Floating Dream

  • 01. Juan Muro - Vuestro Mundo
    02. Alcy Agüero Y Su Orquesta Pop - Quiero Bailar
    03. Los Goya - Arbol Sin Raiz
    04. Pedro Gonzalez - El Samurai
    05. Microns - Liberacion
    06. Calderon - Marcha De Aida
    07. Barbara - Conquistador De Carton
    08. Los Tíos Queridos - Por Eso Vuelve, Por Favor
    09. Márquez - Barahunda
    10. Tinglado 13 - I Miss You
    11. Jou Cogra - Crater Satanico
    12. Alfredo Doménech Y Su Conjunto - Arabesco
    13. Greg Segura - Distorsionando
    14. Polos Opuestos - Smartypants


    Atenshion! Refleshion! Spanish Psychedelic Grooves 1967-76

    [engl] Get ready for the ultimate psychotronic party!! Underground soul, psychedelic funk, Hammond and library grooves, dirty fuzz guitars, wah-wah, horns, drum breaks, crazy bongos...14 tracks taken from rare and unknown until now Spanish records from the late 60s and early 70s, many of them released on small and private labels, including the Türkish style hard-psych-groove of Pedro Gonz lez with "El Samurai" and the ultra-rare private pressing EP by Alcy Agüero y Su Orquesta Pop featuring the killer scat-fuzz dancer "Quiero bailar"... But wait... there's more! Powerful soul movers by Juan Muro, Tios Queridos and Los Goya ; Hammond grooves by Marquez and Polos Opuestos ; library-fuzz-groove by Jou Cogra, Calderón and Greg Segura, progressive soul by Microns...
    EAN 6038152913682
  • 01. Littles - Fatemah Sultan
    02. Moha Jamin - Sheesh Va Hesht Moha Jamin
    03. The Flowers - Meekshi Manoo
    04. Littles - 4x8 Jadeed
    05. Group Takhala La - Dokhtar E Darya
    06. Zia - Man Kiam?
    07. Ojoobe Ha - Sartegar Nakesh Chen
    08. Penahi - Dance Music
    09. Moha Jamin - Ashk-e Roya E Bashkahe
    10. Golden Ring - Bar Ay Dokhtar Ha
    11. Moha Jamin - Raks Raks Raks
    12. The Rebels - Indian Rebels
    13. Kourosh - Akhm Nakon
    14. Googoosh - Respect
    15. Saeed - Mosh Va Karnah
    16. Golden Ring - Shekar Dar Kohestan
    17. Littles - Mehtaab
    18. Rebels - Sha La La
    19. Saeed - Kocheh Asha
    20. Golden Ring - Pasar Ha Naz Kaneed
    21. Zinguala Ha - Atal Matal
    22. Shakayik - A B C D
    23. Zia - Baroun Behar Do Barah
    24. Ojoobe Ha - Beware
    25. Bijan - Baroon Omad
    26. Rebels - What Can He Do
    27. Shabah - I Need Somebody To Love


    Raks Raks Raks: 17 Golden Garage Psych Nuggets From The Iranian 60s Scene

    [engl] CD version with 10 bonus tracks! This is one of the most anticipated as well as unexpected compilations from the global depths of 60s and 70s rock'n'roll: The Persian scene. Let alone coming across with a representative compilation, even solid evidences of such a scene has not been seen until now and has been largely suspected, maybe save for a select few of eager garage and psychedelic record collectors and enthusiasts of worldwide rock, who have been trying to hunt such sounds on the internet and private collectors' circles, usually to no avail. Needless to say, the most important factor in this has been the obvious hideously rare status that Iran's pre-Revolution East-West cross cultural artefacts are in right now. As with almost all Asiatic countries, the Shadows and the Ventures seem to be the true and primal influence in the Iranian music scene of the most part of 60s for the rock sound and attitude to penetrate the country's fledgeling record industry and its swinging public base. In 1964, the legendary Top4 company opened up and started releasing choice chart hits from the worldwide lists, on 4-track EPs, followed soon by MonoGram and other companies. These mixed up records featured a lot of popular songs of the day, spanning the whole European continent i.e. including what's referred to now as 'Euro pop' hits and the 'big brothers', UK and US charts. The day's youth back then was lucky: they could follow the West moment by moment now. The foremost impact of these were to feature and spread British invaders, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, otherwise available only on radio. Come 1966, 60s was in full swing in Iran too!
    EAN 6038152913750
    EAN 6038152913675
  • 01. Alessandro Alessandroni - Bandidos
    02. Marcello Giombini - Sabata
    03. Bruno Nicolai - La Partenza
    04. Angelo F Lavagnino - The Price Of Gold
    05. Luis Bacalov - Memories
    06. Stelvio Cipriani - Blindman's Arrival
    07. Piero Piccioni - If You See Sartana, Pray For Death
    08. Nora Orlandi & Robby Poitevin - La Morte Non Conta I Dollari (Sequence #11)
    09. Fred Bongusto / Berto Pisano - May Be One, May Be Nine
    10. Carlo Pes - Professionisti Per Un Massacro (Suite #2)
    11. Carlo Savina - Vengeance
    12. Robby Poitevin - Killer Calibro 32
    13. Gianni Ferrio - Find A Place To Die
    14. Gian-Piero Reverberi - Una Colt In Pugno Al Diavolo
    15. Roberto Pregadio - Crying
    16. Francesco De Masi - Maybe Somewhere, Maybe Someday
    17. Bixio, Frizzi, Tempera - Carambola (Deguello
    18. Bruno Nicolai - Dead Men Ride (Suite 8)
    19. Franco Micalizzi - Attacco Al Villaggio
    20. Francesco De Masi - Stranger
    21. Augusto Martelli - Free
    22. Guido & Maurizio De'Angelis - To The Adventure
    23. Benedetto Ghiglia - Il Bandito Messicano


    The Ecstasy Of Gold Vol. 1: 23 Killer Bullets From The Spaghetti West

    [engl] The most famous of all the Italian soundtrack composers is Ennio Morricone - and he is the undisputed king of the genre. But there were many other great and legendary maestros who scored their share of westerns. This compilation presents transcendent, brilliant and challenging tracks from the likes of: Bruno Nicolai, Gianni Ferrio, Francesco De Masi, Marcello Giombini, Luis Bacalov, Stelvio Cipriani, Alessandro Alessandroni, Nora Orlandi, Nico Fidenco, Piero Umiliani, and many others. Named for the iconic Ennio Morricone composition, The Ecstasy of Gold: 23 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West, Vol. 1 is the first installment in a five-volume set of some of the grooviest deep cuts to come from the European Western movie craze of the '60s and '70s. Filled with plenty of reverb-drenched guitars, wailing horns, and plaintive vocals, this collection is a must-listen for fans of the glorious melodrama of spaghetti Western scores.
    EAN 6038152913699