• 01. Hotwired
    02. Nearly Got Me
    03. Bossa Hossa Nova
    04. Luck Of The Devil
    05. Shove-it
    06. Yeti Spaghetti
    07. Cavalgada
    08. Skuzz Bucket
    09. Smoking Gun
    10. Hang Eleven



    [engl] That is one of those bands I would love to release myself on VOODOO RHYTHM RECORDS, just to make that clear... I met CHRIS JACK back in Japan when I was touring with my band, THE MONSTERS. The gig in general was amazing and wild. We had naked men and almost naked girls at the show... and a rock’n’roll scene that I dream to have in Switzelrand, with lots of girl's bands. I was super impressed, then Chris told me he had a band. He gave me his recordings and I heard that like 20 times a day... It was something like 10 years after I met The Sonics. FUCKING KILLER. Anyway, time went by and we kept contact all these years... Now THE ROUTES released an album on the fantastic GROOVIE RECORDS, from Portugal. A full INSTRUMENTAL album, a super fox on bass and a animal on drums, with the new Jeff Beck on guitars. That is RAW WILD and OUT OF CONTROL guitar instrumentals with sometimes an EXOTIC touch as in "Bossa Hossa Nova", in "Shove-it" or in the beautiful "Yeti Spaghetti" and SURF instrumentals like "Luck Of The Devil" or the SMASHER "Hang Eleven". This album is a super INSTRO KILLER! If you like The Shadows only, it may not be your cup of tea... but if you live in the gutter and drink booze instead of water, this album will be the HOLY GRAIL FOR ALL YOU SURF PUNKS OUT THERE! (Beat-Man)

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    Everybody's Looking

    [engl] After the great, and almost sold out, instrumental album. The Routes present here 4 original tracks, this time with vocals, back to their primary style. But this 4 tracks are fuzz embeded. Less R&B st
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    In this perfect hell

    [engl] The Routes always seem to be do something different stylistically on every record they release; from their largely R&B influenced debut album “Left My Mind”, to the playful US garage drenched “A
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    [engl] The Routes will always hold a special place in my twisted heart ‘cuz they were the first band to give me a shot at doing their album cover. That was back in 2011 for their second LP, Alligator. That
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    Stormy/Willie the wild one

    [engl] The Classic singles collection stills goes on, this time nothing less than the wild and garagers THE ROUTES.Taking influence from amongst many others Link Wray, The Yardbirds, The Animals, The Sonics,

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    Under the stones

    [engl] They are perhaps the best sound advert for a non- english speaking garage psych band living in the very instant of here and now. 12 tracks driven by the schizofrenic Diatron organ of Alex Romera and
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    Brazilian Nuggets VOL 3

    [engl] This is the third volume of the successful BRAZILIAN NUGGETS series put out by Groovie Records. As usual, it gathers oddities, surf, beat, fuzz and weirdo stuff that only crazy cats like Edgar Raposo
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    Fuzz Jungle

    [engl] Having emerged from the torn and bloody earth that once belonged to the Tupiniquim Indians, OS PONTAS hash out SOUL and FUZZ influenced anthems, instrumentalizing soundtracks for a pompadour-shaki
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    Plug Sides

    [engl] Chaputa! starts the year with a long awaited release: Plug Sides is a double LP gatefold compilation with 35 hits from the great The Maharajas – some of them never released on vinyl before! Sweden
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    Surf Explosão

    [engl] It's the brand-new full-length LP from premier Brazilian surf trio - THE DEAD ROCKS. While they've gone for spaghetti surf sound with previous releases, this one, as the title implies, is all
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    [engl] The Nightbirds were a combo from Swiss that recorded the first single in March1966 to the italian EMI, " La Strada Bianca " writed by Mario Del Don that goes directly to the swiss Hit Parade to the 8t
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