• 01. I’m Happy
    02. Desert
    03. Fuck Google
    04. Snitch Nation w/ Ceschi
    05. Fuck Alex Jones
    06. Decuperation
    07. Fame
    08. Jailers

    SOLE & DJ PAIN 1

    Pattern of Life

    [engl] Sole & DJ Pain's latest offering comes a few months after the release of their debut LP DEATHDRIVE. Pattern of Life pushes the boundaries between propaganda and pop music while continually experimenting with new sonic approaches & themes. Sole & DJ Pain 1 independently released DEATHDRIVE, a collaboration revolutionary, anti-capitalist sentiment. Sole, indie hip-hop pioneer and certified platinum producer DJ Pain 1 createdscratch." Since the Death Drive's release, Sole was Sole & DJ Pain 1 have also been featured in Spin, Tinymixtapes, Alarm Magazine, Skinny UK, Rap Reviews, Penny Black Music, Get Your Buzz Up, and more.
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    SOLE & DJ PAIN 1

    Death Drive

    [engl] ‘Death Drive’ is a collision of two very distinct worlds; the scorched earth of indie rap legend, Sole, and the concrete jungles of certified platinum producer, DJ Pain 1. ‘Death Drive’ combin

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