• 01. Till the end of time
    02. If i care
    03. I walk with my shadow


    Till the end of time

    [engl] It defied reason. Forming a band in order to raise from the dead a short, obscure musical period of lawlessness between 1965-67, in a day and age of predictable, artificial and uninspired "music". Coming from the 4 corners of LA County, The Sound Reasons got it together. Locals began seeing where it was at, because, every performance they saw, the boys brought the thunder and lightning down in the form of a hip shaking, pounding, jangly, fuzz drenched soundscape.To the Sound Reasons, music is THE THING with no artificial ingredients, and real SOUL. With the Sound Reasons, Rock and Roll, really, is alive and well. For this band, the only thing that counts is getting it tight, out of sight and nailing the elusive SOUND. This debut release is sure to turn your party, cookout, or freakout ON because these guys have the stuff. The stuff that defies Reason! Heavy Carton delux edition, oldschool sleeve glued backflip
    7" lim

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    Ninguem segura os beach combers

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    Java Java - Indonesia Screaming Fuzz

    [engl] After the real savage compilations of Cazumbi and Zulu Stomp, Nosmoke Records attacks again...Now looking back to the Indonesian legacy of garage and rock'n'roll. Those bands wrote some histo
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    the blackneedles

    [engl] Jonas Serodio(ex-THEE BUTCHERS ORCHESTRA) guitar, bass and vox and Fred Hila on the Drums. Its a two musicians combo from São Paulo, Brasil, and they build their songs from elements of punk, garage

    The garage years

    Dara Puspita (Übers. "Flower Girls") war wohl eine der weltweit größten all-female-Garage-Rock-Band. Der Grund, warum sie hierzulande unbekannt sind, ist daß sie aus Indonesien stammen. In ihrer K
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    Acosador / La Selva

    Mexikanische Allgirlband mit 2 Garage Punk Songs zwischen Pandoras und Os Haxixins.

    Nada pode parar

    [engl] Autoramas are one of the most important Rock’n’roll ´s band in Brazil and for sure one of the best live shows you can get these days. If you saw them once, you will always want to see them again.
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