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    Work. Life. Regret

    [engl] Catchy, mid-tempo hardcore/punk inspired by bands like ANGRY SAMOANS, CIRCLE JERKS or BLACK FLAG among others. It’s LOST BOYS’ 6th release, after a demo (on tape and later on vinyl), the first EP, the Split EP’s with STRONG AS TEN and SUNPOWER and the Split-LP with THE IRRADIATES. This new 4-Song-7“ (including a M.I.A. cover) brings you raging hardcore/punk heavily influenced by the 80’USHC with a bit of Boston and lots of California in the mix. It’s furious, melodic and aggressive, the guitar (garage-ish) sound give an extra abrassive touch together with the raspy vocals. The Cover-Artwork is done by Andrei Bouzikov.

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    La Mierda de Siempre

    [engl] PORKERIA from South Texas play Mexican/Latino/Chicano/Tejano/whatever-you-wanna-call-it raw punk!! Featuring an ex-member of BASTARD SONS of APOCALYPSE they play hc/punk, fast and blistering, and also
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    Música pra Guerra

    [engl] DISCARGA from Sao Paulo, Brazil are already known for their releases on 625 Records and the trio established them as a non-stop touring machine. Originally inspired by bands like WHAT HAPPENS NEXT and
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    [engl] I'm fighting through a bit of writer's block today and having trouble coming with any sort of clever prose in reviewing this album but I'll press on because it's a winner. Naifa are a
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    Cheap Kicks

    [engl] Speaking about their music: It’s fast, fast, fast, no grooves, no mosh-parts, fast hc/punk. Songs are build up the old way: riffs thrown away, drums all over the place, manic bass lines ... „Strai
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    Yellow Beauty

    [engl] Great new tour 7" from one of Japans finest - NK 6. This 7" has 6 songs of manic japanese hardcore-trash. They're mix their classic japanese style with some of melody and a totally crazed approach
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    El cambio empieza en mi

    [engl] 15 bands from all over Latin America on this SxE-compilation, each with two songs… includes great bands like COLLIGERE (Brazil), NUEVA ETICA (Argentine), ASUNTO (Chile), SANGRE JOVEN (Guatemala), IN
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