• 01. Midnite Lovers
    02. Main Stream
    03. Stay Gold
    04. T.V.Shows
    05. Candy Land
    06. Day Dreamin' Up
    07. Sweet Donna
    08. Cool Aid
    09. She Likes It
    10. Legalize Freedom
    11. No Fun


    Junkfood forever, bedtime whatever

    [engl] Best thing in Canada right now, and Canada’s full of brilliant bands these days. NEW SWEARS are back with their new album “Junkfood Forever, Bedtime Whenever” only about one year after the release of their debut album “Funny Isn’t Real” (Bachelor / Dirt Cult) which got raaaaving reviews all over the world. The sound of the first album was a bit crummy / lo-fi in some way, this has changed totally here, but still they ride the rollercoaster in the theme park called “Rock n Roll all night and party every day”... “New Swears are a joyful and wasted party... brimming with feel-good tambo shakers and guitar hooks. Surfy with punk hooks and smilyfaced vocals exploding with danger, fun, youth... these dudes crap out catchy riffs like golden eggs, everything is light, uptempo and catchy as shit!” (Jack Rabid, The Big Takeover) In four words, New Swears encapsulate their Poochie-esque core: Junkfood forever. Bedtime? Whatever! These four Ottawa dudes have written a genuinely fun record—handclaps and chugging, sunny riffs in tow—full of songs about smoking weed, drinking, having sex, and, generally speaking, not giving a shit and having a good time. Do they break shit? You better believe it. Do they care about the bullshit? No way. The record might be best exemplified by "Legalize Freedom", a deep-voiced, sketchy track about outrunning the cops and doing coke and sleeping with prostitutes. This sounds more like a low-budget exploitation film than a gritty account of real life, but like a lot of low-budget exploitation films, this thing is fun. (

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