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  • 01. Step Aboard
    02. A Simple Way
    03. Cyclic Epic (The Song Of The Barnegat Mosquito)
    04. Better Way
    05. The Girl That Cannot Love
    06. There's A War On
    07. Lightning Streak
    08. I've Found Someone
    09. Our Country's Still O.K.
    10. No One Follows The Daytime


    There's a war on

    [engl] Cool US'68 psychedelic concept album with all the right moves: solid songwriting, refreshing harmonies, studio effects, organ, fuzz guitar, electric piano, sunshine / baroque touches?Think Rainy Daze, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Doors. The Rainbow Press evolved from The Continental Divide, a college band from New York comprised of members from two previous British Invasion groups: The Group and The Specs. They were Bill Yergin on drums, Dave Troup on bass, Larry Milton on electric piano and 12- string guitar, Marc Ellis on guitar, Charlie Osborne on organ and Joe Groff on vocals. All the members sang vocal harmonies and the twin electric piano / organ action gave the band an unusual and cool sound. In 1968, Audio Fidelity approached them and a contract was secured. The band changed their name to the more groovy sounding The Rainbow Press and sessions for their first album started at Radio City in New York. ''There's a war on'' saw the light in 1968 on the Mr. G label (the ''hip'' branch of Audio Fidelity) and it's hard to believe this perfectly recorded and sounding psychedelic beauty was recorded by college students!
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