• 01. Yeah Yeah
    02. Ethanol Rocket
    03. Alright!
    04. I’m Fooled Again
    05. I Still Believe
    06. Taste Of Tears
    07. Please Leave A Message
    08. Maggot Mocker
    09. On Hold (For Too Long)
    10. B-Files
    11. One Man Team
    12. Another Turn
    13. Weekend Sparks
    14. Sometimes I Miss Me
    15. Sunday Girl
    16. Hang Out
    17. Repo Man
    18. Trip Inside This House
    19. Split Personality
    20. The Boy Inside
    21. Medication
    22. Maybe She Loves You
    23. Time
    24. Bing (And Now You’Re Hypnotized)
    25. All Alone
    26. Broken Heart
    27. I’m Crackin’ Up
    28. Don’t Wanna Loose You
    29. A Hole In My Head
    30. Trapped
    31. Odd Socks
    32. Dysfunctional
    33. Wait And Wonder
    34. It Has Happened To Me Before
    35. “Hiden Track”


    Plug Sides

    [engl] Chaputa! starts the year with a long awaited release: Plug Sides is a double LP gatefold compilation with 35 hits from the great The Maharajas – some of them never released on vinyl before! Sweden’s most kept secret, the band has been releasing albums since 1998, most of the vinyl editions now sold out! But don’t worry! Chosen by Chaputa! and the band itself, you’ll be able to play some of these gems on your turntable again, with a new vinyl mastering for your listening pleasure. The pressing run is limited to 500 copies only, the fantastic cover is signed by our pal Rui Ricardo and the liner notes by Jon Mills (Shindig! Magazine).

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