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  • 01 .Muito à Vontade
    02. Tim-Dom-Dom
    03. Pra Que Chorar
    04. Sambou...Sambou
    05. Jodel
    06. Vamos Nessa
    07. Minha Saudade
    08. Naquela Base
    09. Olhou Pra Mim
    10. Tema Teimoso
    11. Só Se For Agora
    12. Caminho de Casa


    Muito A Vontade

    [engl] Joao Donato is a legend of Brazilian jazz and Latin music and here we have his either legendary debut album from 1962. The well skilled performance speaks of a great routine each musician has but there is so much fire and hunger to be found within the compositions. You will experience rather relaxed slow jazz tunes with an obvious bossa nova groove and a leading piano that takes off from the backing rhythm by drums and standing bass. On the other hand there are tunes with wicked piano staccato lines and a powerful rhythmical drive that still roots in Latin music but shoots forward on a ray of energy. The tunes are well composed and have a memorable structure that distinguishes them from the beginning free jazz hype back in the day. Joao Donato and his mates in the trio were jazzers but also songwriters. Catchy melodies were as important as a great and skilful performance. The combination of both sides of jazz and the crossover with Latin sounds makes this a special album which got followed by many for certain but it still stands out as a landmark. If you feel that it is time for an equally relaxed but exciting jazz record to enchant you here we go with a sweet reissue of a classic from the early 60s. Joao Donato and his trio play it rather smoothly but their passion hits you automatically after a short while listening. And even the slower tunes offer enough twists and turns that leave you feeling amazed.
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