• 01. La Casa De La Bomba
    02. Llueve En Mi Corazon
    03. La Proxima Vez
    04. Conflicto Con Tu Ayer
    05. No Volveran
    06. Barcelona Blues
    07. La Calle 46
    08. El Mejor Cocktail
    09. La Canción Del Trabajo (Bola Y Cadena)
    10. En Mi Ciudad
    11. Explosion Juvenil #17
    12. La Carne Mata El Hambre
    13. Fotos Del Ayer
    14. Ponte En Marcha Para Mi


    Fotos del ayer (1982-1987)

    [engl] This band could be your life and for many kids in the eighties they were. Brighton 64 was the best band to come out of the mod trenches: inspiring, energetic, vibrant, and fierce. They had the best songs and the most colourful clothes; the most unforgettable lyrics and the most elevated vision: They take from the PAST and create something NEW. In Barcelona you won’t find anyone like them, and, lucky enough for us, they have just released Fotos de Ayer (1982-1987), the ultimate compilation album by Brighton 64, coordinated by Kiko Amat (a fan since he was fourteen) with the help of BCore and the Gil brothers Albert and Ricky. The band had released compilations before, but not like this one: This album has the best cover, the best selection (they have recovered songs that were under EMIs hold and have never been on previous compilations, all from the 12” La Casa de la Bomba and their second album ‘El Problema es la Edad’, with an inserted fanzine with different texts by famous fans (Álex Cooper, Miqui Otero, Carlos Zanón, Miqui Puig, Felipe and many others) and a deluxe inside sleeve. It’s the total B64 document, no more, no less. In Fotos de Ayer your find superlative hits from the bands different periods. From La Casa de la Bomba and El Problema es la Edad they have chosen “La casa de la bomba”. Pure “Summer fun” and anti-adult diatribe, without doubt their most emblematic song; but also –amongst others- unbeatable brass section (“La canción del trabajo”, with Tommy Hunt arrangements), real soul stompers with blue eyes (“El mejor cocktail”, a tribute to soul music with an immortal chorus line: “Otis, Jackie Wilson and Sam Cooke”) and lyrical touches of R&B (“Llueve en mi corazón”), or great pop hits (the spectacular “(Club Negro) La calle 46”, where Makin’ Time meets The Bangles. From Haz el amor (Twins, 1985) they include “La próxima vez”, a song that sounds both like Vapors and the Jam (“A bomb in Wardour Street”) or Dinarama, Parálisis Permanente and Pistones (“Las siete menos cuarto”). In the exciting “Conflicto con tu ayer” blows a Motown breeze, but more Dexys / “Town called malice”, not at all retro. There are no hymns full of pop art missing (“Explosión Juvenil #17”) or ties to similar bands (“Fotos de ayer” by Los Negativos). And from the beginning of the beginnings they have taken the magnificent and mod revival hymn “Barcelona blues” from 1983 and “No volverán” (Side B of the second single “Deja de tocar a mi chica” also from 1983), an early and emotional cry for the friends they had lost. And of course the favourite “En mi ciudad” that until today had only been recorded on a demo. And there’s even more! Fotos de ayer talks of excellence, the young years, extreme passion and pride, all that Brighton 64 ever meant to their teenage fans. And of course, with the greatest songs. No one ever falls in love like that again.
    LP [incl.DC]
    EAN 8435015514976

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