric Fuentes & El Mal” (that completely wiped out fears that the ex - The Unfinished Sympathy’s energy would disappear with the dissolution of the band) Eric goes ahead and bets for a completely new musical speech, even though you can still recognize the strong personality from he’s growing discography. Turning into a mix between a crooner and a hard-core Singer, at the live performances Eric will count with Bernat at the piano and with the recently integrated Joan Thelorious (member of Tokyo Sex Destruction) at the guitar. The band will present the album all through 2013 with a warm and close staging, where craftsmanship mixes up with real passion.
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  • 01. Despeñaperros
    02. Amb L'aigua Al Coll
    03. Incansable
    04. Terraprims
    05. Caus Al Fang
    06. Parlar Per Parlar
    07. Trist I Patètic
    08. Acadèmia
    09. A Sota L'alzina
    10. Cowboy
    11. Future Lovesong
    12. Crash
    13. Turbo Liver
    14. Journey
    15. All Gone
    16. To Dust
    17. Sleep Within You
    18. They Don't Like Us
    19. Hanging On The Telephone
    20. Extinct Planet
    21. Superpowers I Had
    22. Hold Your Horses
    23. Outness
    24. Disfruta Perdiendo
    25. Els Millors
    26. Barcelona (Capital)
    27. Confessionari
    28. Sóc Una Pedra
    29. Ataque Preventivo De La U.R.S.S.
    30. Platja Dels Morts


    Eric Fuentes / Barcelona