• 01. Aut
    02. Vrt
    03. Platforme
    04. Radostan Dan
    05. Geto
    06. Treba Da Se Cisti 1
    07. Ja Znam
    08. Kad Krenem Ka
    09. Treba Da Se Cisti 2
    10. Jesen


    Katarina II

    [engl] Limited to 300 copies only! Some beautiful 1980s Art Pop reaches my desk with this album by Yugoslavian band KATARINA II. First released in 1984 this record fits well with the epic atmospheres Mike Oldfield once created on his quite successful mainstream masterpieces “Crisis” and “Discovery” around the same time period. The sound of this album comes as big as it was possible back then and it has a very clean and slick but still vivid approach in a tune like “Geto” but “Katarina II” can also get rough and demented when it comes to the more eruptive independent -, punk – and hardrock moments it offers to the listener. You may compare it to early U2 and BAUHAUS as well as to other Eastern bloc rock bands like OLYMPIC from Czechoslovakia but in a very unique fashion. They seem to have devoured every musical influence from Western shores they could get hold of. The depth of their musical background is amazing. “Katarina II” is quite an accessible album but with sharp edges and spiky corners. The new wave and new romantic aspects are still obvious but the post punk weirdness overshadows the sunny pop appeal of many tunes. If all the Western releases from the 80s were that good. KATARINA II is a strange band among average pop rock acts and still captures your soul with beautiful rock tunes that stay with you forever if you listened to them just once. So this is the progressive way to behold the new wave rock of the 1980s and I must admit that I can drown my mind in these colorful tunes. Lovers of strange but easy to access music, be welcome to get onto the trip of your life.
    LP lim
    EAN 5291103812255

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