• 01. Você Sabe
    02. Nada A Ver
    03. Megalomania
    04. Música De Amor
    05. Rei Da Implicância
    06. O Bom Veneno
    07. Resta Um
    08. Multiball
    09. Beleza
    10. O Inferno São Os Outros
    11. Ressaca Moral
    12. Hx Cx Ix
    13. Caso Perdido
    14. Energy Joe


    Nada pode parar

    [engl] Autoramas are one of the most important Rock’n’roll ´s band in Brazil and for sure one of the best live shows you can get these days. If you saw them once, you will always want to see them a drug. Explosive mix between 60's Jovem Guarda, Ventures, Strait Jackets, Devo and Power Pop dancing tunes. Heavy Fuzzed bass driven tunes and the surf guitar of Gabriel Thomas, considered several times the best rock guitarist in South America. The show explodes with the super drummer Bacalhau, the beat machine, and Flávia Curi on an amazing bass. First recorded in 2003 by Monstro Discos and released in CD, now Groovie Records put it on vinyl for the fans. Including classics like VOCÊ SABE, BOM VENENO and MEGALOMANIA, besides a surprise: some unreleased bonustracks...YES!!!

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    14 laps

    Best Off der Brasilianer extra für den europäischen Markt hergestellt, welches ja auch verständlich ist, da kaum einer alle Scheiben des Dreiers aus Sao Paulo sein eigen nennt. geboten wird dann au
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    Musica Crocante

    Das heißeste Trio Brasiliens ist zurück mit einem zuckersüßen Scheibchen. Vollbepackt mit jeder Menge Leckereien walzen 12 ganz große Nummern alles nieder was da in die Quere kommt! Diese fuzzige
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    O Futuro Dos Autoramas

    [engl] "O Futuro dos Autoramas" is the band's seventh album and the first with the line-up that includes Gabriel Thomaz (vocals and guitar), Érika Martins (voice, guitar, keyboards and percussion), Melv

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    Take me home

    Die ACT-UPS spielen coolen kick ass rock'n'roll mit einer steifen Brise Psychedelic. Unter anderem ist auf der Platte eine Version von ''Mushroom'' der deutschen Krautrocklegen
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    Heavily drunk

    [engl] The russian invasion continues, and for the second time this Moscow primitives are hiting Groovie Records headquarters. We are putting out an 4 tracks ep that gonna make your neighbors stomping the fl
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    O Bango

    [engl] When the Brazilian band Os Canibais went into the studio to record its second album, they left the Jovem Guarda (the country’s answer to beatlemania) days behind and came out with a new name, Bango,
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    Gran Noise Family

    [engl] compilation by the rio de janeiro musitian - lê almeida, several bands from rio de janeiro. you will find here the best indie rock, punk and garage artists that are making the rio de janeiro scene th
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    "new wave band from bélem, brazil, only two bass players and a drum machine. a punk duo that have hes main influences in bands like new order or b-52s. this is their first release, le-tal, a crunch
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    Surf Explosão

    [engl] It's the brand-new full-length LP from premier Brazilian surf trio - THE DEAD ROCKS. While they've gone for spaghetti surf sound with previous releases, this one, as the title implies, is all
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