Green Cookie

  • 01. French Girl
    02. Last Call
    03. On The Way Home
    04. Four Gringos
    05. Wolfman
    06. Hymn To All Rays
    07. Numeroloco
    08. Send In The Squad Team
    09. The Grinder

    EL RAY


    [engl] Copenhagen, Denmark. Not the most likely place for a band to emerge with the obvious surfing pedigree of El Ray. The band show a versatility of sound and an ear for catchy, toe tapping melody which takes them beyond the cliches that can often be associated with the surfing genre. Combining a fresh, modern style with a healthy nod to the past, 'surf with a twist' El Ray have managed to achieve a new, classic sound.
    EAN 5902249002461
  • 01. Mr. Mysterioso
    02. Shorepound
    03. Centipede (2019 remix)
    04. Man From H.A.L.I.B.U.T (2019 remix)
    05. The Natives Are Restless
    06. Molokini By Moonlight
    07. Il Buono, Il Bruto, Il Cattivo (Live At Toes)
    08. Mr. Mysterioso (Live At Toes)
    09. It's A Wondderful Halibut
    10. Bowling Ball Gardens
    11. Surf Drums (2019 remix)
    12. Uncle Fester's Comb (Caldera)
    13. Rumble At Waikiki / Squad Car (Live At Toes)
    14. Life At The Bottom


    Hangin' Fourteen

    [engl] Green Cookie records paying tribute to the one of the very first surf bands from LA among with Jon & the Nightriders and the Surf Raiders. Starting in the early 80's, South Bay Los Angeles' own Halibuts played instro surf music when it wasn't even hip. All but one of the members in the band surfed, unusual at the time as well. Therefore, we collect all their top songs from their albums (3 of them on a new remix) and we present to you Hangin' Fourteen on limited collectable vinyl record.
    EAN 5902249001952
  • 01. El Rey De Los Cielos
    02. O Fata Romana
    03. Pradesh Hypno Beat
    04. Ringispil
    05. Taboo
    06. Fiorella With The Umbrella
    07. Theme From The Mile High Club
    08. The Horse He Rode On
    09. Praia Do Norte
    10. Rajasthan Reggae
    11. Venice Beach


    Miles High

    [engl] Los Venturas have to offer a warm, varied, powerful and danceable instrumental live set, with one single purpose at heart: throwing a decent party and set the scene for one hell of a night. Based on the Californian 60ies surf sound, they create a unique but accessible blend, fusing an array of different styles such as euro-instro, rock, funk soul, raï and gipsy. For over 14 years they have been touring all over Europe and even in California, where they recorded their latest albums ‘Kaleydoskop’ (LP -2011), ‘Paisley Beach’ (10” - 2013) and ‘Miles High’ (LP – 2016). Driven by positive vibes they bring their Euro-instro with a wink and a smile, providing just the right spark to set the night on fire.
    EAN 5024545751116
  • 01. Flat Earth Rocket Man
    02. Go Go GTO (Full Throttle)
    03. Beans, Tortillas & Chili (and even some wine)
    04. Rai Due
    05. A Hui Hui
    06. La Velo
    07. Bird Poo
    08. Camping Dallas
    09. Nam-O-Point
    10. Carrera Pan-Am
    11. The Balls of Saint Rudolph



    [engl] After 18 years of playing, Los Venturas have marked their spot in the international scene of instrumental guitar music called ‘surf music’. That label however is too small for what the band brings its crowd: there’s exotica, balkan, ska, soul, rock ‘n roll … Some have already uniquely labelled it ‘world surf music’. The band itself rather sticks with ‘penetrating guitar instrumentals™’. Playtime! features 11 originals, each of them a world on its own thanks to the use of multiple instruments, techniques and the added value of some top notch guest appearances.
    EAN 5024545845112
  • 01. El Rey Del Rock
    02. Burning Patrol
    03. La Astronauta
    04. Escape De Sta. Martha
    05. Green Beans
    06. Koenji High School
    07. Malaga Storm
    08. No Chilles!!
    09. Headbangers And Overdrives
    10. Guerrero Negro
    11. Los Obligados Racing Team
    12. Escape De Sta. Martha (live)


    Los Obligados Racing Team

    [engl] 10 years after its release on CD finally this legendary album on vinyl! Lost Acapulco are a surf rock band formed in the port of Acapulco, Mexico in 1996. One of their main features is the use of Mexican wrestling masks (Lucha libre). Pioneers without a doubt of the surf scene in Mexico. Considered a cult band, which since their inception in 1996 have been characterized by its powerful and vertiginous live shows. Power that the public has been transforming into frenzied and colorful tribal dances, with wrestling masks, flowery shirts and beach accessories; paraphernalia that the fans have gradually incorporated into their shows. Their debut album "4" was produced by Danny Amis (Los Straightjackets). Their music has been included in films of the "new Mexican cinema", such as Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas, Perfume de Violetas, Atlético San Pancho, Matando Cabos, Santos Peregrinos and in animations by Jorge Alderete for MTV and Nickelodeon. They have performed in the most important festivals around the world; During their numerous and extensive tours they have taken their music to places such as: Finland, Norway, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Holland, Belgium, the United States, and Japan just to name a few. The current members of the band are: Mr. Ramirez Acapulco (Bass); Crunchy Acapulco (Guitar); Reverendo Acapulco (Guitar); Warpig Acapulco (Drums).
  • 01. The Sound Of The Streets
    02. Stop!
    03. When The Lights Went Out
    04. Lions
    05. Sit Me Down Woman Blues
    06. The Gypsy's Daughter
    07. Your Money Or Your Life
    08. House Of Cards
    09. Pound For Pound
    10. Not For The Fainthearted
    11. Red Letter Day
    12. Sunshine


    The Key To The Trapdoor

    [engl] Back in the heady days of 2007, long before social media was the reigning king of entertainment, when people still picked going out to live shows over streaming movies, there was a band that made a little blip on the heart monitor of the Medway music scene before disappearing almost as quick. The Lovedays were a British pop band, in the retro meaning of the word "Pop". With influences ranging from Brian Wilson and The Who, to Steve Winwood and Roy Wood, The Lovedays aspired to be part of the next generation of classic pop purveyors. Their eponymous debut received 5-star notices as far afield as the US, with only self-distribution and promotion, along with noted appearances at The Cavern Club in Liverpool and Kennys Castaways in New York in 2009. They took hiatus in 2010, for pastures new. Ben Jones, the frontman and leader of the band, moved to Austin, TX, where he is part of the roots duo, Beat Root Revival.
  • 01. Another Day In The Sun
    02. A Million Years Past
    03. By The Breeze
    04. Look To Find
    05. Quakers Drum
    06. Flowers
    07. Clarodomineaux
    08. The Dolphin And I
    09. I’ll Lure You In
    10. The Traveller



    [engl] Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd (Piper at the Gates of Dawn in particular), King Crimson, early Yardbirds, the Byrds, the Beatles and various blues & psychedelic abands and artists from the '60's, the Moffs, a Sydney band, were around from 1983 to 1989 and they released a whole lot of vinyl on the Citadel label. Their shows were wonderfully laid back - you could easily sit on the floor with your eyes closed and just groove along to their music, or you could take a whole lot of illicit substances and REALLY get into it. They were surreal, atmospheric and groovy; think of jangly guitars, bass guitar octave runs, Farfisa organs and the occasional bells and chimes.
  • 01. Hey Hey
    02. Make It Real
    03. Restless Hedonist
    04. Night Lies
    05. Every Night A New Surprise
    06. Bliss
    07. Drain Your Blood
    08. I Don’t Get It
    09. Morphine
    10. Don’t Be Jealous
    11. Goodbye
    12. Come On 69


    Come On 69

    [engl] Copenhagen, Denmark. Not the most likely place for a band to emerge with the obvious surfing pedigree of El Ray. The band show a versatility of sound and an ear for catchy, toe tapping melody which takes them beyond the cliches that can often be associated with the surfing genre. Combining a fresh, modern style with a healthy nod to the past, 'surf with a twist' El Ray have managed to achieve a new, classic sound.
    EAN 4024572449537
  • 01. Aslnda Alkol Hala Damarmda
    02. Harika
    03. Kalehan
    04. Gün Dogdu
    05. Kar Yagmst
    06. Yakalm Alsveris Merkezlerini
    07. Jazz Jackrabbit
    08. Orman



    [engl] Palmiyeler (Izmir born, Istanbul grown surf-pop-indie-dance-rock quartet) invites you for a drink by wavy beaches where you can enjoy their fun-psychsurf-pop sounds with serious lyrics darken by Istanbul’s genuine chaos. Founded as an Istanbul based garage rock trio comprised of lead vocalist/ guitarist Mertcan Mertbilek, bassist Tar?k Töre, and drummer Rana Uluda?. They recorded their debut 'Palmiyeler EP' in 2013 and released it on vinyl and all digital platforms in 2015. After the release guitarist/keyboardist Bar?? Konyal? has joined the band. They spent time touring, making videos, and recording their debut album ‘II (Venus)’ with the singles 'Senden Haber Yok' and 'Karbeyaz'. 'II (Venus)' was released by Tantana Records in 2017 as a limited-edition LP and through all digital formats. Palmiyeler released their 2nd studio album ‘Akdeniz’ including lead singles 'Derine' and 'Kalbim Seni Arar' on May 25, 2018 as a digital file. Green Cookie Record released 'Akdeniz' as a limited-edition vinyl on May 25, 2020. ‘Ben-Hür’ is their 3rd studio album so far. A singles compilation which contains songs from 2019 and 2020, as well as two new songs.
  • 01. Constellations
    02. Desert Sun
    03. Voices
    04. Copper Hills (Atacama Dreaming)
    05. Jupiter Beach
    06. Patagonia
    07. After The Rainbow
    08. Bulgaria
    09. Outro


    Atacama Dreaming

    [engl] It was year 2013 and the neo-psychedelic rock scene of Santiago de Chile’s was reaching its highest point. After releasing two albums that went from a primitive and urgent garage rock to a more elaborated space rock, Pontiacs, came through with their new self-produced album, “Atacama Dreaming”. Nine songs about the nature through its different dimensions, based on reverberant and repetitive melodies of space rock, dream pop and neo-psychedelia that give form to the most detailed and polished release of the band, which has not been officially released until now. Seven years later, Green Cookies Record presents it to the public in LP format, doing justice to a work that deserved more recognition than it had original received.
  • 01. Satan’s Theme
    02. Que Honda
    03. Petty-43
    04. Movin’
    05. Turkey Trot
    06. Mr. Moto
    07. Sno-Dad
    08. Surf Lyre
    09. Music To Watch Girls By
    10. El Rey
    11. John’ Moods
    12. Burnin’ Rubber
    13. Peter Lorre
    14. Squad Car


    At Home With

    [engl] Green Cookie Records and Satan's Pilgrims are happy to announce the reissue of "At Home With Satan's Pilgrims", the very first full length Pilgrims album originally released in 1994 on eMpTy Records. This album has been long out of print and will now be available again on LP and CD, remastered and with a short run of red colored vinyl copies available! Even on their first album, the Pilgrims came out of the gate with some of their best loved original songs, such as "Surf Lyre", "¿Que Honda?", and "Petty 43". The cover songs they chose show their allegiances. Rather than going for the Dick Dale style that was about to reintroduce the world to surf music via "Pulp Fiction" (which was released into theaters not long after the release of "At Home With Satan's Pilgrims"), the Pilgrims chose a more band oriented style as they covered The Bel-Airs, Eddie & The Showmen, The Rondels/The Challengers, and having three guitars, The Astronauts ...natch! Now here we are in 2018, looking back on the 1990s surf the same way Satan's Pilgrims and the other 90s bands were looking back to the original 1960s surf for inspiration. Whether you were there in the 60s, 90s, or are just discovering surf, we hope you will enjoy this piece of surf music history.
    EAN 5024545830415
  • 01. Treble In Paradise
    02. Swell Hell
    03. Swimming With The Sharks
    04. Beat Girl
    05. Take It Back
    06. Pilgrimage
    07. Bombora
    08. Motion Of The Ocean
    09. Mr. White
    10. … And The Horse You Rode In On
    11. There She Blows
    12. Halloween
    13. Maiden Surf
    14. Cor Steijn Rides The Wild


    Treble In Paradise

    [engl] Speedball JR was formed in the summer of 2000 during Ghent’s (surfcity Belgium) famous surf explosion. They originally played more traditional surf rock like Dick Dale, Bobby Fuller Four and the Ventures. Later on they developed a more trashy sound with more garage and sixties influences. In 2011, after some serious band changes they released their 3rd long player “Treble in Paradise”. All sleeve designs are masterpieces of hotrodtrash-art by Mighty Sam the renowned graphic artist.
    EAN 5024545630411
  • 01. Barracuda
    02. Cadid Cuban
    03. The Easy Way
    04. Bulgar A' La Klezmatics
    05. De Collega's
    06. Sad Moose
    07. De Positivo's
    08. Barracuda Strikes Again
    09. La Bostella (bonus track)
    10. Mädchen Die Nach München Kommen - Title Theme (bonus track)



    [engl] The Incredible Sucking Spongies is an instrumental combo originated in 1997 in the city of Antwerp (Belgium). Their repertoire is rooted in surf music but combines influences that go far beyond the limits of the genre, resulting in an infectious and original sound. Besides the Spongies originals they also present often obscure covers. Over the years they built up a notorious live reputation, but they only released 1 limited edition album themselves in 2003: Let there be surf!.. The last few years, the band was put on hold mainly to focus on different side projects, but now they're back in full effect with new material and a new vinyl album on Green Cookie Records. Check it out!
  • 01. Bombora
    02. Dernier Virage
    03. Headhunter
    04. La Gachette Sauvage
    05. Destinazione Roccapina
    06. Jersey Channel Islands, pt.7
    07. Cacciuco
    08. La Cienega
    09. Baron Double
    10. Topanga
    11. Catwoman Twang
    12. Banzai Washout



    [engl] It has already been 4 years since the Parisian quartet The Wave Chargers made teenagers from France and Europe dance with their instrumental surf music. Day by day this audience demanded a Long Player album; it’s now done thanks to Green Cookie and Sonic Twang. Here are twelve tracks recorded live at ATPR studio. Twelve tracks ranging from the most sophisticated music to the most frenzied surf. After the success of their first two 45 t EP, The Wave Chargers become with this album the instrumental formation which you will not be able to do without.
    EAN 2090504954976