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    Black lava

    [engl] After various split releases ( with BLACK SHAPE OF NEXUS and BLACK FREIGHTER ) and compilation appearances, CROWSKIN come up with their first full length album, once again exploring the depths of slow, heavy and brutal sludge doom. The record delivers four lenghthy tracks that pend from super-sick slo-mo brutality to bulldozer grooves, from vast melancholic elegies to weird noise freak outs and even some thrash outbursts displaying the hardcore background of these doom punkers. Enjoy the feeling of being buried by a slow flooding, yet unstoppable lava of thick, black sound!

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    Regnum Saturni

    [engl] Regnum Saturni is presented as a three-panel-foldout 2LP ( 180 gr vinyl ) w/laser etched d-side. This full-length stands the first Fell Voices album with a title assigned by the band. And it run rough
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    Pain Cleanses Every Doubt

    [engl] ULTHA's debut record features four epic songs of dark, moody Black Metal somewhere between the traditional Scandinavian school and a more contemporary US-Black Metal approach. “Pain Cleanses Eve
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    Concrete Sustain

    Neues Album des gottverdammten Godzilla-Doom-Monsters aus Brooklyn, welches durch gelegentliche Industrial-Einflüsse an Eigenständigkeit gewinnt. Ein Teufelsgebräu aus Burning Witch und Godflesh, h
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    We set fire to the sky

    Children Of God aus Kalifornien mit ex-Mitgliedern von Graf Orlock und Seven Generations spielen einen derbe-brutalen Mix aus Grind, Powerviolence und apokalyptischen Slo-Mo-Soundscapes zwischen Neuro
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    Starless Aeon

    [engl] Formed in early 2013, Funerary came to pass by the adherence of five souls looking to coagulate in depression, grief, and anger. Finding solace in dwindling light, the band creates a musical presence
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    Sovereign nocturnal

    Das Cover lässt vermuten wohin die Reise geht, kaum setzen die ersten Klänge ein, wird es zur Gewissheit, Velnias leisten mit "Sovereign Nocturnal" ihren Beitrag zu experimentellem Blackmetal. Finst
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