Merlins Nose

  • 01. Under Root A Winding Stair
    02. Midnight Carnival
    03. Dreaming Knoll
    04. Goblin Market
    05. Northwood
    06. Ballad Of The Hanged Men
    07. Foxglove Meadow
    08. Greenwood Bird
    09. Sonnet 87
    10. Beautiful Grave
    11. We Are Dark Wells
    12. The Stag's Head
    13. Flowerleaf Coffin


    Beautiful Grave

    [engl] Heavy Carton Sleeve, 180g Virgin Vinyl, mastered and mixed by Eroc! Feat. Kim Larson from "Of The Wand & The Moon" and Pythagumus Marshall from "Novemthree"! Sometimes music tells you more about its creator than he himself could ever do. Chelsea Robb, born in Albion, now residing in the mystical north west of the USA already fits well with the image of an incarnated elementary spirit from her whole appearance and has opened the gates to the magical kingdom in a musical way. Gentle, ethereal and sometimes even ghostly haunting sounds, created on all acoustic instruments such as flute, hurdy gurdy, reed organ and several stringed instruments apart from the classic acoustic guitar build the fruitful soil for a mystifying vocal performance by Ms. Robb who also perfectly performs in a duet with an even more powerful male voice courtesy of NOVEMTHREE mastermind Pythagumus Marshall. An enchanting swarm of different rattles, timbers, bells and rainmakers comes buzzing around the melody patterns, only scarcely driven by an occasional hypnotical beat of a hand drum. The surreal beauty of this second full length album by the project under conduction of Chelsea Robb knows to enchant the listener every second and to tickle his senses. This way even soft, calm and dreamy music can be utterly exciting. The spell of the magic kingdom works well into our dimension through the music of ARROWWOOD.
    EAN 2090503760370
  • 01. Urdarbrunnr
    02. I Vølven's Vev
    03. Lys i Skyggen
    04. Hjertet av Livstreet
    05. Nordstjernen
    06. Solhjul Bortenfor Nordavind
    07. Vi Høster som Vi Sår
    08. Vølven's Gravhaug
    09. Sol og Måne
    10. Almødre Vølur
    11. Njardar's Vogn
    12. I Njardar's Favn


    I Volven's Vev

    [engl] ELIWAGAR is a pagan folk band formed in France in 2006, relocated to Norway after a couple of albums and with a fair amount of releases ever since. "I Vølven's Vev" is their eleventh full length effort. Therefore you can expect a matured songwriting culminating in anthems of extramundane beauty. The main focus lies on haunting yet memorable vocal melodies with an utterly peaceful and joyful atmosphere. Around the mystical atmosphere, Eliwagar weaves a subtle harmony network with a steady hypnotizing drive. Most of the tracks feature bewitched percussion, acoustic guitar, flute and natural sounds like the whispering wind the waves rolling on the rough Nordic shore. These are backed by the enchanting voice of Brenda Runahild, the front woman behind Eliwagar. The songs drag you into a dreamy state and make you think of druids and heathen ceremonies. This is by far one of the most outstanding gems in the pagan folk genre and on par with great acts such as fellow Norwegians WARDRUNA (despite ELIWAGAR are more melodic and dreamy), IN GOWAN RING (just with an emphasize on Norwegian folk) or FAUN. Eliwagar knows how to create a whole world of mystical sounds that unfold in front your inner eyes and ears. Sound and performance are as brilliant as the compositions themselves. A giant masterpiece of current pagan folk music!
    EAN 0710473604192
  • 01. Die Zeit
    02. Machtkampf
    03. Sing, Gevatter Tod, Sing
    04. Das Orakel
    05. Die Bestattung
    06. Ritt Durch Den Hades
    07. Bruder Des Windes
    08. Alkaios
    09. Dionysos - Gott Des Weines
    10. Tanz Der Nymphen
    11. Ikaros
    12. Silberstern
    13. Artemis - Göttin Der Jagd
    14. Derwisch
    15. Reinkarnation
    16. Heimkehr


    Ritt durch den Hades

    [engl] Ultra-rare lost psychedelic Kraut-Folk from 1979. First time on CD! Taken from the original mastertapes! Gulaab means “rose” in Nepalese language. Gulaab is a German virtuoso on the acoustic guitar who has served three years as an after dinner musician in a luxury restaurant in Nepal to play for an amazing number of well known personalities of the 20th century during the early 70s. A strongly influential experience that shaped his musical expression big time but also let him become an open minded spirit. “Ritt durch den Hades” is the result of his experimentation with sounds, atmospheres and a multitude of styles in traditional music from Latin to Eastern Asian elements. It was first released in 1979, vanishing into obscurity soon after , waiting to be rediscovered by a more open minded generation of music lovers now. Traditionalists be forewarned : This mystic grail of 70s “kraut folk” stands far out from the average folk and singer / songwriter stuff combining guitar harmonies of the highest order with a cosmic drone that backs up the hypnotizing picking and trippy swirls of sounds. This album is in fact more like a musical journey than just a piece of music taking you from secret sacrificial altars in the Andes to the ceremonial places of the ancient Himalayan population with a short stopover for a little “joint venture” in the musical space centers of highly flown out German originators like ASH RA TEMPEL / Manuel Göttsching, POPUL VUH / Florian Fricke, WITTHÜSSER & WESTRUPP, BRÖSELMASCHINE, DOM or DEUTER. Now take a ride through Hades with GULAAB!
    EAN 2090503983052
  • 01. Come Questa Pietra
    02. Vuoto Appeso
    03. Qualcuno
    04. Forte Bisogno
    05. Credi In Te
    06. Senza Dubbi
    07. Passera
    08. Trallalero Gexa
    09. Ho Iniziato Volentieri
    10. Buio Mondo Nero E Giallo
    11. Vai Via Da Qu
    12. Ti Aspetto Ancora
    13. Ricordo GL
    14. Piu In Alto


    Un Vuoto Appeso

    [engl] Here we go and check some rather fresh band : I FENOMENI, formed in 2010 in Italy with the intention to create the dirtiest and most fuzzed out garage beat ever. Dirty guitar sounds and cheesy Farfisa organ lines on a solid and straightly pushing rhythmical substraction with some melodic vocals sung in Italian language are the ingredients of a joy – and colorful record that feels like a lost gem from not later than 1967. Nobody could tell this was first released in 2013 and reissued right now. Sound, interplay, melodies and spirit speak of smoky clubs with swirls of colors ornamenting the walls and acid drenched drinks being served by topless waitresses in short skirts. You find yourself back in the mid sixties when it all began and the music here brings to mind tons of popular acts from that era. Starting with the early BYRDS, moving along to the US underground heroes such as THE SEEDS, THE STRAWBERRY ALARM CLOCK, THE THIRD BARDO or the later ANIMALS and psyched out JEFFERSON AIRPLANE stuff. If you look for innovations, please stop reading and grab some modern progressive rock for your own joy but if you want to be swallowed into a tunnel of sounds and colors where you can trip easy and free, this is yours. Despite the rather short length of these acid garage beat tunes you will leave what people call reality for a while. Everything here just grabs my soul and melts it away. Memorable melodies, moody riffs and those simmering fuzzed out lead guitars get me lose my senses. This is definitely addictive stuff. If you are a fan of current acid rock like BABY WOODROSE you will not only dig but definitely worship I FENOMENI. The language is rather not important in this context as the voice alone is commanding and you understand the message without understanding the language. Beautiful and haunting. A must have for all psyche and garage freaks.
    EAN 0710473604253
  • 01. Around And Away
    02. Far Eternity Bound
    03. Martin
    04. Wait
    05. It's Too Late
    06. Inside Out
    07. Sparrow Song
    08. Ha


    Around And Away

    [engl] LP 180g heavy vinyl in a very special laminated, mega-heavy gatefold cover from 1200g/m2 carton. "Jack Of All Trades" was a amazing Undergound Psychedelic Rock group from Athens/Greece. The band existed for almost a decade (mid-80's to mid-90's) and disbanded unexpectably, because of the death of Panagiotis Kiritsis (guitarist) in a car accident. They released a self-titled mini-album in 1990 and an album in 1995, titled "Just Before Unfair Loss". "Around and Away" now contains wonderful unreleased songs recorded in 1990/91. The songs ‘Around and Away,’ ‘Martin’ and ‘Wait’ were recorded in a Four Track recorder at the band’s studio in 1990. ‘Eternity Bound,’ ‘It’s Too Late,’ and ‘Inside Out’ were recorded in a Four Track Recorder at the band’s studio in 1991. ’Sparrow Song’ and ‘Ha’ were two of the group’s first songs composed in 1987 and recorded in 1990.
    EAN 3891121306037
  • cover


    Jacqueline Taieb: Her 1967 Debut Album

    [engl] Limited to 1.000 copies only! This 1967 Yé-Yé debut album is as scarce as gold dust and fetches high prices among collectors if they may score a copy in good condition. Tunisia born Jacqueline did fairly well with her music over the past 50 years and here we witness her more than adequate start into the world of chanson and pop. Her intense brand of fiery late 60s beat refined with tinges of garage rock can be considered as an ear candy for 60s aficionados. Some rather lightweight tunes twang around you like flock of colourful butterflies and could easily have been a great success for the one or another star of the American West Coast pop scene. Melancholic ballads straddle into this chequered round dance and seize your heart. The waking call happens instantly with well placed gruff beat tunes you would not expect from such a tender and angelic young lady. It feels like an innocent girl slipping out of her cocoon and become a proud woman. In the next moment a passionate French chanson drags you back to the opposite side. From well-behaved to cheeky and even charming... And due to the very memorable and substantial compositions this jewel of late 60s pop music is a classic among fans of such greats as ROLLING STONES or THE SHOCKING BLUE.
    EAN 0710473604246
  • 01 .Muito à Vontade
    02. Tim-Dom-Dom
    03. Pra Que Chorar
    04. Sambou...Sambou
    05. Jodel
    06. Vamos Nessa
    07. Minha Saudade
    08. Naquela Base
    09. Olhou Pra Mim
    10. Tema Teimoso
    11. Só Se For Agora
    12. Caminho de Casa


    Muito A Vontade

    [engl] Joao Donato is a legend of Brazilian jazz and Latin music and here we have his either legendary debut album from 1962. The well skilled performance speaks of a great routine each musician has but there is so much fire and hunger to be found within the compositions. You will experience rather relaxed slow jazz tunes with an obvious bossa nova groove and a leading piano that takes off from the backing rhythm by drums and standing bass. On the other hand there are tunes with wicked piano staccato lines and a powerful rhythmical drive that still roots in Latin music but shoots forward on a ray of energy. The tunes are well composed and have a memorable structure that distinguishes them from the beginning free jazz hype back in the day. Joao Donato and his mates in the trio were jazzers but also songwriters. Catchy melodies were as important as a great and skilful performance. The combination of both sides of jazz and the crossover with Latin sounds makes this a special album which got followed by many for certain but it still stands out as a landmark. If you feel that it is time for an equally relaxed but exciting jazz record to enchant you here we go with a sweet reissue of a classic from the early 60s. Joao Donato and his trio play it rather smoothly but their passion hits you automatically after a short while listening. And even the slower tunes offer enough twists and turns that leave you feeling amazed.
    EAN 3891121306020
  • 01. Cosmic Remembrance
    02. A Game Called Who Am I
    03. How Can I Tell My Guru
    04. A Cosmic Telephone Call From The Angel Liesle And The Buddha
    05. Lonely Teardrops
    06. The Yogi Tripper


    Cosmic Remembrance

    [engl] First official reissue ever! Includes two bonus tracks and extended linernotes! Gatefold Sleeve. It's 1967 and Kali Bahlu felt that it was time to "simply speak the truth as it comes to me from the other side". Her believes that we're all tapped in a cosmic game, and her overall adorable wisdomly folly that she preserved into her old days, could lead to the assumption that she's been the grandmother of characters like Luna Lovegood. The record features four narrations performed by Kali with a bright and sometimes piercing voice in which she unveils her visions to the listener. What awaits you here ain't exactly the typical flower pop with colourful harmonies. This is an entirely different affair. She speaks, screams, laughs and sings with that lovely lunatic expression in her voice on a base of droning music that is a combination of classic Indian raga with sitar and tabla and a few other eruptive sound creating instruments a really mystifying atmosphere. The music and narrations drag you into a colourful world of strange plants and creatures. They tell you enchanted stories of Leprechauns, Fairys, Witches, Lemurian Kings, Angels, and "the Northwind (that) got stoned of marijuana....". Be invited and come along on a journey of Cosmic Remembrance!
    EAN 0710473604215
  • cover


    Dreaming With Alice

    [engl] This album has been quite an obscurity already by the time of its release. Recorded by 19 year old Mark Fry for an Italian sub label of RCA it presented a beautifully naive kind of psychedelic folk similar to what the INCREDIBLE STRING BAND laid down at the same time just a bit more straight forwarded. We saw originals in good condition go for about 1600 Euros already, therefore such a reissue is always welcome among fans of totally psyched out music, done by mostly acoustic instrumentation and vocals. Young Mark enchants his listeners with dreamy vocal melodies of utter beauty which create an outmost peaceful atmosphere. The picturesque tunes take you onto a trip out to the English countryside on a gentle and warm spring morning and into a fairytale world. You might get lost within this colorful dream and not be willing to return to grey reality anymore but this music indeed burns on as the flame of love within your heart. The direction despite all psychedelic elements is definitely determined by British folk music of the 60's and 70's. One charmingly odd aspect of the album is that the title track has been split up over the whole album as short sections flanking the longer tunes. I cannot recall anybody else ever doing that, so this is making this nifty little record a unique effort. If you are a fan of PERRY LEOPOLD or the above mentioned INCREDIBLE STRING BAND this record will fulfill your wildest dreams but will also please those into STEELEYE SPAN, WOODS BAND or PENTANGLE. Mark Fry plays his acid folk from the bottom of his soul without thinking about satisfying the demands of the mainstream audience. This is a must have for all fans of acid folk from the late 60s to the early 70s era. This music is intriguing, keen and absolutely one of a kind with a mood changing from rainy days to sunny mornings out in the meadows.
    EAN 0710473604178
    EAN 0710473604154
  • 01. B-52
    02. Sale Of A Death Man
    03. What Shall We Do 'Till Norris Comes
    04. Water
    05. Star Goddess
    06. Circuy Farm
    07. This Town
    08. Reach Out
    09. Asphalt Mother
    10. 5-4-3-2-1


    A Total Electric Happening

    [engl] MIND GARAGE are one of those dozens of bands from the commercial bottom section of the psychedelic rock genre in the late 60s, rather unknown to the record buying audience due to the fact they came from the Christian music scene, similar to THE SEARCH PARTY with their “Montgomery chapel” album. Just a bit more professional in the sense that these guys here are real musicians with the aim to play music and not a bunch of talented people from a Christian community that puts the word of the lord into a garment of flashing and swirling acid rock. MIND GARAGE also were different to the more trippy female fronted project mentioned above. Their music was built on blues drenched yet utterly dirty and fuzzed out guitar lines, some captivating organ carpets, naughty, angry vocals and a rather possessed kind of power drumming that gave the music an irresistibly sexy groove in case they did not slow down for a mind melting trip into the colored depths of LSD based insanity. And they did all of this in the name of the lord. The sound is rough and you can hear that the band recorded each of them in one take with no overdubs but this proves how gifted with talent these guys were and how much love and effort they put into their music. And for sure the raw production makes the music feel even more gruff and honest. Beautiful garage psyche, as the band name already implicates, made for all fans of bands like THE THIRD BARDO, FRACTION, THE SEEDS, THE HEAD SHOP, HP LOVECRAFT, THE DOORS. So roll a blunt in praise of the lord and let the world feel the greatness of the holy smoke while enjoying this lovely ‘Freak-Out Rock’.
    EAN 0710473604048
  • 01. Golden Mean
    02. Wild Monk
    03. Sei... Essence
    04. Where Is The Real Japan?
    05. Masterless Samurai
    06. Breath Of Night
    07. Edo Townsfolk
    08. Floating Garden
    09. Koshaku... To The Point
    10. Whoga... Grace


    Masterless Samurai

    [engl] A more of world music, a more of ethno and definitely a more of progressive fusion rock approach is what marks „Masterless Samurai“, the second album by Japanese prog warrior Osamu Kitajima. He takes his vision of his country's traditional music being merged with the progressive rock and jazz music of the west even one step further, than he did with his previous albums. Excessive flute lines of Eastern origin, funky intricate grooves and fiery synthesizer eruptions are the basic ingredients for most of these impressive instrumental downhill. The fusion share in this sound is strong and still all the exotic elements from Japanese classic music pull each song far out of the mass of similar acts emerging in the late 70s. Now we leave behind the PINK FLOYD comparison and go for the Canterbury jazzrock scene with CARAVAN and SOFT MACHINE as leading figures and Osamu Kitajima definitely fit in between these giants due to his creativity and manifesting vision of a progressive world rock music. Don't take the rock element as utterly physical heaviness. The album rocks but in a more delicate way. The sparkling lines of the electric piano can tell where this record goes. And even a rather gentle tune like the instrumental ballad „Floating garden“ shows a wicked and progressive edge with expressive sax runs, cool twists and turns despite the all in all relaxed atmosphere.
    EAN 0710473604260
  • 01. Dilation
    02. In The Past
    03. Chestnut Trees & Bumblebees
    04. Tomorrow Night's Mourning
    05. Wylde Tymes
    06. Kaleidoscope
    07. Tracers (Of Love)
    08. Night Of The Face
    09. Colours Of Your Mind
    10. Psycle Pswami
    11. Rainy Day Green Stop Sign
    12. Psych-A-Go-Go (Psych Out!)
    13. 10,000 Mirrors



    LP lim
    EAN 2090503854413
  • 01. Intro
    02. Presslufthammer
    03. Baumsterben - Fische Tot
    04. XY Ungelöst
    05. Blinde Nachtwächter
    06. Tollwut
    07. Herzschrittmacher
    08. Paula
    09. Ahhhhha.....
    10. Seuchen (Single Version)
    11. Zivilisation (Single Version)
    12. Heute Noch Der Kampf Am Tresen
    13. Ach Wär Ich Doch
    14. Seuchen
    15. Sex Und Träume
    16. Gegen Das Alles
    17. Ich Sing Für
    18. Günters (Single Version)
    19. Herzschrittmacher (Single Version)



    [engl] One helluva obscure release for fans of leftist German street punk. This is one of the most iconic underground acts Germany saw in its 1980's. We speak of punk rock in its original form and spirit - border songwriting that presents lots of ska-rhythms among furious riffs. As this compilation consists of the rare 1981 'Seuchen' 7inch EP and the even more rare 1983 MC cassette album, the more sophisticated 1983 recordings makes one think of a way more raw, nihilistic and aggressive IDEAL, FEHLFARBEN and TON STEINE SCHERBEN and might appeal to fans of the more wicked NDW underground as well. In the end all of these bands are rooted in a similar background they share with TOLLWUT (meaning rabies). Interchanging male and female vocals add much diversity to these tracks. When it gets to the four tracks from the classic 7“ EP, ferocious underground punk rock placed in between more tracks from the 1983 tape. It works fairly well with this splitting of the original single tracks and shows how a full length album released back in the day might have sounded. TOLLWUT have a good feeling for great punk rock anthems that stick to your mind and deliver a brilliant rabid experienced performance. Could have become a hard hitter on the scene back then! Fans of German punk music of the 80 should definitely give this a go!
    EAN 0710473604277
  • 01. Apareka
    02. Qrizantemebi
    03. Dililme
    04. Qalo (The Women)
    05. Chito-Gvrito
    06. Tsangala Da Gogona
    07. Marto Shemovrchi (The Waiting)
    08. Mokhwel Mshvidobit! (You Are Welcome!)
    09. Chechnuri Poppuri
    10. Rachuli


    With Love

    [engl] This is the debut album of a trio of young ladies from Georgia in the Caucasus area and their story actually sounds fantastic. Being into singing folk songs and filming one day the three girls made a recording of the love song “Apareka” and that video gained them 3.000.000 views on Youtube right away. It is folk, three ladies singing to the sound of classic Eurasian stringed instruments such as the panduri and tschonguri, long necked lutes. The all acoustic instrumentation can be considered as the soil from which the voices of the three lead singers rise with the one or another instrumental line going deeper than that of course. It might sound like a miracle that this music gained so much attention in a time of flat ass streamline plastic pop but if you take a closer listen to “With love” you will realize that it does justice to its title. The melodies sung by the girls grab you by the heart immediately and fasten in your soul right away. This is some passionate brand of Eastern, Caucasian folk and has an enchanting approach within the melodies. The girls sing with a very determined expression in their performance. The TRIO MANDILI seems to be much more than just a group of young ladies playing music. There is a kind of mystical atmosphere rising from this compilation of simple love songs coming straight from the heart. The spiritual vibe shall not be underestimated here. This music will increase the frequency of your vibrancy and literally enlighten you. The compositions themselves may be rather simple as it is the fact with most classic folk tunes from allover the centuries but the emotional depth is amazing and the performance is utterly tight. You cannot get any better. If you love folk music and would like to head a bit more east to discover something fresh and exciting, this will be what you are looking for. The vocal performances belong to the most impressive I ever experienced and I have been listening to quite a bit of music over the past decades.
    EAN 0710473604185
  • cover


    Swamp Ritual

    Split-Album der zwei Bands aus Montreal / Canada. Während UUBBUURRUU Frontman Joey Napoleon bei EL NAPELOEON dem extremen Acid-Punk-Freak-Out huldigt, liefert er mit seiner anderen Band eine leichtere, träumerische Psych-Pop Performance ab. Düster und bizzar auf der einen, melodisch und relaxed auf der anderen Seite. Space-Rock-Psychedelic-Sounds für alle Fans von BABY WOODROSE, SPIDS NÖGENHAT oder Klassikern wie THE THIRD BARDO, TOMORROW oder APPLE.
    LP lim
    EAN 0710473604208