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    La Ligne Apre

    [engl] Formed in 2006 TORMENTA is currently the meeting between Vincent Beysselance (drums, cello) and Jeff Grimal (guitar) who had in the past and present major and decisive musical experiences (Cheval de frise, Elusiv, Let Jesus Bleed). The first album, with 7 tracks, ‘La ligne âpre’, is to be released in February 2011 on Africantape. Recorded and mixed by Tormenta with the valuable help of Mathieu Pascal (Gorod, Bud Records) and the participation of Esteban Rodière. Mastering by Globe Audio. This recording is the result of a two-year work, born from a passion for dark and oppressive atmospheres. ‘La ligne âpre’ is based on a project that retains the vitality and gravity of metal music but tends to belong to no definite musical style. Careful consideration of the structure led to numerous productions that we had to put together to create tension, avoid weariness or to do away with evidence. The work on rhythmic or melodic superpositions or convergences has sometimes created involuntary hypnotic effects. However our desire to preserve the coherence, the link and harmony between the different elements has allowed us to avoid the trap of technical coldness. The lyricism is clearly defined. There are random and arbitrary elements in this recording which have led us to proceed by trial and error and this has led to the development of a totally new style. In the end, the 7 tracks of ‘La ligne âpre’ waver between avant-garde music and more conventional references. The recording technique must remain secret.

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    [engl] Forming amongst the toxic sludge in Los Angeles sewers rises the city’s greatest new threat, the PRETTIEST EYES. Their new album, LOOKS, is set to be released by Aagoo Records , on vinyl and digital
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    First Chapter

    [engl] Fernando Corona : Hailing from Tijuana, on the Mexico/US border, and now a Barcelona resident, Fernando Corona rose to attention as part of Mexican collective Nortec, mostly for his work as Terrestre,
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    Sun Wu-Kong

    Um es kurz zu machen, diese Doppel LP ist ein Manifest. Am ehesten könnte man die Scheibe noch unter Hip Hop einsortieren, aber im Grunde wäre das totaler Käse, weil 99,9% der Hip Hopper darüber e
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    Spare the Horses

    Nach der letzten, ebenfalls auf African Tape erschienenen, Compilation rarer und unveröffentlichter Tracks, kommen nun, erstmals seit über 10 Jahren, 4 neue Songs der 90er Jahre Noise Rocker aus Chi

    The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess

    Klassische Kompositionen im experimentellen Jazzgewand mit leicht afrikanischem Touch, offenbart das MICAH GAUGH TRIO auf ihrem Debütalbum “The Blue Fairy Mermaid Princess“, das Freunden der unvo


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