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    And At Least You Dance

    [engl] Stun’s debut, entitled ‘And At Least You Dance’, has turned out to be a genuine Independent Rock album. Stun are the offspring of 90s Indie Rock, holding up the love for letting pop songs escalate and letting their vocals run through their guitar amps. Stun are quoting Jochen Distelmeyer (formerly ‘Blumfeld’) without making any musical confession to Blumfeld as well as reciting Bono, as if they’d given up the love of their life while there were U2 being played. ‘And At Least You Dance’ however, is in no way about an inflationary use of famous quotations… Stun are true songwriters, wrapping up their lyrics in several layers of a very original sound. In every single syllable and noise, you can hear a band that aims for musical honesty and credebility. When all words fail, Stun let loose the melodies from their guitars. CD comes in digi-pack with booklet.