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    [engl] BLCKWVS developed their own style of instrumental music over the last couple years. From post-rock influenced delay driven guitar work to heavy, dirge and nihilistic sludge and doom infected bulldozer-rock. The 8 tracks on "0150" are really dark and heavy, somewhat reminiscent of really droney and heavy CULT OF LUNA and ISIS. Instead of altering heavy parts with quiet parts like the aforementioned bands, BLCKWVS decides to strictly play those dark and heavy riffs throughout the song. This really differs from the sound of lots of bands. While most of the common bands experiments with a more tribal and mythical approach, BLCKWVS have gone back to the heaviness. Their song writing feels more confident than ever, no longer consumed by the incessant need for growing crescendos in every song. As always, the production (recorded at the Tonmeisterei) feels spacious, but without any instruments feeling distant in the mix. The guitar sounds powerful yet hold an air of precision and the bass is given it’s biggest sound so far. Drums are relentless and never letting your attention waver. The synthesizer is impeccable, delicately adding another layer within the recording while still engaging it by developing melody and furthering atmosphere. Another innovation on "0150" are the 2 songs with vocals - let yourself be surprised. Bottom line: BLCKWVS creating a menacing wall of sound and "0150" is another exceptional recording from BLCKWVS and hopefully one of many to come. Vinyl comes packaged in a fold-out cover with uv-lacquer processing and includes a digital download card.

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    Tiefgestimmter rauchiger Rock aus dem düsteren rifferfüllten Land. Neue Band auf Perkoro Records. Hört man die ersten drei Akkorde, denkt man sofort: BLACK SABBATH mit modernem Sound zur Zeit der e
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    ...sings the bourgeois blues

    [engl] More than 3 1/2 years after "deathinteresse" was unleashed on the hardcore-punk crowd, PATSY O'HARA have returned with their 2nd full-length, "...sings the bourgeois blues". It has everything the
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    We are Sniffing Glue.... fuck you!

    Repress auf Barfight! Fantastischer, wütender 80er US old-school Hardcore, keine Kompromisse, kein Schnörkel - nur roher Sound straight nach vorne! Übrigens haben hier Italian Stallion Members ihre
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    Flotter und straighter Hardcore Punk aus Hamburg, gelungenes Debut einer Kapelle, deren Mitglieder u.a. wohl auch bei JUST WENT BLACK ihr Unwesen treiben. Im Gegensatz zu dieser gehts hier aber oldsch
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    [engl] NIGHTSLUG's demo-tape has been remastered at the Tonmeisterei and is now available on vinyl for the 1st time. The 3 tracks are simple, heavy, raw, primitive, dark and gloomy, but at the same time,
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    lake of misery

    [engl] UNREST is just pure brutal force and annihilation constantly smacking your head against a wall. This LP is a ferocious blow to the kidneys: fast, dark and energetic. UNREST manages it to take the the
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