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    Peek After A Poke

    [engl] rock and roll candyland has opened it's doors again! The IMPO & THE TENTS is the top attraction, a rollercoaster ride with 12 firecrackin soda cans while everyone is seated in spinning bananas! The top show are four not-formerly-known-sons of the OHIO EXPRESS, rumors say they toured Sweden in hope to free villages full of of blonde girls hold by the ABBA sect. Expect 60´s bubblegum blood splattered tracks, instant remarkable punk singing as DICKIES and UNDERTONES on the speed parts and thrift store rock and sticky power pop with the SHIVVERS, REAL KIDS, RASPBERRIES on the tapedeck telling stories about first turn-ons, sneaky looks and yesterday's girls on the two minutes rides. The wagons are equipped with endorphine popgun shots of early YUMS YUMS or RED KROSS, totally electrified & buzzing as the Atlantas' BARRERACUDAS and square & weird as LOVE BOAT islanders will splash at the last curve. Adrenaline filled, addicting flatterin´voice & the hooks to massage any moustache wins definately the sing-sing-songwriting-contest of they year. nonsense? genius album title, the no.1 douche band name and the two weeks photoshooting to come around with the most hairy NERVES 45 sleeve ripoff ever. dance? the sideway helicopter! moronic smiles and spit blueberry sirup thru tooth gaps, white-blue chinese kung-fu shoes kicking rolls of toilet paper. toughness? recorded by Stefan Brandström of HENRY FIATS OPEN SORE, mastered by Dave Rahn of the CARBONAS.
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    Anxious Times

    Vier schicke Power Pop-Punk Tracks im aufpolierten oldschool Gewand, die sich anschmiegen wie selten. Die bislang großzügig gepflegte Weirdness weicht zumindest stückweise einprägsameren, hübsche

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    Not Good For Me

    [engl] tour 45 with exclusive songs from this Perth, Australia four piece. Moments of pleasure will be always connected are for us with this release, it was first time meeting and seeing ZERODENT live on sta
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    Love Is Gone

    Einen ganzen Arsch voll raffinierter, kleiner Garage-Beat-Pop-Hymnen haben sie sich da wieder aus den Ärmeln gezaubert und legen - auch wenns schwer zu glauben ist - fast noch eine Schippe Eingängig
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    [engl] Next exit beach! Welcome COCKTAILS with this exclusive vinyl version of their new album,"Hypochondriac". From San Francisco, California USA, direct to your bedroom, the band brings sweet power pop jam
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    Get your mind off me

    Atemloser, dicht am Kontrollverlust vorbei schrammender, aber dabei stets unheimlich groovender Garage Rock mit einer riesigen Portion Arsch-schüttelndem Soul. Stell dir eine Mischung aus The Reignin
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    Travis & Gavin & Brain

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    Liar, Liar

    Zwei Gitarren, ein Schlagzeug und ein Keyboard, mehr bedarf es scheinbar nicht um coolen Garage-Powerpop-Rock´n´Roll zu machen. Das Quartett, bestehend aus 3 Jungs und einem Mädel aus Athens/Ohio h
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