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    Witch Molecules

    [engl] Primal Industrial Blues, nihilist Punk, minimalist Noise-Rock. Recorded by Don Zientara at Inner Ear Studio, DC. Cover-artwork by Asa Osbourne (LUNGFISH, ZOMES). LP-vinyl, glossy full-color cover, insert with lyrics. Full album by this furious duo from Harrisonsburg, Virginia. And it is another challenging masterpiece! Minimal and nightmarish sounds, mixed up with alienated references of blues and rock patterns. Rough and nihilistic, sick sounds for the very few who did not become mad of this world. Think of Sam McPheeters meeting Killdozer after a Wolf Eyes concert. Or Black Flag meets Merzbow. Chrome meets Flipper. Black Humor meets Young Gods. Cramps meet Shorty. Dan Melchior meets Savage Republic. Urinals meet Throbbing Gristle. Arab on Radar meet Abner Jay. No Trend meet Ty Segall? Who knows. Or just citing MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL: You haven't heard anything that sounds like BUCK GOOTER in a long time! Whatever. It is nothing less than outstanding contemporary music.

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    Spiders Eye

    [engl] Limited edition of 400 copies with download-code included! New full album from infamous duo out of Virginia. The sounds on this new LP are multi-facetted noises, alienating and darker than on their pr

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    Raw wild love

    [engl] eatures 2 songs each by both these New-York-Now-Wave bands! More of the hectic & spastic Neo-Punk blasts by the SECONDS, and the EX MODELS sounding like "the missing link" between the JESUS LIZARD and
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    Trenches/Bikini Atol

    [engl] First release by this new band from Los Angeles, with 2 exclusive songs recorded at Big Fish Studios, San Diego. Features ex- and current members of the BAD DUDES, BIPOLAR BEAR aka TURRKS, and SILVER
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    Dying to meet you

    [engl] Debut by new german band (from Trier and Cologne) with 4 songs that sound like... well, maybe like LES SAVY FAV as on their 7"s, and with an organ added? Or like the PANTHERS, but less noisey and more
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    Viva suicide

    Following their self-released 12''EP from some time back ago, this will be the first full album by this great band from Duisburg/Germany...
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    Die 9 Songs der beiden Mini-CDs der Band um Ex-TORCHES TO ROME Mitglieder jetzt erstmals zusammen auf einer 12''. Das schuettelt und groovt und hibbelt und poppt ganz gut und erinnert an ROBOC
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    Zoo psychology

    exclusive(!) vinyl-version of their new 2nd album, released as a CD on FRENCHKISS RECORDS! 15 razorsharp no-wave-punk blasts, as if SHELLAC or the JESUS LIZARD would play DEVO-songs in an ARAB ON RADA
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