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    Cryptozoon X

    [engl] Cryptozoon quadraphonic mix was commissioned by INA-GRM and premie- red at the Festival Présences électronique in Paris, France on the 6th of April, 2013. Subsequently it’s been performed at some other festivals in Europe such as Festival für Zeitgenössische Musik in Hamburg, Germany. Aagoo now presents a quadraphonic mix on DVD and a stereophonic mix on CD. "Let’s recall the sonic memory of earth the hidden history of space and time, listen to the sound buried deep in the ground and floating in the air, folded in invisible dimensions in various phases and scales. Inside my body and brain I still hear everlasting echoes and feel vibrations from the big bang. When thunder strikes I smell destruction and creation and beacon from radioactive substance synchronizes with my heartbeat, light speed blood streams run through my brain. Listen! Laughter of the joy of life, chorus of a vital force. This is all about the endless dance struggling against entropy! “ Kazuyuki Kishino
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    Das Label schreibt: "Electric Electric plays pop music with complex outlines, its own vision of 'dance music'." Stimmt!
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    Drei Franzosen und ein ... belebendes Gemisch. Emilie - Keyboards / Vocoder, Fred - Guitar / Keyboard und Greg - Drums bringen zusammen was zusammen gehört. ein bißchen Krautrock, dazu etwas Noise u
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    Bon Sauvage

    Seit 1998 spielen die drei Jungs aus Lyon schon zusammen und haben seither ihren ganz eigenen Sound entwickelt. Angefangen hat die Combo als klassische Math-Noise-Band, was man dem Sound auch noch dez
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    HYPO & EDH


    [engl] EDH and Hypo are two french musicians who have both prolific solo careers since the beginning of the 2000's. Hypo & EDH are also a band, a duo, more precisely a two-headed monster that steadily ap
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    Sun Wu-Kong

    Um es kurz zu machen, diese Doppel LP ist ein Manifest. Am ehesten könnte man die Scheibe noch unter Hip Hop einsortieren, aber im Grunde wäre das totaler Käse, weil 99,9% der Hip Hopper darüber e
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    Dying Breed

    [engl] Dying Breed is a collection of singles and unreleased songs that were recorded in a time and place where noise was king: early 90's Chicago. With a range of songs and sounds spanning from 1990-199
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