Villa Recordings

  • 01. 16 Pounds
    02. Whatt
    03. Downstairs
    04. Train Cloud Feat Chris Imler
    05. Take It Around Feat Elder Sister
    06. Up-rising Feat Asso
    07. Overboard
    08. Frog Legs
    09. Fingers Feat Franc?ois Cambuzat
    10. Troubling Feat Novoline



    [engl] WHATT? appears as an open question with no answer created from the desire to portray a strictly intimate dimension of the musical experience, rendered as a free association of sounds and ideas...W(H)ATT as WATTS....electrical impulses in the search for irregular sounds, acid loops and spatial acoustics, homemade field recordings and fortuitous encounters of chance... The collection of sounds gathered - the clatter of crockery at home, the overheard conversations of young boys on a London double-decker bus, construction drills, caged frogs, invented instruments - are combined with the use of Punk/No-Wave electronics, drifted synths, disturbing guitars, saxopho- nes gone haywire, delayed tapes, ‘80s style drum machines and forgotten harps. Five tracks off the album are the result of collaborations with other musicians/friends: the violent guitar of Franc?ois Cambuzat (FR) in "Fingers" crosses over into the hardcore discoteques of the ‘90s, the hypnotic drums and charismatic voice of Chris Imler (Berlin) in “Train Cloud” travel like a runaway locomotive in a “Kraut” dream, Novoline (US/Berlin) in "Troubling" accurately marks a noir gait with his Atari ST system processed sounds, the off-kilter, spontaneous and instinctual voice of Elder Sister (US/IT) offers a contemporary out/sync tribalism on “Take It Around”, Asso Stefana (IT) provides his signature guitar sounds in “Up-Rising” conjuring up a desert in an urban scenario of a toxic metropolis.
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