• 01. Drone War
    02. Exterminate Adult Thinking featuring XVC
    03. Boiys featuring XVC

    ROOM 101

    Vox Humana

    [engl] This is ONE MAN recording and playing everything on this three song EP – and it's no less than a FUCKING POWERHOUSE! No hackneyed cliche of Hardcore, like most of contemporary bands do! You'll get a thrilling mixture instead: Thrashing hardcore like with "Exterminate Adult Thinking", a both raging and catchy song like "Drone Wars", and last not least the odd funky Post-Punk song "Boiys" on the B-side. Like the debut EP of ROOM 101, this is a jam-packed and challenging record! Reminding of the best aspects of 80s Hardcore bands like BIG BOYS or REAGAN YOUTH, a great voice in the vein of Sam McPheeters or the young Keith Morris, but it's also slowed down and irritating (with the Wurlitzer organ or womans yelling in "Boiys")... Expect the unexpected. Comes in proper heavy cardboard-cover, with lyric-sheet, mini-poster and download-code included. Artwork by the infamous Winston Smith, the man who designed most of the DEAD KENNEDYS covers and invented the DK-logo.

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    [engl] A new 12inch-EP by KURT, featuring one or two new originals of theirs, plus various remixes (of other/older songs!). No final decisions are made yet about the quantity of songs on this vinyl-only rele
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    Adios armageddon

    [engl] The 2nd full album by this highly underrated hardcore-band from New York (feat. ex-members of CITIZENS ARREST)! Psychotic, heavy and mind-boggling! CD-version contains the songs off the "Superstar Cho
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    Viva suicide

    Following their self-released 12''EP from some time back ago, this will be the first full album by this great band from Duisburg/Germany...
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    The tape

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    Trenches/Bikini Atol

    [engl] First release by this new band from Los Angeles, with 2 exclusive songs recorded at Big Fish Studios, San Diego. Features ex- and current members of the BAD DUDES, BIPOLAR BEAR aka TURRKS, and SILVER
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    It Takes A Nation Of Assholes To Hold Us Back

    [engl] The 2nd complete full-length album by this awesome band from Cleveland/Ohio – Featuring 14 songs recorded by STEVE ALBINI at Electric Audio Studio in Chicago! Released exclusively worldwide on VINYL
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