• 01. I’m Happy
    02. Desert
    03. Fuck Google
    04. Snitch Nation w/ Ceschi
    05. Fuck Alex Jones
    06. Decuperation
    07. Fame
    08. Jailers

    SOLE & DJ PAIN 1

    Pattern of Life

    [engl] Sole & DJ Pain's latest offering comes a few months after the release of their debut LP DEATHDRIVE. Pattern of Life pushes the boundaries between propaganda and pop music while continually experimenting with new sonic approaches & themes. Sole & DJ Pain 1 independently released DEATHDRIVE, a collaboration revolutionary, anti-capitalist sentiment. Sole, indie hip-hop pioneer and certified platinum producer DJ Pain 1 createdscratch." Since the Death Drive's release, Sole was Sole & DJ Pain 1 have also been featured in Spin, Tinymixtapes, Alarm Magazine, Skinny UK, Rap Reviews, Penny Black Music, Get Your Buzz Up, and more.
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    SOLE & DJ PAIN 1

    Death Drive

    [engl] ‘Death Drive’ is a collision of two very distinct worlds; the scorched earth of indie rap legend, Sole, and the concrete jungles of certified platinum producer, DJ Pain 1. ‘Death Drive’ combin

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    [engl] The name Afroamericans gave to this dirty style of music was funk in reference to the body odour produced while in a state of excitation. That’s what we do, repetitive riffs and a maximalist attitud
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    HYPO & EDH


    [engl] EDH and Hypo are two french musicians who have both prolific solo careers since the beginning of the 2000's. Hypo & EDH are also a band, a duo, more precisely a two-headed monster that steadily ap
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    Sun Wu-Kong

    Um es kurz zu machen, diese Doppel LP ist ein Manifest. Am ehesten könnte man die Scheibe noch unter Hip Hop einsortieren, aber im Grunde wäre das totaler Käse, weil 99,9% der Hip Hopper darüber e
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    Crows & Kittiwakes Wheel & Come Again

    [engl] Connect_icut is an electronic music producer based in Vancouver, Canada. His releases include Moss (Dehausset CD, 2005), They Showed Me the Secret Beaches (CSAF LP, 2008) and Fourier's Algorithm (
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    Spare the Horses

    Nach der letzten, ebenfalls auf African Tape erschienenen, Compilation rarer und unveröffentlichter Tracks, kommen nun, erstmals seit über 10 Jahren, 4 neue Songs der 90er Jahre Noise Rocker aus Chi
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    KK Null, Israel Martinez, Lumen Lab

    Terra Incognita

    [engl] These works are a collaboration between the Japanese figure of experimental electronic music, KK Null, and Mexican artists and brothers Israel and Diego Martinez. Diego is best known as Lumen lab, and
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