• 01. Venom
    02. Cherish A Viper
    03. Faint
    04. Insomnia
    05. Staub
    06. Arrows
    07. Orphan
    08. Canvas
    09. War Paint
    10. Imbalance
    11. Without Devotion
    12. Draperies
    13. Zivilisation


    lies we live

    [engl] "First of all a note for all the people needing a breather while listening to records: that will only occure while flipping the record. Always brutal, always heavy, very fast but nevertheless playful. Svffer from Bielefeld and Münster, Germany, are continuing with their LP “Lies We Live” where the promising self titled 7” left off. For these 13 songs the genre „Emogrindmotorcyclepopviolence“ should be invented, because every other description of this thunder storm might fail. It combines violent beats, intense tunes and screaming 'til the lungs bleed. This record is catchy and stays in the mind for quite a while and at the same time it is never dull. It is like an invitation to listen devoutly, swaying rhythmically or moshing angrily through the bedroom. genre

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    [engl] this album is not to be taken lightly. Underestimate its power, approach it with inadeguate preparation, and you will be fucking destroyed by its immeasurable violence and sheer tonnage. SVFFER have b
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    [engl] SVFFER from Münster and Bielefeld in the west of Germany, feat. members of UNREST and ALPINIST.Playing blackened hardcore with grindparts. Heavy, headbangable parts mixed with fast and loud powerviol

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    Leute von Perth Express, Trainwreck, the 244 gl. Yeah, so muss es sein, ohne Umschweife kommen die Boys auf den Punkt, knallharte New-School-Hardcore-Death-Rock-Granaten, mir fliegt gleich der Schäde
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    Out of the carnage

    MINION (mit 3 Leuten von MÖRSER) aus Bremen mit ihrem 3rd full-length für Vendetta. Du bekommst 10 Songs voll mit brutalen swedisch inspirierten Deathmetal im typischen Bremenstyle.
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    Fire to light the way / Everything ablaze

    Im original 2007 auf Conspiracy Records erschienen - allerdings gekürzt und es fehlte sogar ein ganzer Song (immerhin 22 Minuten Musik)!!! Nun aber endlich komplett und in voller Pracht erhältlich v
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    [engl] two of the heaviest bands around team up for one split record, australia's whitehorse once more deliver ultrabrutal sludge/doom with one of the sickest vocalists around, think a sludgier corrupted
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    dying light

    [engl] Void Omnia is a five-member black metal outfit from Oakland, USA, created in 2013 and bringing together former members of Apocryphon, Mutilation Rites and Tombs among others. The band has released a d
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    Part ache

    [engl] 9 songs af aggressive, but also melodic dark hardcore... played by 3 of the 4 members of alpinist this comes in a silkscreened cover ( done by ) and includes 9 inlays plus a poster
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