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  • 01. Reaching
    02. Summer Love
    03. Mechanical Doll
    04. Butterfly Mind
    05. Desiree
    06. Rainy Sunday
    07. Pictures in my Window
    08. Soul Wings
    09. White Panther
    10. A Leaf
    11. Voice of Love


    Reachin' Arcesia

    [engl] A classic since the year zero of rare records collecting and the ''Incredible Strange Music'' scene, ''Reachin' Arcesia'' has always been the cause of many rumours and bizarre stories. We set the record straight with this, the first ever legit reissue of this legendary album, featuring detailed liner notes telling the real story of the great John Arcesi for the first time. Arcesi was a veteran singer of the big- band era who in the early 70s recorded a pop album with help from an anonymous hip studio musicians. The album was released in a private edition of 300 copies and most of them were given away to family and friends. In the late 80s, one of those copies was unearthed by rare record dealer Paul Major, who was one of the first persons to appreciate the singularities of ''Reachin' Arcesia''. Since then, the album, which mixes over the top crooner vocals with late 60s acid- rock / pop arrangements is now considered a lounge- psych / real people masterpiece. Gatefold sleeve with original artwork on back and new cover design on front. Detailed liner notes inside telling the real story of John Arcesi and rare photos.
    EAN 4040824084790