• 01. Prophet
    02. Think Of Me
    03. Cynthy-Ruth
    04. Over And Over
    05. Ashamed
    06. Reality
    07. Windsong
    08. Good Luck
    09. That's The Way It Goes
    10. I Don't Want To Die
    11. Set Me Free


    Black Merda

    [engl] Detroit has become a symbol for the decline of American economy in recent years but once was a kind of musical capital reaching a peak in the late 1960s when two main directions of sound with a typical “Detroit” flair had their origin in the motor city. One was a rough edged and earthy heavy rock style whose protagonists MC 5, THE STOOGES and FRIJID PINK came to some fame and fortune, not to mention the original ALICE COOPER BAND. The other was the world famous Motown soul sound with countless more or less successful bands and solo artists. Somewhere in between the sweet but hot blooded soul and rumbling proto heavy metal and proto punk of both musical worlds you will stumble over an all black outfit named BLACK MERDA, the first black rock band from the USA as legends tell you. But even though the band name and the African American origin of the band members which almost scream to put the “black music” label onto this band there is more color to be found in their songs than you would expect. We have elements of soul, funk, blues and fierce hard rock crossed with some more peaceful and relaxed West coast rock aspects resulting in a rich melody writing in this mix performed by a bunch of professionals who really know which skill to use at which point. But they play with passion reigning over techniques and calculation so BLACK MERDA will capture your heart quickly after this beautiful record started spinning on your turntable and they will demand their share of love from you. Highly recommended to fans of JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE and BAND OF GYPSIES, ARTHUR LEE'S LOVE, BETTY DAVIS, MARCUS MALONE.
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    EAN 5291103811777
    EAN 5291103811760

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