• 01. wild one
    02. long way down
    03. down on your luck
    04. devil to pay
    05. the scene
    06. kick me where it hurts
    07. straight to hell
    08. new york city women
    09. rachel
    10. derailed and double crossed
    11. borderline


    At maximum volume

    [engl] Imagine the Stones back in the days when they still had balls (and teeth)? 4 albums in and Atlanta's swankiest garage-soul-rnb are still the cat's pajamas! Taking inspiration from the 60s mod movement, and early UK R&B then combining with it a garage-punk attitude there's no one really like them out right now. These days, it’s not enough to merely claim The Rolling Stones and The Kinks as influences. Everyone loves The Stones and Kinks, thanks to Martin Scorsese and Wes Anderson films, respectively, just like every band claims to be influenced by such 60?s and 70?s music. Yet, The Booze make it all believable. Having toured as Muddy Waters Jr.’s backing band and opening act, this Southern Rock outfit have etched out their own sound “marrying a motherlode of 60s R&B/Mod with a Stonesy switchblade swagger.” My Old Kentucky Blog. Songs like „Wild One“ and „The Scene“ sure are raw hits in the face. Along come sweet mellow ballads such as “Down on your Luck” or “New York City Women”. To be honest, we at Lonestar Records think this is one of our best records so far. We love it!

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    Our favourite Booze

    Achtung Leute, Freunde von frühen Mojomatics sollten hier mal ein Ohr leihen! Das Debüt-Album von Atlanta´s Booze mogelt sich hier mit kampfbereiten Ellenbogen aus dem Nichts an die Spitze der wirk

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    No reason, nowhere

    Auf 500 St. limitierte 7'' mit dem Titeltrack und einer großartigen Coverversion des Music Machine Klassiker ''People in me''.
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    Bitter Man

    [engl] This is a fine 7” from L.A.’s own SPEEDBUGGY. After an album release on one of the Bad Religion dude’s “Porterhouse Records”, an album and a mini album on “Cargo Records” and a sold-out
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    [engl] Truckincowpunkabilly at ist finest!!! This is the long awaited last Cowslingers album. On their 9th album these Cleveland Cow-Punks combine Country with Rockabilly with Punk, Trucking and Love Ballads
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    Rode hard and put away wet

    [engl] 9PH is back. Right in time for their first european tour in a looooong tim, Lonestar Recs put out the latest recorded songs by the mighty Nine Pound Hammer. The line-up features Scott Luallen as well


    [engl] The Gospel Swingers from Austin, TX release their debut album, following a killer 7" on In The Red Records. They are sort of a garage soul rock supergroup: Former members of Blacktop, Ronnie Dawson??s
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    Let me take so far

    [engl] After releasing more than a dozen of recordings Lonestar Recs is happy to release the new single with one of their most favourite bands on earth: the Flaming Sideburns, one of the most explosive live-
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