• 01. henry vs. Heroin
    02. never get it srtaight
    03. baby's baby
    04. pretty lame
    05. locker room buddies
    06. cramp my style
    07. massmedia attention
    08. the suicide look
    09. shopping for lease
    10. favourite lie
    11. feet
    12. welcome to crime
    13. gonna be a king
    14. i wanna break your arm



    [engl] Finally! The long awaited album of the Republikans is available. Many years after the Turpentines, it is finally out. This the follow-up band to The Turpentines (White Jazz Records). It also features members of Henry Fiat’s Open Sore. It is a raw blend of early punk rock and some rock’n’roll. Ex-Turpentines singer Markus Karlsson adds his very unique voice and with song titles like “the suicide look”, “favourite lie” or “I wanna break your arm” you can’t go wrong. To complete the sound, the band recruited a horn section (The Honkeys). You may ask what’s the deal with the name? They chose a name that sure has to be hated, a name that fits to their nihilistic, but melodic punk rock songs!
    LP lim

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