• 01. El Pony Bravo
    02. El Rayo
    03. I Can See
    04. Lolita
    05. Trinchera
    06. El Guarda Forestal
    07. El Baile
    08. Fingers
    09. Arcanul
    10. El Piloto Automatico
    11. Sunset
    12. El Sudor


    Si bajo de espalda no me da miedo

    [engl] Pony Bravo is formed by Daniel Alonso (vocal and keyboards), Dario del Moral (base guitar and guitar), Pablo Peña (base guitar and guitar) and Javier Rivera (drums). The band formed in Sevilla at the end of 2005. Pony Bravos’ influences revolve around Andalucian rock, blues, Jamaican reggae (‘60 – ‘70), Ethiopian music (also from the ’60 – ’70) and American rock. The bands intentions are many and every day they have new ideas. One of their core ideas being to mix experimentation, investigation, sense of humour and rhythm in with rock music, without forgetting the Andalucian rock sound so renown in the Sevilla of the ‘70’s. The idea is to try to make visible lines and Antique forms that connect blues with flamenco, African and Arab music with Andalucian music, western with copla, establishing analogies, Rancho vs Cortijo, Son House vs Caracol, Captain Beefheart vs Beni de Cadiz, Nina Simone vs Lole, Silvio vs Tom Waits, etc, etc…

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    Un gramo de fe!

    [engl] “Un Gramo de Fe” (El Rancho 2010), second album by Pony Bravo after their revolutionary debut a couple of years ago, its a practical exercise of pure sound experimentation, with references that go

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    Rising Mountains

    Reissue des 2009er Albums der Combo aus Buenos Aires! Noch deutlich psychedelischer als die Nachfolger, das musikalische Repertoire reicht aber weiter durch die verschiedensten Genres. Von rohem Garag
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    11 mal typischer Poppunk der Marke Ramones trifft Blondie mit nem Schuss Joan Jett. Thematisch handelt das komplette Album von Hank (Roadie von Suzy & Los Quattro), der 2009 ermordet wurde. Trotz des
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    El tennis del futur

    [engl] We insist: Joan Colomo is a star. Not happy with having injected a revitalizing dose of freshness into The Unfinished Sympathy, or with captaining La Célula Durmiente, the most free-thinking and free
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    Stoc de pus

    22 völlig überdrehte , hektische Hardcore Kracher der Spanier. Kaum ein Song über 2 Minuten, so muss das sein!
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    Fire tractaät

    [engl] Very few bands can say they’ve been together for seventeen years and still manage to find the way of making every album and every concert leave you with an even better taste in the mouth than the pr
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    Parque Mágico

    [engl] Dadaist Punk in automaton execution. Complex and smart music but unintellectua. The beats lead to epyleptic dance and to muscular contraction. Guitars walk between dissonance and rythm. The vocals, al
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